What is the “crinage”?

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  1. This word refers to Englishisms – words borrowed from the English language. “Crown” comes from English Cringe and means “boxing”, “twitching.” The word is jargonism and is used mainly by youth living on social networks. It is used when they want to say something frankly bad or when they feel ashamed for actions/content of another, for example: “I catch a wild cring from the film trailers”, “these are these The characteristic roles of the show cause me a slight cring, “” That’s around the middle of the video I began to experience a crinage to the maximum. ” Phrases are taken from the forums on the vast Network. And here is an example where the use of the word “krinzh” would be just appropriate:

  2. Crown – on the youth slang “Spanish shame”. Spanish shame is the shame that I feel for the actions of another person, a sense of strong awkwardness for actions committed by other people. The reasons why we are shallow for another can be several: we take responsibility for the actions of others, we identify ourselves with another (we consider ourselves part of the same group to which the person belongs to whom it is a shame), the fear of rejection, we prohibit ourselves, so, so we prohibit ourselves, so that we even forbid to look at what is happening. There is pleasure for shame.

  3. The Marina Egorovakrinzh answers is something vile and nasty, causing a shudder of disgust. The English word “cringe” is translated precisely as “shudder from disgust.” It also happened on modern Internet, which instead of “fu, what a muck!” In the comments on the nasty video clip or a vile song, they more often began to write “Full Crown!”, And from this stupid borrowing, every cultural person is simply obliged to shudder with disgust.

  4. The updated concept of “shame”, however, taking into account the influence of mass culture and globalization. For example, if your friend slipped on the banana, this is shame, and if the entire YouTube trend is clogged with such videos and this is now fashionable prank, then this, sorry, is already a cring.

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