Why don’t people want to notice the relationship of the processes that occur in the country and the world?

At the moment, society and the economy are so global that when some events that are eating with their outrages or strangeness occur in one place, this does not mean absolutely that some country that is located 10,000 kilometers from the place where these events occurred, This fate will pass! If global elites are trying to take control of the globally world economy, then, accordingly, they will control the processes in all parts of the globe. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here – no one hides this: neither the United Nations organization hides this, this is not hidden by either the world bank, the international currency fund, or other global organizations – Vadim Shegalov

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  1. People (for the most part) do not want to notice much at all. They are immersed in everyday life. Their attention is focused precisely for ordinary and household purposes and problems. What is happening in the country itself, or beyond – worries them only to the extent that it can violate their personal plans. Even, being susceptible to the ideological effect of mass propaganda, they must one way or another find their individual path. Having maneuvering in changing social, financial and other conditions (for example, epidemiological). What do they care about the globalization, the machinations of the “world backstage”, the invasion of reptiloids and other “large -scale” events? What is the matter what someone expressed in his opus someone (Vadim Shagalov, or another specialist in geopolitics or world economics)? What is the difference to them – the Dow Jones index has grown or not? Although, looking at TVs (and watching TVs), a deceptive impression may be created – that the entire population is so passionate about world problems that it poses them above its own. This is just an illusion.

  2. There may be many reasons why people do not want to see the relationship of processes taking place in their country and the world. Some people may not have time or resources to study these processes, or they may not have access to accurate and reliable information about them. Others may simply not be interested in politics or current events, preferring to focus on other aspects of their life. Or they can be aware of the relationship of these processes, but not to fully understand their meaning and how they affect their lives. In addition, some people may not perceive the idea of ​​interconnectedness, since they prefer to see the world in simpler terms and do not want to think about the complexity of interconnected relations between various systems and processes.

  3. For the appearance of this kind of thoughts, a person should at least slightly build a chain of events, and here you need to understand what it turns out from, and some topics are more inaccessible, because they require expertise. Further, many thoughts require business, otherwise it is a blunt concussion and panic sowing. I do not mind that people score their heads in a row, but let everyone do their own business, developing that very examination.

  4. Hello, I think most of people do not want to analyze processes in economics and politics because no one taught them this. Yes, they themselves are little interested in this, frankly. People usually fight for a more or less comfortable life, constantly working in the office or at the factory. But only they themselves are to blame for this state of affairs. After all, there are so many lectures, books on the Internet. With the help of which you can form yourself, and look at the world in a completely different way. If you are only at the beginning of the way of knowing the world, then try to start with the base, with the ABC, so to speak. For me, such a book at one time was “not a book” from the modern author Franz Vertfollin. At first I was surprised by the name, and the unusual name of the author. But starting to read, I understood how the necessary knowledge of the economy, the structure of the world and working with my emotions were captured and clearly laid there.

  5. Indeed, the mystery why there are so many careless and irresponsible homes. Neyrobiologists, in isolation from this topic, could refer to differences in the functioning of the adjacent nucleus and amygdaly –t. The trite at the physiological level is not inclined to link anything or to experience discontent. Scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva described these differences. She did not describe the topic of the problem of global processes of global processes of the type of us.

  6. What does “people do not want to notice” mean? Maybe the point is that people notice much more than from once asking such a question. After all, he is quite popular. It is set by both feminists and their opponents. It is set by both liberals and communists. It is set by various religious figures and even atheists. And all the time some people do not want to notice their problems. But the bottom line is that ordinary people just do not care about all this. And not at all from the fact that they type “do not notice”, but only by the fact that little depends on them in all these issues. And of course, all these issues are not so important that they are seriously invested in them. People see not only that someone suffers from and should be shared with him in order to solve precisely his problem. And the fact that it suffers extremely a lot of any people for various reasons. And often, through his own fault. And you all will not be thrown away. And for this, what to worry there? So the people live on the principle of “and this will also pass” that to the “global world”, then he frankly “does not pull.” And they are not trying to build it for the first time. And not the first time he falls. What is there to worry about? And his collapse is as natural as the desire to build. And the world will soon turn again, and then more and more. Then he goes to collectivism, then he is disappointed and builds individualism. But he also has its own problems, and the world again builds collectivism and again something is wrong. And with each turn, humanity is a little bit, but it changes. This is how the evolution of society is going on. And people “do not notice this all the time.” They have their “minor problems”, they will grow to school soon. And the world – it is always there. If you notice it all the time, there will be no more time. Yes, and *** against the wind is stupid. So why spoil your nerves with other people’s problems?

  7. Globalization, cultural mutual influence is a well-known fact. It can only not notice it very nearby. And here are the ideas about “global elites eager to control world processes” – from the field of conspiracy theory. These processes have long been alienated from a person and do not have any author who sets the movement. A person himself has been adapting to them for a long time, and not vice versa. And the “elites” are similarly subordinate to them, like everyone else. Take the same mass production and consumption – who can control them? Their volumes are characterized by the level of NTP, the development of production forces and management. And for the same global environmental problems, how many moans are bad and bad. And everyone, it seems, know that it is bad. And different theories offer as alternatives. And in fact, the laws of cutting forests and waste accumulation work.

  8. If the population of the planet would consist of loafers, which, unfortunately, our earthly world, then probably, then it would be idly under the palm trees, and would not only notice the relationship of the processes that occur in countries and the world, but also argued about these . But you! A man – a worker is not given such an opportunity to look at all these relationships, which often look like an illusion of ideas about peace and environment. A person has the most elementary physiological needs, like: breathing, eat, – drink, – sleep, rest. These physiological needs are necessary for survival and include the needs for food, water, refuge, and rest. Another level of need for the reliability and safety of one’s being: – to be clean, – to dress, – to maintain the temperature, – to be healthy – to avoid dangers, illnesses, stress – move. But the world on the planet consists of “power and the wealth of the property” and billions People whose poverty often shimmers into poverty. The poor should “plow” on the rich in order to provide them with a luxurious existence. Globalization is practically possible only in parts, since the forms of management of countries are different. There were many attempts to seize power on the planet for the history of mankind, but they ended in deplorable for dictators and their subject peoples. It is unlikely that the global elites would be able to take under financial control the world economy in all parts of the globe? But it is unlikely that two bears in one den will get along peacefully? And the capitalism system is based on competition and wars for markets, territory and cheap labor of biorobots. Even if they introduce completely on the planet digital economy and robots – artificial intelligence, then there will still be no globalization. A person is very complicated with his virtue and vices. There are struggles of opposites from which you can’t get rid of, what can there be unity in the form of globalization?

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