Why can’t I find customers, and everyone is dismissed?

Good evening, marketers. Need your advice. I am just starting to engage in deliveries for masters of colorists and manicure. I found a direct diller, I bought only Kallos so far. If there are orders, there will be Concept, Ollin, Matrix and so on. My prices are quite acceptable. What costs in markets 700-750 rubles, I put 550 rubles. The problem is that I cannot reach the masters. I am an individual, an online store is not for me yet. Therefore, the lion’s fraction of the margin is not, tax, online cash desks, rent, warehouse. I did cold calls. I read how to do it right. It seems that I build a dialogue well. I took phones with Avito and directly called the masters. I find out what they need. Half was talking sweetly, but how you take off the price, they don’t even read it and all messages. I feel like spamshitsa and that I just bother. I made the VK page, a telegram, a laptop APP, a tweezer, shadow chat, on Avito. Trying to promote them. There are minimal views. But in general, deaf. I am only interested in the audience of our small city. And at prices it is strange, like our people are not rich. You offer a cast price with free delivery. Everyone ignores. Due to these cold calls, the hands dropped the knitting manicure, she called, said approximate prices. She doubted, asked Lee Lee. Well, how do people explain about pricing your opinion. How to build advertising, budget. So that customers answer mutually. To perceive as a good opportunity, and not as spam? Maybe I’m calling late, after 18. Nobody reads purely SMS at all.

What do you think?

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  1. You try to go from the other side. It is not to use cold calls for sales, but to study their audience, in order to find out what suppliers they work with, what they purchase, on what conditions, how convenient it is to work with them, how the order is happening, etc., up to what affected the choice of the supplier, How did the Supplier search take so that they would like to improve in their work and what services / goods they would like to get in addition. Perhaps in the process of conversation you already learn about some negative experience and will be easier to work with objections. The low price does not always work well, you have already learned one of the reasons (the opinion is that the palette). It is worth thinking towards some additional products / services for your customers to add your value as a supplier in the eyes of customers. You must understand that they have been working with certain suppliers of products for a long time and the change of supplier is a serious solution, because there are many nuances, for example, the accumulated experience of interaction, accumulative discounts and working conditions, ease of order, etc. In addition, study suppliers in your city, try to go through your client, then you can find your niche in the market and already more competently build your communications with customers. I would not send the price list at all, but would create a commercial offer for each client. And so that the client does not forget about you, he would create a system of communications in order to remind of himself from time to time. In order not to go down your hands, read about the principle of the steameto, well, do not hope for a quick result – this is a long and interesting work. I always recommend starting with marketing market research and customers, then the result will be and pricing will be correct. Success!

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