What methods of promoting an online store exist?

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  1. The complex promotion of the online store requires the maximum of channels for attracting potential buyers. They differ in recoil speed and the maximum number of traffic that are able to bring to the site. So that already in the first months of the site you can receive first sales, the traffic channels are best in the following sequence: attracting customers in price agents; contextual advertising (PPC); search optimization (SEO); social media marketing (SMM); promotion; promotion account on social networks; targeted advertising in social networks; mass mailing – Wapico .ru

  2. I propose to consider popular and effective ways to promote an online store. 1. SMM (social networks): groups on social networks, purchase of posts in public targeted advertising. 2. SEO promotion (Yanks and Google) Expansion of the semantic nucleus. We increase the number of landing pages. For example, we create indexed pages of filters for requests “Spring Dress”, “Summer Dress”, etc. Thus, we collect a larger number of potential buyers. We process not only sections of the site (for example, “Sumsung TVs”), but also the cards of goods, for which the latter will have to work quite seriously. And the result will be the traffic of “hot” customers who are looking for the same product or model (for example, “Samsung UE32N5300AU”) The next stage is the creation of a section with useful information articles (for pages promoted on information requests “How, when, why, why” , for example, “how to choose a good iron”). 3. Advertising in search engines: Google Directgoogle Adwords4. Maps: Google Card (Google Handbook) Google Maps (Google Business) 2gis5. Mobile applications6. Email marketing. Many people underestimate it or believe that it is no longer working. It works, just, as elsewhere, you need not to distribute spam, but to make high -quality and useful mailings for your audience. 7. Google Marketdl adding a site must fulfill a number of requirements. As a result, the brand of your Internet Mabble will be broadcast to the multimillion-dollar audience of the service. 8. A partnership program for promoting regular customers discounts and bonuses for attracting new customers. Premers can be spied on large Ekomers-projects9. Mutual PRASISS FROM YOUR product. For example, sellers of coffee machines conclude agreements for installation from products in sports halls. As a result, the customers of the sports hall use coffee machine and find out where it can be purchased. 10. Crowd-marketinggrassing of information about the product and brand on forums, comments on sites, services “question-answer”, etc. 11. Trading portals of ads. Making ads for the sale of goods from the Internet store. Sit with discounts or domes12. Press release of articles on local and not only portals, media sites in order to popularize the brand and receive traffic to the website of the online store. 13. Advertising products, boxes, boxes and Inna handout with stores of shopping at a settlement recommended: the above methods can solve one task with different budgets – to increase the amount of traffic to your site. But at the same time, you should not forget that the final result is sales (applications and orders ). Therefore, before or simultaneously with an increase in traffic, take measures to reduce:% of the failures on your site (to help Google metric); the number of unpaid “baskets”.

  3. One of the trends in 2019 of Internet marketing is noted by omnichanality. This means that companies from the development of a heap of individual marketing channels will go to the system. That is, one of the communication system of spots, online resources, mobile applications. Everything will work in conjunction for the “capture” of the client. Passing the online store is worth it in all possible ways. In the future, some will show themselves ineffective and you will refuse them, some on the contrary will be the best and you will make more emphasis on them. I recommend hiring or studying all the directions yourself. Such as SEO promotion, SMM promotion, promotion of interactive videos, chat bots, targeted advertising, advertising in Google. Direct and Google Adwords, promotion on voice and visual search, make a slope for personalization.

  4. Consider 7 main: 1. SEO – Search advance improves the position of the main site in the search results – a place in the top Google or Google is guaranteed to give you visitors and, as a result, customers. This includes internal and external optimization, work with the structure of the store, its filling, etc. The main drawback is a long time. You will see the results from the well-made SEO-optimization in a few months. 2. Advertising in Internet can be several options (we consider outside other sites-for example, social networks): contextual. Medical. Contracting advertising (in search) brings fruits the next day, this is one of the most effective ways to promote online stores. You will have a high coverage, an accurate hit in a target audience, the possibility of adjusting bets, etc. True, such an advertisement is expensive. As an alternative, you can use cheaper media advertising. Here, too, you can get to the target audience, but it is better to work out creatives. Finally, for some online stores, it is advisable to use specific teaser advertising. It is separately possible to distinguish mobile advertising (for example, in various applications), push notifications, etc. 3. The SMM Internet store can be promoted on social networks, but in this case you will need an account-you will unwind it. There are also several options. Firstly, this is an advertisement: targeted-you set up a display of advertisements for a potentially interested audience; advertising from bloggers-you order native advertising or integration from opinions of opinions; mutual advertising at the accounts of close topics. the capabilities of social networks (hashtags, geometes, etc.); social activity-commenting, sending messages, massfolloving, mass-halking, mass-media, etc. Of course, you must do without content marketing-you must competently conduct your account on social networks so that the audience trusts you . Otherwise, you can’t see visitors to the site of your store and, accordingly, buyers. 4. Crowd-marketing “unobtrusive advertising.” On various forums and blogs you (or other performer) can post recommendations about your online store. To simplify the work, it is better to use services. Thanks to crowd marketing, you will receive not only visitors from the search, but also buyers. 5. Email is alienated to send messages through the purchased bases (low efficiency, the risk of getting into spam) or own. The second option is more difficult to implement, but the return is higher. Do not send spam, send an e-mail to subscribers with unique offers, promotions, notifications of discounts, etc. 6. Partnership programs for your site are attracted by a partner (usually a webmaster) – he does this through contextual, media advertising, his site, social networks and other sources. You can put as a goal or a simple visit to the site, or buying a product. In the latter case, a webmaster can receive a fixed amount or percentage of sale as a reward. 7. Unit, marketplaces and thematic platforms can be placed on Google Market, Ozon, AliExpress, various ads of ads and so on. Of course, you can find other methods (for example, placement on maps, etc.). But the most important thing is to competently combine them. It is recommended to pay the greatest attention to SEO, advertising (contextual) and SMM. Also consider your niche.

  5. There are many ways to promote an online store. When introducing the correct marketing strategy, each of them can bring excellent results. First of all, pay attention to the following methods: SEO process. It contributes to the growth of your site in the search results, its authority, as well as an increase in referral traffic (transitions on external links to your site). I advise you to read about internal and external optimization. Email marketing. Each online store from time to time launches shares to stimulate sales. Email newsletter wins significantly in comparison with other types of advertising, because the information will immediately fall into this client interested in this client. This is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and subscribers.sm and targeted advertising. Promotion of the online store in social networks. Contact / banner advertising. As a rule, here we are talking about showing your advertisement through Google Adwords and Google Direct. From personal experience, I can say that this type of advertising is not characterized by a large number of targeted transitions to the site, but perfectly helps to increase the recognition of your brand on the network. Crowd-marketing. Placing links on forums, blogs, articles on sites. As a rule, it is part of the SEO strategy, but can also be considered as a separate type of promotion. It contributes to the crossings to your site by links from other sites. Remember that modern buyers want companies to communicate with them on their conditions: where and when they want it, while not boring all the rest of the time. This can be achieved by introducing omnicanity – i.e. Building communication with the target audience using different channels: emails, browser and mobile push notifications, text messages and instant messengers, etc.

  6. To promote the online store, first of all, use the two most important tools: SEO. Reclam.seo is designed to increase the site’s positions in Google, Google, etc. .. Thanks to this, you can get organic traffic. Those. Visitors who have found your site according to the results of their requests. SEO-optimization is carried out in the long term. This will not give a quick result. The advertising can be of different formats – for example, contextual (banners are shown on the basis of search queries), media (banners are placed on thematic resources), teaser (banners that cause intrigue), etc. Unlike SEO, advertising gives a quick result. But to maintain it requires constant expenses. You can optimize them by choosing the most effective channels. For this, collets are used. You can also place your goods on social networks (there are your own promotion methods – SMM, targeted advertising), on marketplaces, etc.

  7. The main methods of promotion, if the online store is at the initial stage of development, is: contextual advertising for low-frequency requests (buy/order the name of the product); Advertising in Rus and CCM Google; internal optimization, transmission to other goods, categories; accommodation on Google Market; promotion on the boards of ads; Promotion on social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, VK, Facebook) – including accounting, targeted advertising and retargeting; Placing a store in aggregators, catalogs. An important role is played by reputation marketing: even if customers find out about your online store and want to order, first of all they will go to watch reviews. Of course, it is optimal if the reviews are left by your satisfied customers who ordered your goods. But at first it is extremely difficult to get such reviews: people either will not leave them, because no one leaves them, or they will not buy from you due to the lack of reviews. Propide only high-quality reviews and only trusted, reliable, proven services . A good option is IPWEB: the tool will help collect the comments and reviews of the “living” people, and it can also be used in promoting groups of the online store in social networks and the site itself.

  8. There are specialized trading floors through which you can promote your online store. For example: Google market. One of the largest trading floors. From you, as a seller, you need to be a legal entity, trade only retail goods and permitted legislation. Avito. Suitable for those who are actively promoting themselves. Avito offers at least 10 ads, and also places detailed information about the store and goods at a paid tariff. Promote your online store through social networks. Create a profile on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook groups, as well as classmates, Twitter and YouTube. For example, the Nethouse platform has a special Nethouse service. Protection. There you can order not only SEO, but also try other ways: contextual advertising and social networks.

  9. To promote the online store, you can choose several channels, both paid and free. The most popular ways to promote an online store are social networks, contextual advertising, SEO-processing, email marketing and messengers. Conditionally free promotion methods can be distinguished: platforms for conducting blogs, guest post, experts platforms, specialized forums. Social networks. Social networks. -This can be targeted advertising, posting posts in thematic groups, communities, creating measures that your store holds (for example, the start of spring sales, a discount on a certain brand of goods, a draw of gifts among regular customers) .SEO optimization of the online store includes in A number of actions aimed at improving the visibility of the site in search engines: Google, Google and others. Search systems evaluate the relevance of the site in hundreds of factors, among which it can be not only the relevance and quality of content and the words, but also spelling, personalization, recommendations of other users and so on. Accordingly, the cards and the description of your goods should be filled out as much as possible. If you have a blog section or just interesting articles, it also needs to be filled with useful information, given the key requests for your segment. Contextual advertising is the fastest, but at the same time in the most costly way to attract customers to your site. Advertising ads and banners can be placed in search engines, on sites or on social networks. Email marketing helps to bring a rather large share of traffic to the site, provided that you establish relations with your subscribers. Trigger letters and newsletters with shares and reducing prices for goods in the chosen are the most effective ways to attract and return the buyer to the online store. One of the advantages of email marketing is automation. You can once set up a chain of letters and then it will work without your participation. Now messengers are very popular, with their help you can report discounts and promotions in your store in a concise form, attracting additional traffic to the site.

  10. After correcting all the technical and usability of errors, after the introduction of all significant commercial factors, after the complete optimization of all available pages, the only way to promote and develop your online store is the expansion of the existing structure. This is done to implement new groups of requests that do not have landing pages in the current structure … Read more

  11. I advise email marketing. To start, you need to install the subscription form on the site and collect the base of email addresses (this is the main difference between email marketing from spam-spammers buy a base, marketers build communication with those interested in this customers). Choose the newsletter service depending on the goals and the type of business. For small projects are suitable … Read more

  12. An online store can be promoted in different ways. At the start, quick and inexpensive promotion methods are suitable: contextual advertising, work in social networks and SEO-optimization. You will attract customers, increase sales and can invest in more expensive and long -playing options. There are a lot of tools, and without a general picture, it is easy to get confused in them.
    We have prepared a convenient intended … Read more

  13. There is only one way to promote in essence – make the site useful and convenient for the user, and optimize it in accordance with the requirements of search engines.
    But the promotion strategies can be different.
    1. You can go from commodity requests, for example, “LG OLED55B8SLB”, optimize the cards of goods, and place characteristics. Thus, collect the low -by … Read more

  14. As it was 20 years ago, it still remained … The best way to promote, these are highly operated forums on your subject, where we begin to constantly communicate, answer questions and talk about ourselves. We get a free super convertible traffic, an influx of new customers, reviews from satisfied customers. Direct, social networks and so on, this is already as an auxiliary crutch.

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