What to call the situation when what does not happen to happen?

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  1. I join all previous speakers. And I will add the following: to the situation when what does not happen to happen, life can be attributed. Why? Because “should” or “should not” – we say, people (by the way, here it is not possible to agree unanimously). And she decides, darling. And quite often it happens when-if logic-something good or bad, well, can not happen; And the predictability of the future, it would seem, is very high … But some kind of failure in the system still happens. That’s a funny parable on this topic. Having been with his wife at night with his wife, Khoja Nasreddin said:-If it rains tomorrow morning, I will go for firewood, and There will be no rain – I will plow. “Add: if God pleases,” the wife remarked. And Khoja said: “Well, what is there!” Either this way, or so, I won’t do it without work, I’ll do something. When in the morning he went out of town, he met Sipachi (warriors in the Ottoman Empire). “Hey, uncle,” they shouted to him, “come here!” How to get there? “I don’t know,” Khoja said carelessly. And the rude sipahs, not letting Hodge come to his senses, hit him several times. “Oh, you shouted,” they shouted, “march forward, lead us!” – And they drove him forward. Under the rain, in the mud, Khoja brought them to the city. And at midnight, beaten, tired, half -dead, went to his house and began to knock: – Who is there? “The wife asked.“ Open, wife, it’s me, if God wants it, ”Muttered Khoja.

  2. There are no such situations. If it does not happen that, it seems to us, it should not happen, it means that we simply do not understand the meaning of what is happening. Everything that is happening is the consequences of what happened. And, if you do not know causal relationships, this does not mean that they are not.

  3. There are no such situations. If it does not happen that, it seems to us, it should not happen, it means that we simply do not understand the meaning of what is happening. Everything that is happening is the consequences of what happened. And, if you do not know causal relationships, this does not mean that they are not.

  4. The question itself is incorrect, because obligation belongs to the sphere of ethical decisions, while what is happening is not an area of ​​ethical decisions, but autonomous order of events. Therefore, here we can talk about the cognitive situation of the contradiction between the existing and proper, but not about the situation of reality.

  5. The situation of this type can be considered as a manifestation of the inherent life of uncertainty and unpredictability. One of the possible explanations of this kind of situations is that we live in a world that the case and probability rule. In other words, even when the probability of a certain outcome seems high, there is always a chance that something else can happen. This may be associated with the complexity of the systems and processes that control the world, or with an accident inherent in some events. Another possible explanation is that we live in a world that the will of higher power rules, such as God. According to this point of view, events that seem unexpected or undeserved can be considered as a result of the will of God or as part of a larger divine plan. In the final analysis, the way we interpret and understand situations when something happens that should not have been happening It depends on our beliefs and values. Some people can consider them as opportunities for growth or training, while others can see obstacles or problems in them that must be overcome.

  6. Actually, in the world there are no such events and things that “should not” occur. Everything can happen and always – not the human mind controls the universe. No wonder Lao Zi said: never say. Therefore, there is always a normal course of life, simply not fully understood by a person. Another thing is that events and cases that people are “not expected” and “are not planned” can occur. Then this is the same force majeure that other respondents wrote about.

  7. And how do you manage to deduce to determine: what should happen and what not?
    That’s how much I live, it seems to me more and more that only what it should happen. That is, in general, if something happened as a failed fact, it means that it should have been like that.
    Of course, I somehow evaluate this: I like/do not like it, but I just never thought of evaluating already … Read more

  8. I think this is called the word “anomaly” – a deviation from the norm, from order. That is, the situation in which is what does not happen – an abnormal situation.
    Here is an example for you, the best answers to your question, do not answer your question at all, it should be an anomaly. However, if such anomalies become more common and more often they will become the norm and will be reluctantly … Read more

  9. It would be more correct to answer this question in this way – an absurdity of circumstances. Accidents and coincidences happen in our life much more often than patterns happen. All that is happening is the result of our works and actions committed throughout our lives. Sometimes even the smallest ridiculous word or action can play a cruel joke. You always need … Read more

  10. Well, if you need an answer, then such a confusion is called in human …. kazus .. but in fact .. in general .. if they noticed everything and everyone around them wants to control up to their life. People believe in it, it does not work .. but it does not work .. it is worth it because if you believe … This does not mean that it should be … I won’t give a complete answer just … think about it …

  11. The situation when what was not supposed to happen happens is usually called “accident” or “error”.
    This may relate to an unintentional event, for example, a car accident or flood, or an action that was not planned or was made by mistake, for example, an error in the test or error in judgment.
    In some cases the unfortunate … Read more

  12. In short, case, accident.
    In general, someone has complete confidence that this should not happen, and this should not?
    In life, of course, there is a causal relationship and a chain of events that, as a person suggests, as a result will occur or may occur. But this requires the coincidence of some conditions.
    As they say, man … Read more

  13. Actual reality! So how, or unfortunately, or fortunately? But people are extremely badly versed in the universe, as a result, both in its part-earthly validity. But the universe is immensely larger, and immensely wiser, reminds people with a sorting consciousness about themselves, as if to say: a smart and kind person .. wake up to wake up !!! After all, your person is personally … Read more

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