Why does a woman who marries without love does not respect herself from the very beginning?

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  1. We will raise the question a little differently: what lies on the basis of a woman’s desire to marry? 1) sex? 2) Material well-being? 3) The desire to gain psychological independence from parents? 4) Protection and care from a psychological-healthy person? 5) a desire to have your own The family, as an embodied model of its own world-world? If the first item is based on the first point, sex, then the marriage will inevitably suffer. If marry they enter into a desire to improve their material well-being, then the probability of a divorce is sufficiently great. The partner will definitely understand that these are not beneficial obligations for him. If the motive for marriage is the desire to escape from parents, this marriage is also doomed, since there is no desire to obey neither parental will nor husbands. A less stable marriages arise in those In pairs where a man is a strong, dominant side, and a woman is a weak, subordinate. This is a classic marriage, built on a reasonable attitude to the institution of marriage itself, in which each spouses will take its place. How much this union can be happy and long depends on the purpose of this marriage. And if the goal is the family, as the creation of your own micro -world, a comfortable, comfortable place to embody everything conceived, both from the husband and from the wife, then This is a true marriage. And love in it is not a passion for a partner, but a daily joyful work for the benefit of all family members. The woman, self -respecting, respects the person whom she chose to her spouses. Feeling in love, eventually loses her acuteness; The attraction of the sensual is inferior to other feelings: patience, compassion, pity, care for family members. Therefore, for both a man and a woman, the choice of spouse is the main side of life, along with the choice of profession. Unfortunately among people, and both are rash, and another is made rash. Hastily hastily. The person is unhappy from that: and does not do what he loves, and does not live with the one with whom he would like. In the end, our will choose, which, under the influence of emotions without attracting the mind, can make a mistake at the very beginning of the life path, which is why and why All subsequent actions will be even more erroneous.

  2. A good answer to the question – what is love? He was given in the legendary Movie, Ivan the Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf: … This is when the heart beats very and so, and then throws it into the heat, then in the cold, and breathing is interrupted … So many who get married or marry can confuse love with The flu.

  3. A good answer to the question – what is love? He was given in the legendary Movie, Ivan the Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf: … This is when the heart beats very and so, and then throws it into the heat, then in the cold, and breathing is interrupted … So many who get married or marry can confuse love with The flu.

  4. First, it would be good to understand what is meant by the self -esteem of a woman? If love is for a woman, the main value in life, everything is closed and converges on her, then, probably, yes … for such a woman to marry without love – this is a catastrophe and in, what kind of- That measure, loss of oneself and self -esteem! But here we must also understand that for different women there are different concepts of love. For some, this is a crazy passionate attachment to a man, for others it is primarily gentle care and creating a cozy house for the necessary and interesting man – the future father of their children. For the third, this is the possibility of realizing some of their intellectual or professional qualities in conjunction with a partner of the opposite sex, which can characterize such a connection as friendship – love, for example, like Pierre and Maria Curie. There are many options for understanding love! You can even say: how many women are – there are so many options for understanding female love! But the option of dislike exists, it seems – only one! This is when a woman is indifferent to a man! Nothing in him carries her and does not catch her! And so, for some reason, she marries such a man! .. The reasons, by the way, can be very different! And so, there is nothing left for such a woman as soon as to despise herself? .. I think this is not so! It all depends on what intentions a woman comes into marriage! If these intentions are healthy and not crazy about her future husband – then why doesn’t she respect herself?! .. Also, she must, if not love, at least respect her husband! And, by the way, I don’t see anything reprehensible in if both spouses are well aware and realize that they have not yet experienced each other (or someone alone!) Tender feelings … But their marriage is more likely , on a treaty on life together. In such relationships, there is both honesty and respect for each other, and the self -esteem of spouses. In connection with these reasoning, I remembered the film by S. Gerasimov “Love a Man” with brilliant actors A. Solonitsyn, L. Virolinen, T. Makarova, J. Bolotova This film, just tells about the fate of the two already mature people, is not planned to meet at a party and suddenly, who decided to combine their fates, completely unaware of each other, as they say, “into the pool” … Especially, the determination is already amazing Not the young heroine L. Virolainen, who suddenly throws a comfortable environment of his Moscow life and goes to the extreme north for an unknown man who simply beckoned her incomprehensible and harsh living conditions! There is no love yet, friendship – too, even respect for each other – ghostly! And then what is there? .. What did not frighten them to decide on such a bold step? .. There is faith! And there is a desire for happiness! And there is hope!

  5. I can’t agree – maybe the woman is not very in love, but she wants to have a husband and family, a man suits her, likes her. They have common interests, do they really get married only because of love, which still passes in a few years? And if her husband loves her, then generally wonderful. There is a share of truth in the words: “Passing – to fall in love.” Now, if it goes for someone who does not need it on its own, only because of money, then, indeed, does not respect herself.

  6. I would not have so unequivocally evaluate * marriage without love * as not self -respect. There is no monotony here. Love, marriage, family life of everyone is different. How many married couples have been in the world and there will be so many options and variations. Someone has love disappears along with marriage, someone arises throughout life and lasts to the last. Probably only those who found their soul mate once and for all without love are happy. Quiet, calm joys for life are not given to many.

  7. I agree with Anna. I will only add that love has a very interesting property: to manifest itself consciously and without consciously. And even though you are cracking, but you can’t live with someone financial and not manifest yourself in it. Another question is whether you are doing it yourself or the circumstances kick you. What does conscious love give? The opportunity to quickly go beyond the personal aspect. Find out the meaning of life without question. What outside the limits of life, as such. To achieve the so -called “self -realization” many times faster. That is, walk along the path of biblical “salvation” from stuck at the level of the “material store”. And who else has not grown stupidly and he likes to continue to play material toys: to walk around the departments to try on the “Platica”? The only minus of such a life is that the ladies and men “calculations” are more experienced by hidden inner discomfort to a sort of “whip” which in their life is constantly present at the level of physiology. But finances help them use the car of “motley–” who are happy to try to fall asleep the individual with a bunch of delaying antibiotics with a drug trafficking, if only you continued to move (albeit unconsciously). Consciously loving, gradually deprive themselves of this biophysiological cargo by changing the vector to a more healthy one. It becomes bad only to those who, even on a subconscious level, begin to cut out the return: forbids themselves to fulfill what is prescribed by nature and to love as well. Here, respect also begins to fall. And since if the lady is smart and knows how to handle capital, then she shows love more often than she seems to be just different to live.

  8. And what, he doesn’t respect it most? I doubt it however. If a person consciously makes a decision, weighing everything, why should he not respect himself? You few people are in life. For example, dynastic marriages. There, in principle, love is taken into account after other factors. And both halves are in this position. And even if a person marry, let’s say, due to the circumstances of the insurmountable strength, why he should cease to respect. I think that marriage can lead to loss of self -esteem in only one case. If this is connected with betrayal. And not someone, but himself.

  9. I would not say so unambiguously. Maybe just respects, because he perfectly understands that love is a beautiful feeling, but, most often, a short -lived one. And even worse when love is confused with passion. And in this situation, when romance passes and passions are fed, all the shortcomings become not only visible, but directly stick out out and cause irritation. I will not delve into the topic of how to build relationships here. This is clear to everyone. Therefore, if the girl respects herself, she will initially look at her husband reliable and father for herself.

  10. Self -esteem does not depend on love or marriage. A woman who marries without love is pragmatic and rational. She has a goal (goal), and through marriage she tries to fulfill them. It is not clear to me why, on the one hand, without love, “lower”, and on the other, “the main thing is that a person is good” and “you need to choose so that it is (a) …”. But in any case, it is stupid to evaluate the comfort of someone else’s life, based on your own ideas and attitudes

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