Who is the SEO specialist and what does he do?

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  1. The main task of the SEO of the specialist is to fill the individual page with an adequate (relevant) content on a particular topic. This content should adequately answer the question posed on this topic by the user. Give an exhaustive response to the user’s request. This is called relevant. If this is information about a certain object or phenomenon that the user is interested in, it must be complete and comprehensive so that the user does not have to look for additional sources. If this condition is complied with, as well as if the information is posted on the page in accordance with the requirements and rules of one or another search engine, then the search engine will consider this page to be a more relevant user request and show it in the search results above others. This is called ranking.Seo the specialist does not move anything and does not promote anywhere. Its main task is to fill the site with relevant content. In addition, there are a number of events. But in any case, their main task is to show the search system that the page deserves attention that it responds to a certain separate request and is more convenient for the user. In this case, you can count on the fact that the search engine will show it above the rest. Those. Move. Those. Not a SEO specialist promotes, but a search engine. A specialist can only make efforts to convince the search engine that his page is what you need to answer this question, which users ask. The decision to show or not show the page to the user will take a search engine. If you need a consultation on search optimization, write to the drugs. I will consult you for free.

  2. SEO-specialist (Search Engine Optimization)-search optimization. Related consecutive actions that allow you to bring the site to the first lines according to various search queries. For example, you need to promote the online store of plush bears at the request of “Buy Plush Bear” and “Plush Bear Price”. This is an example, in fact, sites are not moving on 1-2 requests, but by several hundreds of a serious entrepreneur, it is interested in making his site the highest rating for search engines. This is already the task of SEO specialists, SEO-optimizers, SEO-copialists and SEO-rewriting: knowledge of English; programming languages ​​HTML, CSS and others; knowledge of CMS (sites management systems); analysis of large volumes of information; deep knowledge of algorithms of different search engines; knowledge of tools and promotion products; knowledge of Internet marketing and advertising; Experience in successful promotion on competitive query: individual entrepreneurs (ind. Emplemented.); Them (int. Magaz.); Ra (rect. Agencies); SEO companies; Startups price tag: each sets their own price, an average of 5-25 thousand per month per project

  3. SEO specialist is engaged in the optimization of the site and search promotion. There are two ways to promote the site: paid and free. SEO refers to free methods of promotion, as it affects the site shows in the top issuance. The capture of high positions in organic issuance will provide you with a permanent influx of traffic and sales without advertising. That is why this method is called conditionally free. You will receive traffic, but SEO promotion services will have to be paid. Search promotion is a debt strategy. You will only invest the first months, but over time you will begin to get good results that will pay off with more than.

  4. Each project has SEO-landings that the company needs to solve, for example: attract as many target users as possible to the site or increase its positions in search engines (PS). SEO specialist is one who draws up a plan for promoting the site on the network, taking into account the goals set, analyzes the site and finds its problem areas that interfere with the solution of strategic tasks of the company, and then optimizes the web resource. As a result of its work, a convenient site is obtained, which quickly opens on any device (phone, computer) and through any browser. Users easily move along it and find the content that they were looking for in the search engine. Search algorithms recognize what content is posted on the site, understand what external links to take into account when evaluating the reference mass and which is not, and much more. For this SEO-specialist performs a number of actions: analyzes competitors in the niche occupied by the site; makes a plan of promotion; collects semantic The core of the site; analyzes changes in the site’s positions in the results of the search results; finds pages with errors, removes the duplicate of web pages, draws up scanning rules for search engines and deals with other technical characteristics of the site; tunes the content so that it is easy to view: changes the size of the image , sets headlines, etc.; is engaged in external optimization; constitutes TK for other specialists .SEO specialist can begin work on the project before launching it or after the site began to need optimization.

  5. SEO to SMMSEO a specialist is one who helps with promotion in search engines. That is, the purpose of his work to ensure the involvement of targeted traffic from search engines, such as Google and Google. In practice, the work of the CEO of a specialist includes: work with semantics. Selection of search queries for promotion. In particular, we help with the selection of low -frequency query. Low -frequency requests are requests for which, as a rule, relatively low competition and the result are more reliable. Work with entrance points. SEO specialist provides the creation of entry points on the site of the selected search queries. Often CEO specialists and site owners turn to us for the services of CEO copywriting. Work on setting up the site. This is the provision of high page loading speeds, and the Robots.txt setting, and the formation of the correct architecture. Work with links. Not only the convenience of navigation, but also positions, depends on how competent the internal reference structure of the site is built. External links also have an important effect. Work with analytics. Work with analyst systems is also one of the decisive. Working in dynamics, tracking behavioral factors, positions and other indicators is important.

  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is work on the quality of the web resource, the purpose of which is to promote the site in search engines, for example, in Google or Google. SEO-specialist is a specialist who performs this work and is responsible for promoting the site in search engines. The responsibility of the CEO specialist includes a huge layer of work, for example: analysis of competitors. Compiration of promotion strategy. Semantic nucleus. Semilation and analysis of the dynamics of positions. Technical optimization site. Optimization of content on the pages. Entertaining optimization. You can read more about the profession of Seoland in the article “SEO-specialist-who is it?”.

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