When placing advertising, who is more important to focus on: competitors, retail networks, consumers?

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  1. I believe that it is not necessary to choose what is more important here, what is primary and what is secondary. It is necessary to navigate equally on the entirely, yes, it would be worth assuming that it is more important to focus on consumers. But how to understand: who is our tsagda to look for it and how better to offer our product we can find out this only after we find out and study our competitors: who they sell their product to who sell their product at what areas. WHERE, where are our competitors, there and there We need to look for our tsa. And the better you study competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, the better you can choose the strategy of your promotion – you will understand how to highlight your product and offer it to your tsar. Moreover, your consumer will be more of your competitors, and you need to make it Such a proposal that they cannot refuse and choose your product in return for the competitor product. And you can’t do this if you do not conduct a full analysis of your competitors. Well, again, not all of your tsa are with competitors, there are those who have not yet used a similar product, but only interested. Here it is already more necessary to focus on the consumer himself, who he is and what he is interested in, and then think more correctly to him to offer a product.

  2. Theoretically, there may be advertising campaigns not aimed at the consumer, but this is very rare and probably already closer to PR (for example, advertising designed for investors and attracting investment in the company). In the classical case, the advertisement should be focused on the report of the Service to the consumer or the buyer (the buyer and consumer is not always the same thing).

  3. You need to focus, of course, on consumers – your target audience. But the analysis of competitors and advertising that they post, as well as retail networks, if you also compete with them, must be carried out before you start testing an advertising campaign. The analysis of competitors, direct and indirect, in the right way (in this case, (in this case, (in this case, Advertising on the channel you are interested in) You should not start any body move at all.

  4. Advertising is a tool, a way to convey information. Its (her) can be applied differently for different purposes. We need to sell – we focus on the consumer. We need to find workers – we focus on specialists. It is necessary to attract investments – to investors. It is necessary to conduct a survey – here it is generally for anyone, more precisely on the one who is needed for a survey. In general, the main thing is the goals, objectives, what result is needed. From this it is already becoming clear who to focus on, where to spy on how others do, what results to expect about.

  5. Good afternoon! For an effective advertising campaign, 4 aspects should be carefully studied and worked out: the product of your company; target audience (or potential consumers of your product); competitors of your company and how they promote; features of the site on which advertising will be located. A detailed analysis of all these four aspects will allow you to create a really effective advertising campaign and form a unique trade proposal that will help you highlight your product in a highly competitive market. You can read how to create USP in my article: https://weberda.com/blog/formirovanie-ytp-kak-sdlat-eto-pravilno

  6. When placing advertising, you need to focus on your goal. It is like in a well -known joke: “Do you go or checkers?” If the purpose of your advertising is to sell (service, goods, etc.), then first of all to the target audience, because it The consumer of your advertising and your product. Orientation towards competitors or retail prices is secondary – it will only allow you to reduce the costs of advertising, increase profitability and return investments (i.e., without knowing your competitor and prices for your product, you can overtake your cost, you will have little to buy, but Someone will buy (for one reason or another). However, because you did not pay attention to competitors, the cost of advertising relative to 1 sales came out high). But there are other cases. For example, the purpose of your advertising is a competitive war or playing a competitor’s field (pulling an audience) in this case, it would be logical to pay more attention to a competitor, revealing his weaknesses and strengths and place advertising where his positions are weak. Or having concentrated advertising not on the expectations of the Central Asia, but on the weaknesses of the competitor. Or even you can troll the competitor. I immediately recall the Kcell and Tele2 case in Kazakhstan: “Kcell recommends MTS” :-d

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