Why do marketers focus on quality according to European standards? What is it better than our national quality?

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  1. Marketers do everything for one purpose to sell more 🙂 It is not very important for them whether European standards are better or worse, it is important for them that consumers buy. So far, it is enough for consumers to know that the product is made according to “European standards” in order to make a decision on the purchase, marketers will use this.

  2. Because they got stuck in the myths of the 90s. Then the “European repair”, “European quality”, “white assembly” – they really designated certain properties of the goods and clearly helped its sales. Now these are meaningless howls that differ little from “Chinese watts” or “Chinese lumens”.

  3. During the years of stagnation in the USSR, consumer goods often came from countries to the people of democracy, from the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary and others. These goods were often more elegant, more fashionable and better than goods produced in the USSR, due to the fact that, due to the special structure of the economy, the means of production of such goods were more slowly updated in the USSR than in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe. Also, Soviet technological products, like televisions and cars, were too often broken and required repair, which was also connected with the need for “shaft” in the absence of a system of updating the machine tools, so that the decline of quality was laid in the system. Hence the general representation of “European means high-quality”, which became the norm: who hunted Polish boots and the Romanian wall, began to do European repair in the 1990s.

  4. Just outdated stereotypes. Once the Western European industry really ahead of both Soviet and Asian in many respects. Now, due to the transfer of basic industries to where it is more profitable to produce, there are not many European ones left. And the rest of the countries in their development did not stand still.

  5. European quality standards differ from national standards in several parameters. They provide a higher level of safety, performance and efficiency. They also provide more stringent rules and procedures for compliance, which helps prevent problems with product quality. Unlike national standards, European quality standards provide more detailed rules and methods to check and improve product quality. Therefore, marketers try to adhere to European quality standards in order to guarantee high quality products and satisfy consumer needs.

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