What is your favorite application not from the list of social networks?

Tell us about your top 5 applications that help you in life – shopping, rest, entertainment

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  1. Notepad. Yes, it did not seem) standard, narrow -functional, uninteresting notebook. As you get used to this application – your life will not be the same. Dozens of different ideas come to our minds throughout the day. Now you will not lose them. It is possible, personally, it is useful to me as a freelancer – it’s easier to streamline tasks, set priorities, write down the ideas for that one project. I constantly think about work, so many ideas come even on the way to the store, during the “party”, so on. To give time, to realize all these ideas ..

  2. My top 3 applications are this: Mylead is the most commonly opened application, because it helps to earn on the Internet. Mylead is essentially a comprehensive platform for earning in the field of marketing, digital and all that is connected with this. And in the application, a really large tool for work is available and most importantly for me – access to detailed statistics. I can leave for other matters, and control the situation from the phone, but if necessary, make changes. Cool thing! 2GIS – these are cards. I always use it when I need to find some place, especially establishments, restaurants. In general, where to go where I am looking for when I find myself in an uncommunicative area. Spotify – what can I say, conveniently, no longer worth finding good music, since the spool regularly throws what you need.

  3. The restr Plotnikov is responsible for the best application, in addition to the Google browsers and messengers, the lens-integrated into the Google ecosystem-knows how to copy handwritten text on the fly directly into the desktop computer-searches for incomprehensible terms, any translations of foreign languages ​​with images, helps to determine QR codes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes and barcodes Abbreviations and just trading articles. If you read some complex book and find a dirty term there, it is not necessary to reprint it on a smartphone keyboard for searching. Highlight the word and draw a finger from the bottom up, and you will open the result on it in Google. If your smartphone is on android, then there is no need to make addresses and phones from business cards to contacts manually. Put a camera with the “Google lens” on the business card, and the application will offer to save the data on the notebook automatically. You can quickly call the phone number from the photo, you don’t need to dial it manually. The search for artificial intelligence can be recognized as objects. For example, it can be food, document, sunset, mountains, building and so on. You can quickly find the desired frame among thousands of other photos, indicating in the search what is captured on it.

  4. 1. Reader + MyBook library.
    2. For meditation: Serenity.
    3. For yoga and meditation: Down Dog.
    4. For walking through unfamiliar places, shopping and travel: 2GIS.
    5. If 2gis did not help, then Google Maps.

    For entertainment, I would have enough readers, it was hard to get the top 5, but just 5 🙂 Read more

  5. I checked the general screen time, learned something new about myself) Without social networks my top:
    1. Banks
    2. Ordering food and products (scooter, hello!)
    3. Appendix for smart weights
    4. Aviations
    5. Marketplaces
    Judging by the analytics at the end of the year I eat a lot, but I want to lose weight, spend money (oh these New Year’s gifts) and I want to fly somewhere 🙂 Read more

  6. 1. Banking application
    2. Zen-Mani-an application for personal finances. Expenses, income, debts, transfers – all this can be controlled using this application.
    3. Google Chrome browser
    4. Applications for creating beautiful notes – samsung notes. Available only for owners of smartphones from Samsung.
    5. Az Screen Recorder – Applications for recording … Read more

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