Who are traffic arbitrators?

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  1. Traffic arbitrators are those who find buyers on the Internet for another’s goods. The bottom line, you do not have your own product, store or something else. But someone has it all and he needs customers, many customers. He is ready to pay you the percentage of cost from each sale. If both of you are satisfied with the conditions, you take an individual link from him and send people on it. That, for example, marketing tick current.

  2. Nikolai correctly said, I will supplement. Most often, these are people who work with partnerships in which a bunch of different goods are sold with a large margin. Partner network for each confirmed application for the product, pays a certain amount to them. Thus, arbitrators set up advertising at their own expense, come up with some cunning ideas for attracting customers (ligaments), and then pay for their investments and earn, receiving money from each sale of the product. Well, they do not pay for and do not earn, it is also quite realistic to leave the minus.

  3. Arbitrations are engaged in the fact that they pour traffic (bring users) on a landing landing advertiser (landing page). There, the user must perform a targeted action – buy a product/make a deposit/set the program, etc. If the action is committed and will comply with all the conditions of the offer (partner proposal) – the conversion is counted. The arbitrator will receive a commission for her. You can find the expression “arbitrators buy traffic and resell.” The purchase of traffic is a purchase of advertising to attract users. For example, when the arbitrator creates a campaign in the Facebook advertising office, this is the purchase of traffic, since he pays for advertising shows. When advertising from bloggers is bought – this is also the purchase of traffic. There can be many options. Where the users come from is called a source of traffic. Resale of traffic is the payment of the commission, which has already been mentioned. The advertiser “buys” transitions to the target page at the arbitration. In order for the campaign to be successful, it is necessary that the amount of the commission is higher than the costs of the purchase of traffic.

  4. The arbitration is a person who resells advertising. In most cases, arbitrators collaborate with partnership networks. Partnerships are the linking link in advertisers and webmasters / arbitrators. The arbitrator selects an affiliate program from an advertiser in an affiliate network, which is convenient for him to promote and profitable. Then it organizes an advertising campaign (can be paid and free) according to which traffic is attracted to a particular offer. Promotion platforms, in addition to paid traffic, can be social networks, forums, their blog or site. But as previously specified, arbitrators use paid traffic. Further, when a certain action of the client is performed with the help of an arbitrator, the arbitration receives a monetary reward described in the offer through the partner network. This type of earnings on the Internet is very promising and profitable. But you need to understand all the basics and specifics of the work. You can start with this article.

  5. Traffic arbitrators are specialists who buy traffic in one place and sell in another. This is a real profession that can bring a lot of money to experienced arbitrators. I recommend that you first study all the sources of traffic in order to understand the essence of the work of a specialist. Even if you are a professional arbitration, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with this list. How the arbitration works, traffic, talk about arbitration in more detail. It works like this. You buy 1 thousand transitions somewhere. Your profit is 300 USD. It seems, everything depends on experience and luck. At first, you will sometimes have to work at a loss. After all, it is not as simple to sell traffic as it seems. To get working schemes – you will have to try. Sams are often boasted of their large incomes, removed in brand new apartments and cars. But it will be very difficult for a beginner to make money in this area. The first year will have to be sorted out. What does it mean to sell traffic fires to configure advertising themselves and for their money, come up with their own cunning or quite obvious ideas for attracting customers (ligaments), and then pay for investments. It makes it possible for this. The score of profit from each sale of the product. That is, arbitrators are a kind of sales agents, but instead of direct sales, they use ligaments of channels, cheap marketing channels and good advertising creatives. Where they buy crossings of obvious schemes in this area. The Internet is changing very quickly, so any scheme is obsolete very quickly. An experienced arbitration is not just sitting in one scheme. Every month he comes up with new schemes. We can say that this is a real art. The following canals are used to buy traffic: contextual advertising (Google Direct and Google AdWords, but the cost of click is often high), teaser networks (typical technique to catch a large number of users, but there may be a low conversion), Targeted advertising (in VK, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, FB), Push traffic, email newsletters. But inventing the schemes-a big minus. After all, not every person was born with a talent for a bite of traffic. You can find out if you have a talent. Work in this profession for a year. If you like it and the work will profit, continue. Otherwise, it is better to throw this business without delays. Do not go for that line when the work begins to bring only losses and causes depression. It is necessary to have labile thinking in order to quickly switch from one sphere to another. In general, an arbitration of traffic is a promising lesson. After all, Runet is constantly developing, and traffic is his blood, which is always not enough even the largest sites. I can’t even dream that this answer was able to fully answer your question! But I really tried to state the main thing in the answer. Perhaps I forgot something, because the format does not allow me to give an exhaustive answer. In any case, I wish you all the best! If you disagree with me and want to express your point of view, leave the comments under the answer!

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