What is the catch of cashback services?

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  1. The Cashback option performs several useful functions at once not only for card users, but also banks) for example: 1. Attracting new customers for the bank and increasing their loyaltykekBacks allow banks to find new customers and “select” users from other banks. The bonus program increases loyalty among existing customers, stimulating the development of repeated sales. 2. Cashback provokes to spend the bank bolshevki that expect money from purchasing money, fall into a certain psychological trap that makes them spend more .3. Banks receive a profitable percentage of the partner payment systems that released a plastic card, receives a percentage of the organization that conducts financial operations during Calculation of these cards. 4. They stimulate the non -cash calculation in the customer task of including the cashback option in banks – stimulating the use of bank cards, and not a bank transfer. 5. Banks turn the resulting money involved from settlement operations and opening new cards, turn out by the bank. 6. Stimulating demand for goods and services for partners Banking cashback services for certain trading partners, banks mediate customer demand for goods and services sold in specific stores. 7. Cashback helps to conduct statistics on buying information the standard clause of the contract between the client and the bank. The company’s received information is used to analyze the market. You can find out more about cashback maps here) If you have questions, you can ask them below) We will try to answer!) Good day!)

  2. There is absolutely no catch in the services of Cashbek! Moreover, this system can be considered a legal “rollback”, as for me. In general, the scheme is primitive to banality: stores need advertising. Of course, they pay for advertising: advertising agencies, constectologists, SMM-lines and everyone else who promises them on the Internet. And cashback service is no exception. He leads to the online store of buyers and receives a agreed reward for this. But, unlike all other advertisers, the cashback service does not take the commission completely to himself, and the part returns back to the client. And everyone is happy! 🙂

  3. There is no catch. The essence of these services is that the organization (some kind of Letichops) receives money from the store for bringing the client, for this they are given a certain amount that they are partially divided with you. For example: you want to buy headphones for 1000 rubles. Cashback Service receives (round for clarity) 10%, that is, 100 USD, and for the fact that you allowed this service to receive these 100 USDs, it decides to give you 50% of the amount that he received (5% of the total cost purchases)
    Therefore, I advise you to use these services, because it is quite profitable

  4. Catch an authoritative opinion from an employee of cashback service from 1,688 184 users 🙂 Cashback Sit Scheme is absolutely transparent-our user really receives a specified percentage of the price back. Earnings are due to the fact that we, for our part, make store advertising and increase their profits and traffic. For this, shops give us a percentage of the order, and we, in turn, give a percentage of our profit to customers. Everyone wins in this scheme – we, buyers and, in fact, shops. So, as you see, there is no catch here.
    You can withdraw the money right away as the payment will pass. Without a commission. As it was written correctly, cashback service promotes stores for money, but instead of advertising costs, he simply “buys” the buyer. The cashback service wins at the expense of a large turnover-for example, we are now working with more than 200 top online stores. Due to this, we can afford to: 1) to hold the minimum part of the promotion budget, we mainly hold the promotions of anons and draws of goods of popular brands (Xiaomi, Apple, Sony and others); 2) improve the service; 3) (itself The main thing) to provide large payments to users for millions of their orders monthly. Check for yourself – start saving on purchases on the Internet.

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