What to write to a girl After “Hello, how are you?”

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  1. First of all, do not write “hello, how are you?”. In the modern world of social networks, you can observe her interests and first of all ask her a question that she (presumably) will be interesting to answer. For three years, working with children with autism, I came (studied) to the fact that a person seeks to do something only if he is interested (directly or indirectly). How much it would be interesting for you to answer the question of an unfamiliar or unfamiliar person “Hello, how are you?” ??? Most likely, you will not be very interested. And if a person asks you “Hello, I saw that you are doing (something), you can tell you how to do it (something)?” You will most likely answer such a question unfolded and in detail. You will continue to maintain your dialogue with interest. Here is communication) P.s. When I still studied at the institute and was a member of the Studsite I wrote one girl “Hello! You are understanding the leaflets (I was working on the printing in the printing), I really need your help .. I really need your help .. . “. And somehow everything spun, spun … Already like 8 years in marriage and two children)))

  2. Considering that the girls are mostly more emotional and sensitive than men, then my opinion is the best after the message “Hello, how are you?” Tell in a nutshell about the past day, week, month (depending on how much you have not seen each other). The fact is that usually men ask this question out of politeness, in order to start a conversation with something. Not familiar people begin the conversation, as a rule, with questions about the weather or the last world events. Familiar to each other people, most often, friends begin the conversation with this phrase. People in more close relations, to a greater extent, are already specifically asking about some events that interests them in your life. Therefore, my opinion is that this issue determines in what relations you are with a person, from the position of the one who sets it to you. There are exceptions, but most often, in my practice, I observed just such a tendency. Even very close friends, as a rule, ask a more specific question than this abstract question. But you can regard it from another side, the fact is that those people who know little about you can ask such a question. Or do not really strive to be interested in your life. I usually note this for myself and understand that we will not have much mutual interest in the future. But this is my experience and my vision of the situation.

  3. This is a very interesting and popular question. There may be several continuation of the dialogue: • Make a compliment. Tell me that she looks cool, she has beautiful eyes or silky hair, slender legs … show a fantasy. • Mark some of her dignity (having previously pierced the girl’s profile and calculating what she does and what is good). Surely there is some photo where you can see what she does in her free time. Make an emphasis on this. Girls love attentive guys. • Gently joke. No vulgarity or sarcasm. Just a sweet, kind joke. • Tell me that you liked it. Just write that they did not dare to take the first step for a long time and spent more than one hour in her profile, looking at the photo. The girl will be fascinated. • Ask her an opinion about something. Just choose a common, not a highly specialized topic so that she does not consider you arrogant wise guy. In general, I really advise you to come up with something more interesting. The most pleasant conversation is sincere. No need to invent in advance what to write to her and how to build a dialogue. Just write what you think (of course, without vulgarity). So the probability of getting an answer increases significantly.

  4. Hi, how are you? You dreamed today. In a dream, you called me on a date. I liked to walk with you. Let’s meet tomorrow ….. how many children do you want to have? Do you like my family? How can I win the respect of your parents? How will we form a family budget? What are your sexual fantasies? How do you feel like a light disorder? How will you spend 1.000 . 000 $ if you win a lottery? Do you consider yourself a shopping man? What are your views on religion? Can you violate the laws and (if so) under what circumstances? How do you relate to other political opinions? In general, if the relationship is tied up ” It is best to call. Communities, leave for the exchange of simple information. “When and where to meet.” For the rest, it is best to say!

  5. An interesting strategy, first write, then think …. In fact, these are not just words. This desire to recognize a person better. And in general, find out who he is this person. And how to recognize him if your own path of knowledge of yourself has not passed? How to find out another person if the principle and method is unknown. And in front of you there is an unreasonable equation. Everything is unknown there. X+x = x, but there is good news if you look into yourself and ask yourself: “What would it matter to me in a person? What are my values? How do I love me? What do I like? And what would I like? And what would I like? And what would I like? I wanted in life? And what is the goal I would like to achieve with someone? ” And it is important that all this be true. Then there will be long letters and many questions. And with someone, it will do incredibly interesting …

  6. Often our desire to please another person introduces us into a stupor, we do not understand how to start a conversation and how to continue it. You are far from alone in this. By the way, this question often takes up girls no less than men. Think about what you yourself would like to read from the girl after “Hello, how are you?” Perhaps it is worth talking about this? Or discuss her interests if you know them. I am sure that if you are pretty to the girl, she will be glad to support the conversation. And then the topics for conversation will be found by themselves.

  7. You can note what the person attracted you with. Make a quality compliment. Find out what a person is interested in and push off from this. You can tell about yourself and why it seems that your communication will be interesting for both of you. Show a sense of humor. The only condition, interest should be sincere. The next step is that interest should be mutual. Otherwise, do not get hung up, look for incredible and unique recipes for conquering online, but move on. No matter how original we are, physiological aspects also play a role and sometimes people are not suitable for each other due to external characteristics or, for example, smell. This is normal

  8. In general, for that matter, asking an unfamiliar girl “how are you?”, You reduce your chances of a successful acquaintance) as a polite person, she will answer you “good” or something like that, while in reality things can be as you wish. But this formality from the very beginning will give you a little from each other. Think about why you write to this particular girl, and why do you write. From this and come. If there is at least some information about her (for example, she is with a cat in the photo, or she has some beautiful landscape behind her), you can “grab” for this, ask a couple of questions about this to tie a dialogue.

  9. Artyom, hello! Pay attention to what people are told about and what people who are interested in are told to you. How do people communicate with whom you feel good. Sincerity and attention to the feelings of the girl increase the chances of reciprocity. Of course, it is better to move away from the template “How are you?”, Write that it is interesting to you. Develop the topic proposed by the girl. Success!

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