Where to start studying SMM?

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  1. Daria Prokhorovkuplyachny skills of the SMM specialist are: knowledge of the principle of work and algorithms of social networks. Understanding the consumer. The ability to communicate with people and understand them. After receiving the basic information about who SMM specialist, you can begin to pass the courses. There are also many paid and free materials on the network. Courses will help you get the basic knowledge that will be useful to you in your work.

  2. SMM study is best started with courses. Because it is always very difficult to plunge into an subject without teachers and assistants. Sometimes you can fight for a long time over a simple problem, while an experienced teacher will tell you in advance how to get around it. It is also possible to resort to several books: hard SMM / Dan Kennedy, Kim Welsh-Phillipsmating on social networks / Damir KhalilovFacebook: how to find 100,000 Friends for your business for free / Ndrey Albitovch are engaged in an SMM specialistSm-driver solves the tasks set by marketers using social networks (media). Banal example: you need to promote the group on VKontakte, attract representatives of the target audience to it to provide the site with additional traffic and then earn on contextual advertising or sale of goods. To attract people, SMM specialist must correctly evaluate the appearance of the average representative of his audience and then Prepare a content plan for about a month. Fire texts according to the plan can write both the SMM specialist and the copyrighter hired for this. Also, the SMM-driver must “warm up” the audience with the help of competitions, polls and other standard methods (increase the involvement of subscribers). Because if the subscriber does not read posts, does not like and does not show activity in the group, then he is more likely to interfere with the promotion. The general duties of the SMM specialist-specialist at his workplace should: to manage a reputation, receive leads (potential sales), to receive a reputation. attract potential customers with further sale on the site, inform potential customers about products and services, inform about promotions and discounts, receive feedback and so on. The purpose of the audience can be said that the SMM specialist took place if he has learned to correctly understand the needs of the target audience customer and satisfy them. In order not to spray resources, you need to beat exactly in the target audience. You should know the gender, age, marital status, the profession of the average representative of your TRA, as well as his place of residence (city, district) and life values. You were very glad to help you.

  3. You must not learn SMM, but marketing in general. Sotsets are just a tool. If you simply master the advertising cabinet without a strategic vision, then you will achieve success accidentally, not systematically. Read the “Fundamentals of Marketing” of the cauldron – the perfect manual. Try it to launch advertising campaigns on your own or develop your public. This will help you fill the cones, without offending anyone (only yourself), and at the same time will teach you to protect every penny. Consider not general videos (all technical points can be founded yourself), but specific life hacks, cases, with disgraces. I recently recorded a video about how almost without the budget I received 15,000 subscribers

  4. SMM-specialist needs a lot of knowledge. This is marketing, and copywriting, and design, and targeted advertising. It is important to understand what knowledge you already have. Perhaps there was a community skill in social networks, writing posts, etc. And what knowledge it is worth pumping. The courses are not going to go. There are a lot of them on the market now. Reviews at the online schools are at the headkurs.com. There are hundreds of schools and there are real reviews of Skillbox students, non -tology, etc., of course, to find free webinars, try to understand everything yourself in everything. But in the courses information is taught in structure. You will earn faster in this profession. And it is today very in demand.

  5. From free video on YouTube, try promoting acquaintances (preferably from the Beauty sphere, as this is a classic niche of instagram, and the exhaust will be with a high degree of probability, if everything is done correctly). Expand on request – you can go to courses, you can take a consultation or consultation or mentoring from an existing SMM expert

  6. SMM course, remote training is possible. Species are only practices with many years of experience working with projects of large brands. None of the tools will teach: LiveDune (Service of integrated work in social networks) Popsters (Service of Analysts of Competitors and Pages of Competitors on Social Networks) Publer (Advertising monitoring service in Runet) TargetHunter (search service for the target audience on social networks) Jagajam (analytical platform for building effective communications of brands with an audience of social networks) Chotam (Service of Notifications of Comments on Social Councils, monitors comments on VKontakte, Facebook, Classmates, Instagz Twitter) Shikari (search service for potential customers on certain topics) SMMPLanner (web service of auto-playing and creating a schedule for posting posts on VKontakte networks, classmates, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram and Viber.) and receipt of documents on the formation of the state About the sample.

  7. If I started studying SMM now, I would start with the answer to the question “What is my purpose of training?” From this, the following plan of action will be built. Curiant 1. For example, I have a project now and it has one of the tasks – regularly receive sales Services from the Instagram of the company’s profile, so that it is beneficial to the company. And it is important to learn how to do this as quickly as possible. The purpose of studying SMM is to learn how to sell Instagram on the social network for the shortest possible time. Then the next plan is to find the authors of courses who have confirmed SMM experience with a sales orientation. It is advisable with feedback to be able to ask questions during the application of knowledge on a real project. Then check the reviews. Are there measuring results there after training? Chat with students. To find out with which background they came there, what the learning process looked like, what they liked and what not. Then I would ask the authors of the courses uncomfortable questions. For example, “did you have dissatisfied students? If“ yes ”, then“ why were they unhappy? ”,“ Can I talk with them? ”By the authors’ reaction, it will be clear in general whether it is worth it or not to go to courses. Variant 2. If I wanted to master a new profession in this area, then my goal was to “make a general idea of ​​SMM and understand mine or not.” Then, I will begin to google the definition of “SMM”, what is it, what is the value of it to business How this value is created, who makes it (what employees are there), what skills are needed to be able to create it, and so on. And in principle, I can most likely figure it out on my own. Then I would look for someone from this sphere among this sphere And I asked them. And then I will not write down free marathons to try to do practical tasks. It turns out or not, I like it or not. And I definitely looked for answers about the negative aspects of the profession, which are difficulties, problems who definitely are not suitable. And then weighed “pros” and “against” and already moved I would further.

  8. If there is a budget, it is better to find a paid course from some experts known in this area. If there is no budget yet, start actively reading thematic blogs and articles on the Internet – there are a lot of them. There is a lot of videos on Utube in free access. It is not so easy to navigate in this stream, but with a high read/plenty and a proper level of critical thinking, it is quite possible to eventually find the right path. The main thing is to read the current materials, fresh. What worked five years ago does not work today. Start by type “Trends in the SMM 2022” in Google and read a dozen and a half articles from the top of the issuance. You will immediately see what trends most authors mark. Take a closer look at these trends. Well, further in the same vein.

  9. I advise you to take a couple of free courses from Skillbox, Geekbrains or Netologies. They give good information to enter the profession. After you deal with the basics, read the materials. They are more complicated for understanding-therefore, stock up on perseverance and patience. If something is incomprehensible-google. In general, the ability to look for information is the most important skill in SMM, marketing, design and a lot more. And do not forget to dilute the training with practice – slowly gain projects, make mistakes, correct yourself. This is the only way to achieve growth.

  10. In addition to everything that has already been advised, I want to add – try to promote my own account. It will be instead of practice. All those tools, chips, methods that were learned from theory in articles and courses, transfer to practice. The easiest way is to your account. Make a working profile on Instagram, hone it all that is told in the courses. This is better than draining the budget of your first client and getting a negative review at the start of my career =) I also do this, I train in insta. As it turns out or does not work in short, the most cool way to get new knowledge and skills through practice.

  11. Start with the theory, read the articles useful on this topic, figure out who the smoker is, what he is doing. Try to fix the theory in free courses. If after passing free courses, you realized that this is yours. You are interested in thinking about a paid course. All the same, on the paid more information, checking the DZ, etc.

  12. Now SMM is a rather extensive field of knowledge. Therefore, it is better to start with the choice of specialization. You can become: a targetologist – sets targeted advertising on social networks. Good profession for start. Allows you to make good money. You can quickly master. Storismaker – makes Storis for Instagram. It is suitable for people who like to work with the video, to engage in creativity. The comic manager-develops the community. SMM-manager-controls the SMM specialists team. Engages in large projects. It is difficult to master this profession from scratch. Therefore, it is better at first to become a narrow specialist, and then expand your competencies. A any profession can be mastered independently in free lessons, which are a lot on the Internet. If it starts to work out and interest does not disappear, you can go to the courses and learn the profession at the level necessary for starting work and employment.

  13. Good day)))) You need to study SMM from trends at the moment. Algorithms for promoting social networks are changing so quickly that the main thing in this profession is, as they say, “in trend”. You can subscribe and study several popular accounts on the topic of interest to you, for example, “Culinary”. View their content, what stands out, which advertising creatives are launched, what is heated by the audience. To analyze in % – how much useful content, how many playing. And then it is already worth it in the vast Internet to look for SMM courses that will completely close all your needs and correspond to modern realities))) Good luck in mastering a new profession)))

  14. The study of any new topic begins with obtaining information. preferably from different sources. Based on their experience on the output of sites in the TOP, with great help from SMM, promotion of Instagram and YouTube. I suggest you get acquainted with my article. Perhaps you will draw a number of moments for yourself that no one else writes about. An article about SMMK to write texts for promotion, including for social networks – there are in the article – “promoting texts for the site”

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