Why don’t people buy anything in the online store?

Advertising is configured. People come in, watch, but do nothing. They do not put in the basket or use feedback. Why is this happening?

What do you think?

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  1. What site are you talking about?
    albatros360.ru -? The site is perceived as a site with LKM for professional use, if private individuals come in immediately. Professional consumers will not contact through such a site either. In the supply departments, the purchase model and the search for information are different. They will not work with landing. Link to the “Products” section does not work. And what kind of goods are you talking about? Price is uncomfortable. The product has no product, there are no goods on the site (I did not understand what goods cards are you talking about). Descriptions in the price for ordinary consumer.
    This is so, “at the top.”
    The catalog does not work.
    You can not look further …

  2. Responsibles of Lukinnesko can be of factors. You have not specified whether there is an offline store. For example, I am leading an online plumbing store-it has two or three orders per month. But in fact, sales through the site go every day. People just call and specify what they need. And the purchase is made already in the offline store. Or they don’t call or write-they looked at the address on the contact page and arrived. A second example, there is an online bedding store. There is only courier delivery. Also one or two orders per month. But through Instagram, leads from the site go every day. The site is simply used as a window. And sales go through direct. Express more about business, perhaps collegial advice. Otherwise, maybe there is simply no trust in your store. This is just the reason number one in any niche.

  3. In fact, the reasons why users do not buy in the online store is full, it can be due to the description of the product, it may be due to the fact that the traffic is irrelevant, it may not like the pictures, the loading of pages affects users’ refusal, it may not It is satisfied with the delivery of goods or payment, or the prices of competitors are much more tempting than you have, the poor site design and an incomprehensible structure, there are no reviews and so on, having worked all these points, I am more than sure that you can attract transactions at an acceptable price. Anymore like an online store does not work, this is a whole science)

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