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  1. Initially, the links for ranking actively took into account Google. The principle is simple and understandable – the more they refer to the site, which means the site is high -quality and it must be raised above in the issuance. Optimizers began to actively use this and search engines the effect of the influence of links either reduced or complicated. Now it is necessary to put links from thematic pages, correctly draw up and even better so that there is traffic on them.

  2. It is necessary to post links to the site for the signal to search engines that your site is authoritative and other resources refer to it. Also, if you really want to share the right service or authoritative resource with other users. Google and Googl have announced that you stopped taking into account links when ranking sites, in practice this is not entirely true! He began to take them into account to a lesser extent and focused on the PF and his own services, nevertheless, as practice shows, takes into account. Google takes into account the links the same, but a little differently, he does not track the quality as deep as Google, but really trusts the links from the official website of the State. structures and ministries. I will share my colleagues with my experience and experience of my colleagues: it is best to do this from thematic resources from the TOP, Irce the Donor website (the site from which you want to buy links) – is it worth on it teaser “muddy” banners and the quality of outgoing links ( Are they leading to excitement and adult.) Do not see wide -profile fat media with large puzomerki subscribe to your topics on the keywords of Google Alerts and you can request resource owners the opportunity to buy inexpensive link in the news. When purchasing links, you can use such chips as putting down the ones as putting it out Links not only to your website, but also in the article to indicate a couple of authoritative resources, so that you would stand in a row with them. It is especially relevant for Google. Take up the links not only with anchors, but also just in the VID of the URL, but the names of the company, here, look, and T.Soi will need to tell you even more, write and clarify my answer I will try to explain. Right up what to mean: Nofollow makes redirects through JSI as in other ways close the links from indexing.

  3. Firstly, links are useful for SEO. Search engines consider the popularity of your site in the quantity and quality of sites of donors with a good rating. The more good links, the higher your positions will rise. Secondly, links can be given traffic. And these are buyers and attendance, which is also useful for SEO. In the end, you will not stay in the red. Which link will work well to predict well. That is why you need to develop a link profile from different resources.

  4. They are taken into account algorithms, it is impossible to ignore the reference direction. They can also help bring people to you, the main thing is to post links correctly. Links can be obtained by a large number of ways, but they must have sufficient authority indicators so that the algorithm is delighted with them. Do not expect anything like this from bad links. People can also often follow the links on the sites, so there should be links where there are people who can visit you. You need to place links carefully, control them, but do not ignore this direction.

  5. The growth of reference mass increases the rating of the site. Qualifious references from authoritative sites will naturally lead to growth in the site rating. The site rating is an indicator that reflects the relative prestige of the website reference links in comparison with all other sites in the index. In different SEO tools, this indicator can be called and can be called and Calculated differently. Orders that we need to improve to increase the domain rating: to increase the number of other sites containing links to your site rating of exile domains (DR), since reverse links from sites with high DR increase your domain rating than links than links From sites with low DR. The number of sites that every domain-donors refers to your site more than follow lifts refers, your domain rating will grow. To focus not good at building links on those pages whose positions in Google you want to increase. This will more affect the natural traffic and the position in issuance than a simple “increase in DR”.

  6. More reference-> More traffic-> We use above profits to increase the reference mass of the SEO SPIS SITISH SITURE with various donor sites, registration in catalogs, profiles, bloggers links, publish links on thematic sites and news portals, on forums. Such a variety of sources is well diluted with a reference profile and betrays Web resource. A large selection of links imitates a natural increase from sources of different types of quality, different types of resources. Our goal is that you get a maximum effect with the minimization of risks to fall under the filters. In addition, this combination will give you the opportunity to receive the effect of reference promotion for the long time. Be sure to take into account the theme of the promoted site and geography. A unique reference increase in the mass is created individually under the customer! Legality-> only white SEO Efficiency-> Web resources used to place links are selected only by hand, during the study of the issuance of search engines. Production-> reports and analysts according to the result of natural and harmoniously build Your reference profile on the network by means of: anchor and non -carrier links from forums from the directory of organizations, links from sites catalogs, links from ads of the links from aggregators of the service liner from the guest recommending service services with questions and answers with joint procurement and descriptions Analysis of the site

  7. Reasons for the placement of links to the site with other web resources: to increase the relevance of the page by the search query, according to which it is moving. For growth of positions on promoted requests and, as a result, increase the traffic to the site. The significance of the alien mass has significantly decreased with increasing share of PF (behavioral factors ), however, many optimizers use reference factors to raise the position of the site from the top 10 to the top 3-5

  8. Search systems still take into account links leading to your site, although more and more new factors of the quality of the site are introduced. The way your site will be ranked depends on who refers to you. If the resource is high -quality and authoritative, then this is a signal of the search engine to give the page of your site above. There are quite a lot of link quality parameters, this is the thematic, naturalness, and the quality of the donor, etc. With the increase in the number of qualitative links to your site – the authority of the resource is growing, and I like it to search engines and they raise you in the search results (as one of the factors).

  9. There are several goals, for which links to the site are posted. Some do it purely so that you can easily and simply switch to the desired site. Other (usually not very honest) sites often use the placements of links on dubious resources to increase the citation of the site. Previously, this could increase TIC, but then it became just useless.

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