When greed wins caution, what can it turn out?

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  1. Here is a good illustration. In India, there has long been a very curious way to catch monkeys. A small hole is drilled in a large pumpkin. A little some kind of delicious (that monkeys love) are placed inside. And the pumpkin is left in a prominent place. Immediately after leaving the people, monkeys descend from above, examine the pumpkin, find a hole, launch a foot there. And there is a yummy. The monkey captures her fist and tries to pull out his foot. But the fist does not pass – the hole is too narrow. And to unclench the palm and release prey – the toad strangles. And even when people come, the monkey does not open the fist. Trying to run away, yes – but the pumpkin is heavy, you can’t run far. So her people catch. Well, a good example of what happens when greed wins caution – the brainchild of the late Sergey Mavrodi Mmm.

  2. Well, for example, a successful business where no one believed in the opportunity to even go to zero. The new work with the salary figuratively expressing himself in a month, as an old one year. Investments with dozens of percentage of profit in terms of stable currency. What can this turn into an adverse case, I think it knows well, a schoolboy of middle classes. I do not see much sense to write here.

  3. I.A. Krylov “… The beggar Fortune suddenly appeared to him:“ Listen, I wanted it for a long time; I found a bunch of chervontsev; substitute my bag; I will embroider it, but only with a persuasion: everything will be gold, what will come to the bag, but if from Sumy What will fall on the floor, it will become forty. Look, I wary you in advance: I am ordered to keep our conventionally, your hand, do not climb a lot to endure. ”I can’t hear the earth from joy with joy! He straightened his wallet, and with a generous hand he poured into him chervonets, the rain of Zlatasum is already heavy. “Is it enough?” – “No yet.” – “Don’t crack b.” – “Don’t be afraid.” “Look, you’ve become a crest.” “Still, it’s still a little: at least a handful”. “Hey, full! Look, Suma creeps already apart. ” -” Another pinch. “But then the wallet broke out, scattered the treasury and turned to dust, Fortune hidden: one sum in the eyes, and the poor poor remained.”

  4. Greed! Answering this question, I accordingly focus on my personal understanding of this circumstance. Answer: Definitely, with anything, which is harmful, even really harms the deliberately desired result, according to common sense in any process, the situation, in any field of human life. As they say: “I really wanted to, as much as possible and better, but it turned out, as always” – greed prevented or won. Everything has its own measure, even in caution so that greed does not win. This is only my personal opinion and possibly not only. I sincerely wish you health, love, happiness and all the best to you and everyone! Good luck and everyone!

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