Why is Discord better than other communication applications?

Can you help to figure out one question?
Why, in fact, Discord is better than all other communication applications?
My friends told me that it is more convenient, the design is some kind of cool, but this can be said about any service.
In short, in what specific moments is it cooler than the rest? And then I really can’t figure it out.

What do you think?

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  1. Discord is WatsApp, Skype, VK in one application. There you can create from groups to large -scale servers with online more than 20k people. Once every month, updates make there. There are also paid opportunities called Nitro the cost of 350-700 rubles per month. There are also there and deceivers are easy to calculate them if you are immediately thrown by an unfamiliar Nitro for 3 months from Steam, check if it is in the Steam itself or another application. You can also coaching the type of discord by the Betterdiscord application. This is all that I could show you.

  2. Discord is very popular as a messenger for communicating gamers. So let’s say this is a certain standard. There are many gamers – as a result, many managed to get used to communication in this messenger, his features and chips. And the habit is quite important. What is unusual, as a rule, seems inconvenient. Therefore, another such messenger with similar features, but a slightly different design will seem to be something wrong

  3. The ANOKHINNNA is answered in fact that the software is just like a carriage and a small cart and if we consider as a similar connection for communication in a group sitting at home on a high -speed Internet, then its functionality is more than enough. But if you try to use this or another software, for example, from a smartphone, on the street in bad conditions of the reception, then no free software will cope with this task. For several years I have been engaged in this topic. As a conclusion, the home is wonderful.

  4. 1) Disco -software for the connection of groups of people, mainly organized groups of players (typical solution – vocal communication between the WorldFtanks game clan .2) Discord is worse because it consumes significantly more PC resources than other similar applications, for example TeamSpeak. Simply put, many players, with a discord, are impossible to play due to a noticeable decrease in FPS. 3) The only real plus of the discord is free, including for the organizer of the group.

  5. First: Discord is a chat for gamers, and there are a lot of them at the current time, more than 1000 people and most often they are common to the tivne: there is a very convenient interface in the discord and many people like it, and there were also added server templates for study and survey to the extraction of OBGRAGE I use discord

  6. Well, in the discord you can create a server! In this server, you can create a place with participants and rules. And this will no longer be just some kind of chat, but like a real YouTube Canal! With my community, this is how I think the best in the discord. You can also create your own emoji there! Well, on your server. And many other buns, so I advise a discord!

  7. Yes, nothing. Look at the answers themselves. They cannot be reviewed. But the minuses are noble, and the most terrible among them is the video for the video. That is, you can’t throw anything from the video, only having paid. There is another option, first pour on YouTube, and then give a link to this video, but then it will be better to use VK. I am sitting on it for only one reason- the FSBSHNI does not follow. Well, there are many groups of all kinds in the disk, now each person has almost, you can find and contact. Moreover, games, now if you are a gamer, you need a discord, because there every self -respecting player sits.

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