Where to start studying marketing to a working Internet marketer (advertiser)?

There is experience for more than 2 and a half years in setting up advertising on the Internet.

What do you think?

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  1. Any marketer needs to start with the basics of marketing. Therefore, I recommend reading the book of one of the ancestors of marketing – Philip Kotler “Fundamentals of Marketing”. Kniga is considered a certain “Bible of Marketing” – there are all the basic principles of marketing, many examples from the activities of companies such as Coca -Cola, Miller, Avon. Many authors somehow use this world -famous book, process or quote it. Therefore, it is required to read to study marketing!

  2. Responded to Makarenos of the technical base. From the basics. You can even with history. After all, marketing is not only algorithms for the work of search engines, but also a whole psychology! There is a system of creating creatives by recognizing the minuses of the company or product service. For example: “Yes, our coffee is bitter, because, Italian grains …. Try a real Italian latte, and your coffee world will turn over”

  3. The answer is already working, you are already working, we recommend that you first understand which areas of marketing are most interesting to you. There are many of them, the main ones: web-analytics advertising advertising recovery in the social networks of marketing-botymails-alignes and reports of theunit-economics and media planning sessor marketing and others. Cut the areas in which you want to develop. For example, web analytics will allow already working marketers to learn to understand data on visitors to their site and after that issue advanced hypotheses by improvements. In our opinion, it is worth starting with practical areas, and only then, along the way, to score it with a theory. Are you most interesting?

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