What should the email address should look like?

Give examples, please.

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  1. Responsiblesmikhail Slipchenko -ades of email is RFC 5322 recording (format messages on the Internet). The main parts of the email address: the left part is the login. This is a text displaying the user’s name;@ – a dividing symbol that displays the belonging of the left side to the right; the right side is the domain name. It shows the location of the mailbox. We will have an example from the Magoras website-info@magora-systems.ru: info-mail login that belongs to the magora-systems.ru domain is built, and its general view is nn@nn.com.

  2. This is how the address of ordinary email looks: it is easy to get such mail by registering Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc. Services. People use ordinary mail for personal correspondence or registration on sites. There is also corporate mail. It looks like this: as a rule, such mail is used by companies to communicate with customers. In corporate mail after the symbol “@” the domain is indicated. For example, I am a blogger and also communicate with clients, my mail looks like this: info@inclient.ru corporate mail is more difficult to get more than usual. You need to buy a domain, register in Yandex 360 or VK Workmail and confirm that the domain belongs to you. You can’t tell in one sentence, so read a detailed guide on my blog how to register corporate mail for free.

  3. If you want to create a memorable email address and do not want to use your name and surname – you just need to sort through all possible options for a combination of letters and numbers. Naturally, the Olympiad80, Petrovka38, Tehran43, 10 Negro, 9 friends, etc. – have long been occupied . 🙂 But I just registered the mailboxes with the nickname – Termometr36.6 – in my opinion – not bad on Mile and Yandex. 🙂 On Gmeile – he was busy – I had to “raise” to Termometr37.2. 🙂

  4. For example, so: anonim@ya.ru. To the sign of the dog @ – a login, name, name is written, how you choose yourself, as you want, so that your mail address in this first part looks like. And after @-an address that does not depend on you, but depends on the mail service on which you do, register mail. Of course, instead of Anonim, you choose your username. But you can choose the right you need only if no one has chosen the same on this postal service. If you want, you write the human name to where the login is, or the name of the company that you control, or your dog’s name, or just a set of incoherent characters, is all at your discretion, depending on your goals.

  5. Responded to S. Valid (correct) e-mail addresses looks something like this: your-name8@domain.com: your-name8-a set of English letters, numbers, points, dashes or emphasis without spaces. You ask this part when creating an e -mail.@ – a dog. Mandatory presence in a single form. Domain.com – Postal service domain. It doesn’t change. It is important to know if you indicate mail on some service. If you only create it, then be guided by the first rule, the rest will be pulled automatically.

  6. To date, choosing a beautiful or desired electronic box on free mail services is quite difficult – everything is busy for a long time! There is an excellent alternative option – corporate mail. For this, you need to: select and register a domain (you can for the company, or for the family – family); configure the domain for the work of mail via yandex.ru or mail.ru; create mailboxes and start using beautiful and reliable email. Ingus : info@companiya.ru, victor@pavlov.ru is beautiful, right? Yes, if you do not understand how to do it yourself, you can contact us by mail info@market-telecom.kz (marked “for Igor”) and we will help you figure it out.

  7. Email address is a record installed in the RFC 5322 format (Internet messages format). The address includes two parts: the left – the name of the mailbox (user login) and the right – the domain name of the server on which the mailbox is located. The left and right parts are divided by a special sign @ – commercial AT (translated into Russian “to” – indicating location): for example, mail xxx@mail.x, you need to read as xxx (someone) at (on) mail.x (domain mail .x).

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