You need to live quickly, for bread, like life, is quickly stale and spoils?

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  1. In this case, the concept of “speed” is evaluative and subjective. It seems to the teenager that life goes slowly, he still has an infinitely much time ahead and he will have time. An elderly man thinks otherwise. Again, when they say “you need to live quickly”, they usually mean that it needs to try some pointlessly risky things in it, and not at all that will contribute to self-development and service to other people. The slogan of such adventurers: “To live quickly – quickly die.” So everything relatively and without additional explanations I would not agree with this phrase.

  2. I wonder how it spoils, what is the salt in this matter? I think that on the contrary, life gradually reveals to a person the secrets of being. “… who understood life, he is no longer in a hurry, he appreciates every moment and watches how the child sleeps, the old man prays. How to rain and how snowflakes melt …” O. haiyam. This is the answer to the question asked. Sincerely.

  3. We agree with you, human life is fleeting. One psalmist said: Psalm 102: 11 “My days are like an endangered shadow, I dry like grass.” And really human life is short -term and therefore our life experience is limited. Therefore, the best wisdom for all centuries can be obtained in the Holy Scriptures, the one who is not limited by time – among God.
    Isaiah 48: 17,18 “So the Lord says, your deliverer, holy god of Israel:“ I, Lord, is your god, I teach you for your own benefit, lead you along the path that you should go. If you should go. They were only attentive to my commandments! Then your world would become like a river and your righteousness – like sea waves, ”God himself asks us to learn from him! And you would like your life not to stale, like bread? God gives people the hope that people will live in paradise on earth, forever! Under the rule of the kingdom of God. If you want to know how God will do it, then write to me. I will be happy to answer this question

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