What is wealth? Will the billionaire give all billions for a sip of water?

Imagine this situation: the billionaire was in the desert … Heat, the sun is falling, not a single person around … He walked for a long time in search of water … He has a strong thirst … He loses strength … He falls on hot sand … And suddenly a person appears in front of him and says: he says: “If you give me all the wealth, all property, all billions … I will give you a sip of water” Will he agree to this deal?

What do you think?

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  1. Inspired: a memory from childhood. N.N. Nosov, “Dunno on the Moon.” The Comfort Skuperfield, meanwhile, lost all hope for liberation. At that moment, when Crabs tied him to the tree, he was so taken aback that he could not find the right explanation for the incident. Everything that happened to him seemed to him unheard of insolence. Until then, no one had ever tied him to the trees, in such a unceremonious way. The rag, which the insidious crabs shut his mouth to him unbearably stinked with gasoline. From this stench, Skuperfield was mutated in his head. The poor fellow felt that he was about to faint, and probably would have crashed if he had not been reliably attached to the tree. In the end, he nevertheless lost consciousness, and when he came to his senses, he began to twitch his whole body, trying to break the wagons. All these efforts led only to the fact that the ropes that he was connected, even deeply dug into his body, which caused unbearable pain. Having been in full force and making sure that attempts to free themselves did not lead, the scumerfield froze in place. From the immobility of his arms and legs and even his body, he had become dead, they did not become his own, that is, Skupperfield did not feel that he had them. His whole body seemed to disappear, and with him a feeling of pain disappeared. A that, affectionate breeze flew in gusts and moved leaves on the trees. It seemed to Skuperfield that the trees affably waved his hundreds of their tiny green pens and whispering something slowly in their forest language. In the grass, pink and pale blue flowers were full. Skuperfield did not know what they were called, but he was extremely pleased to look at them. At the top in the branches of the trees, small red -chested birds fluttered, filling the air with a cheerful tweet. Some of them flew into the grass, pecked something there, and then again soared up. Skuperfield has never seen forests nearby, and looking at them gave him the greatest pleasure. Apparently that the scumerfield was motionless, some of the birds stopped being afraid and flew under his nose. And one pichuzhka even sat on his shoulder. She must have accepted Skuperfild for a completely inanimate object, like a charred stump. Sitting on her shoulder, she glanced around, tilting her head to one side, then at the other, and then fluttered and flew away, hitting Skopperfield on the cheek out of the edge of the wing. This led Skuperfield into tenderness. Feeling the tender touch of this sweet creature, Skuperfield was sympathetic and even cried. “How beautiful the world is and how good life is! He thought. “Why didn’t I notice this before?” Why never went to the forest and saw all this beauty? I swear, if I stay alive, if I break out of here, I will definitely go to the forest every day, I will look at the trees, I will look at the flowers, I will listen to the gentle babble of the leaflets, and the joyful chirping of birds, and the cheerful chopping of blacksmiths and I will look at the butterflies, and I will look at the butterfly, and For dragonflies, and on cute, hardworking goosebumps, and on geese, and on ducks, and on turkeys, and on everything, on everything that is only in the world. I will never get tired of it! ”Having cried, the scooperfield calmed down somewhat. His mood improved, and he said to himself: “We will not, however, lose hope.” Someone will eventually come and liberate me. And he began to dream of how he would reward his deliverer. “I will not regret anything,” he said mentally. “I will give him five featings, here … Yes … I will fail in this very place if I do not give five featings … although, if you tell you the truth, five fellations are a lot for this.” I will give him better three fertings or one. Perhaps one thing will be enough. He was awkwardly stirred, and the rope crashed into his side with such force that he almost howled in pain. “No, no, I’d better give five fetting,” he said. – For such a thing, you do not need to regret it. I will have to save on something else. It was going on time, but no one was to help out Skuperfield from trouble. Therefore, he said: – Damn with him, I will give ten featings. If only someone came. And then it’s so you can stop here. It took half an hour, and he raised the price for his salvation to twenty featings, then up to thirty, to forty, to fifty. In an hour, he inflated the price of up to a hundred fellations and stopped on this. – Fool! – He scolded his future deliverers. -They go somewhere, losing their mouths, and not a single baldbes can come here to get a hundred fatings. As if a hundred featings are lying on the road! Yes, tell me that somewhere you can get a hundred feuts for nothing, I seem to be running to the ends of the world. And even further! Honestly, I fell through in place! For some time he listened to his breath, but not a single extraneous sound reached him, not a single branch cracked under the delivere’s foot. – fools, donkeys, idiots! – Skuperfield lost himself. – A sort of negligence! I wanted to give one hundred fetting, and now they will receive a figure from me! They may not appear! .. So it always happens! They themselves do not want to move their finger in order to earn money, and then they say that the rich are to blame! They fell through all in place! The decision not to pay money returned the Skupperfield a good mood, but for a short while, since he felt at that very moment that he wanted to eat. From nothing to do, he began to think about what he would eat for lunch if he suddenly found himself in the dining room. The imagination painted the most delicious dishes for him, and after five minutes his appetite was so steamed that he was ready to pay a thousand felts for his release. “I give a thousand featings! He screamed mentally. – I give two thousand! Three! .. Few? .. I give ten thousand to fail in place! ”Gradually, a feeling of hunger, however, dulled. Skuperfield has already begun to regret that he had raised the price so highly, but then he began to torment his thirst. “I give it one hundred thousand,” said Skuperfield and was even surprised at his own generosity. He was thinking about whether to raise the price to a million, then he said: “No, It’s better to die than pay such money! Just at that time, a wild bug fell off him from a tree and greatly bit his neck. “Ah!” Ah! – screamed Skuperfield. – I give a million! I give it! .. A bug, however, I did not pay attention to these promises and bit Skopperfield secondly. – I give two million! – shouted Skuperfille. Clop bit him for the third time. “Oh, you, little animal Damn!” – Mentally swore Skuperfield. – Do you have a few two million? Three ladies to fail on the spot! ”Then he felt that the bug actually failed to his scruff and began to bite the pool. Feeling, unable to deal with an insignificant insect, Skuperfield came into rabies. – Wait a minute, let me get rid of only! He threatened. – I give five million for liberation! I give all the condition! I do not need any money, they fell through immediately on the spot! And now, as if in response to his pleas, someone’s steps were heard in the forest. Skuperfield raised his head and saw three shorties in the distance. One of them seemed to him like Crabs. However, Skuperfield did not have time to properly see him, because the shorty immediately disappeared behind the tree. Two others, meanwhile, approached Skupperfield. The reader, of course, had already guessed that these two were a moment and Julio. Having settled down a stone’s throw from Skupperfield, Mig and Julio carefully looked at him, after which Miga asked: “Mr. Skuperfield, if I am not mistaken?”-umm! Mm! – Caused the Skuperfield and nodded his head. – In the city it became known that you fell into the hands of the robbers who demand a large ransom for your liberation. We came to save you, ”said Miga.“ Mmm! ” Mm! “Skopperfille was silent again. “Otherwise, we will not achieve anything from him.“ A reasonable remark, ”Miga agreed. Having come to Skupperfield closely, he unleashed a scarf that pulled his mouth.” Skuperfield pushed a rag with his tongue and, having a shedding, said: “Fa-Фi-Фake!” Efa Feafka, Fyafka Froflafay! Kha! .. Ugh! Fyafka Froflafay! Biafka Broflafay!-Let them kill me if I understand something! – exclaimed Miga. “He must have said:“ A damned rag, ”Julio guessed. I think that the conversation is about a rag that was in his mouth. – Fa! F! – Caused his head, Skuperfield nodded his head. – Fjafka, Buafka Froflat! Biafka broof! F! Ugh! – Well, good, – Miga began to reassure it. – It’s nothing. This is natural in your position. Try, however, pull yourself together. Stop a little. I think, when your tongue will be open, you can speak correctly. The scope of began to pronounce different words for practice. Soon his tongue was actually multiplied, only the letter “P” did not succeed. Instead, he pronounced the letter “F”. “Well, this is not such a big trouble,” said Mig. “I think we can continue our negotiations.” You, as a business short, must understand that we have no point in helping you out of trouble for free. That’s right? – Vephno, Vephno! – picked up SKUPERFILD. “How much do you have to get to me?“ Three million, ”Miga answered.“ What? ” Cried Skupperfield. – TPI million what? – Well, not three million old galoshes, of course, but three million fatings. – Again, TFI of a million fefting? This is a sphabs, I got in this place! – Shouted Skopperfille. – Be ashamed, Mr. Skuperfield! What is this robbery? We do not attach to you with a knife to your throat. We have a common business conversation with you. As they say: we are to us. We are honest entrepreneurs, not some robbers.-Yes, not the phasing! – grumbled Skuperfield. – Maybe you are the real phasing. How do I know! – ashamed, ashamed, Mr. Skuperfield. Why are you insulting us! We could also say that you are a robber. Honest shorties are not tied in the forest. “Well, okay,” grumbled Skupperfield. – All the Fameny TPI million is too much kfupal amount. – How much do you want to pay to us? – asked Zhulio. – How much? .. Well, I could give you five … No, I can give TFi Fefing. – What? Cried Julio. – Three fertings? Who do you take us for? We are not poor and do not need your handouts. You, apparently, do not want to be saved. Well, we are not going to free anyone by forcibly. – How I do not want that? – objected Skuperfield. – I, pier, have no fadom here. This is the chickens to laugh. – Well, let it be five fhefings. Five fefings are also hofoshius money, Urefty you. – Let’s get out of here! – said Mig with anger. “He, apparently, does not want him to be saved. Miga and Zhulio resolutely walked away.“ Hey, ”Shouted Skuperfield. – Why are you going so? Want ten fefting? Hey! Stand! Twenty give it! .. Do not want, well, and the jester with you, you trained in place! Somebody will save me cheaper! Seeing that Mig and Julio disappeared from sight, Skuperfield had stolen and regretted that he did not agree to the terms of the extortionists, but then steps were heard again. Seeing that his “saviors” were going back, the scarper was delighted. “Well, now everything is in order! He thought. – Once they return, it means that they decided to take twenty featings. Damn with two I will now give twenty. Enough of them and fifteen. “It is to say that it was more pleased with the Skuperfield. Whether that in the end he will receive freedom, or to the fact that he will save five felting. It was surprised, however, that Mig and Julio were in no hurry to free him. Approaching the tree, they began to wander around and look for something in the grass.-What are you looking for there? “Skuperfille was worried.“ A rag, ”answered Miga. “We must leave you here in the same form as we found.” Someone, you see, worked, plugged your mouth with a rag, and we came, threw a rag. Is it honest in your way? An alien work must be respected, my dear! Or would you like us to commit a dishonest act? Then Zhulio found a rag and began to put it back in the mouth of Skuperfield.-Ah! Shouted Skuperfield. – Do not need Fafki! Ugh! Fafki, Fyafki, Byafki do not need! Af! AF! – Give me three million? – Julio asked menacingly. Skuperfield nodded his head. Julio pulled a rag from him from his mouth. Skuperfield began to carefully swim. A shedding, he said: – Unfortunately, I have no money with me. – Nothing. Give a check. – I don’t have a check book with me. – Doctors! – answered Mig. – No capitalist leaves the house without a check book. – Okay, untie me. Miga and Zhulio instantly untied the rope. For some time, Skuperfield continued to stand at the trunk, as if he had grown to him, after which he collapsed like a pillar on the ground. – What is the matter with you? “Miga rushed to him.“ I don’t know, ”muttered Skupperfield. – Legs do not work. And hands too. “Probably, it was numb with immobility,” Migu said the assumption. Thinking, thinking, Julio began to bend and unbend his hands, as they usually do during artificial respiration, and the moment raised his legs at that time. A few minutes later, Skuperfield felt that the ability to control his limbs returned to him, and he said: “Let me, I myself. Having risen with a groan, he made several inclinations and squats, after which he put a cylinder lying on the ground, picked up a cane lying nearby With a bone knob and inflicted a strong blow to Zhulio’s head. Not expecting an attack, Zhulio fell like a subcutaneous. Seeing that Skupperfield ran away, Mig rushed to catch up with him, but then fell off, stumbled against the root sticking out from under the ground. Rising, he became convinced that Skuperfield hid in the distance behind the trees.

  2. I would agree. In my understanding, the “real billionaire” will do another billions without any problems … However, it is worth considering that I am not like that. And yes, the example of Elena Zakablutskaya (given to her) is very indicative. A billionaire can get out. And in reality they are usually even more cunning 🙂

  3. I would agree. In my understanding, the “real billionaire” will do another billions without any problems … However, it is worth considering that I am not like that. And yes, the example of Elena Zakablutskaya (given to her) is very indicative. A billionaire can get out. And in reality they are usually even more cunning 🙂

  4. You can just measure a person with his own standards – the standards of his sensations. What is it to him, such is his measure.
    This is if we are not in jurisprudence. And here I am in philosophy, what a mark is on the question.
    I can measure anyone what I like, but it will be mine about me. Looking at someone else’s is just to talk about your own. Whether not only billions, but also thousands are to envy the methful wealth and persuade how vain is my own suffering of my failure, which I reward myself.

  5. There is no disagree. One sip, in this case, does not solve anything. In general, the question is mixed. How will he give the money if his pockets are empty? After all, billions are not a cash or a card but assets. In general, rich people are smart, strong-willed. It is most likely that it will simply not fall into this position or find a way out.

  6. Do not hesitate _ Profitably those who discuss billionaires are not billionaires themselves, and they don’t have billionaires in their surroundings))) that is – all theoretically, speculatively, ideas are taken from somewhere …)) I am also the same – my ideas are also theoretical, also theoretical, also theoretical, also theoretical, also theoretical ones, From different sources)) So – I can be mistaken))) But you ask)) Therefore, I will say that in my opinion, many “ordinary” people do not even imagine what billionaires are capable of – precisely because they themselves are not capable of this ))) By the way, I like films on this topic – these are usually light melodramas, but this topic sounds there, if you listen … So “what is wealth”? ..)) I will immediately note that wealth is different – not only in size but also by the source of occurrence, as well as rich people are different … It is not necessary – billionaires, for an ordinary person – millionaires are the same))) But I would like to say about those who achieved this (not inheritance) in this matter. So … These people, in my opinion, understood something … that the “ordinary” person has not yet opened Therefore, the actions of such a person may seem … strange, or something. Well, such a primitive example: once I read an interview with one of our oligarchs for a long time – he talked about his business, as what was created … and said that he once realized that he did not have enough special knowledge – and he went abroad to study … and received an education in a prestigious educational institution, paying a certain amount (named) – considerable, by the way. I thought that many are afraid of the extra three kopecks to spend for themselves to learn something new, to learn something new … Another example, albeit a movie …))) a well-known series))) Here: when a businessman’s wife was kidnapped and demanded from him To give his business … well, he was not a billionaire, but created his own business, everything was established and successfully – therefore, they put his eyes on his business … So, they put a new contract in front of him – and he, without blinking his eye, signed, t. e. I gave all my business – to save my beloved woman … Cinema, yes))) Such people know the real value of money, business, things, friendship, love … And they know the price of themselves, by the way))) Many more than once “fell”, went broke – went broke – And they know that they will be able to rise again – there is experience, and others. The more financially a person is secured, the more accurately he understands and feels the world, the values ​​of this world … the less attached to money, the better and more precisely understands the significance and role of finance in life … And it is easier for him to give a lot for what is important and valuable to him, because he considers it more value … By the way, he will give all over the sip of water – not even for himself … P. S. I want to supplement))) Here, here, here in answers, thoughts that a billionaire may not have given “all”, but can get out that they are even more cunning … I would say that – a billionaire is capable of non -standard decisions)) Therefore, it may not be able to give it down and not give That’s it – but is it bad? ..)) Everyone would like to be able to find such non -standard decisions of their own Problems … Isn’t it? ..

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