What is it like to create a meme and find out that he began to be popular on the Internet?

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  1. The Dadarya Zavyalovaga is not earned by Meme by the author, but someone else, as happened with nothing. Sometimes a meme suddenly becomes a picture that had long been wandered over the Internet, and then some kind of noun gave her a new life with one stroke-for example, a meme about fish appeared. And this seems to be a meme of the year, because three punchlines are hidden in it at once: it is difficult to remember another. Therefore, the scheme “Make a meme and watch how it is encouraged” sometimes succeeds: the Internet has its own laws 🙂

  2. Sometimes it is not the author who earnly earns on Meme, but someone else, as happened with nothing. Sometimes a meme suddenly becomes a picture that had long been wandered over the Internet, and then some kind of noun gave her a new life with one stroke-for example, a meme about fish appeared. And this seems to be a meme of the year, because three punchlines are hidden in it at once: it is difficult to remember another. Therefore, the scheme “Make a meme and watch how it is encouraged” sometimes succeeds: the Internet has its own laws 🙂

  3. It’s not that a very very meme, it seemed to be dispersed only by a few IT publics, a witchcraft with /DEV /Null, where I posted my creation in the comments. A little story. For a long time, back in 2012, when I worked as a sisadmin, I somehow unsuccessfully dropped my mug from the table, she broke off a pen. Since walking behind a new circle was too lazy (at least 15 meters to the marketing department, and they might not have too much merchant), I decided to fix it on the table, namely a piece of vituha and nylon tissues. The design turned out to be quite successful, I took a picture of the mug, posted it at home, collecting a little likes from friends, and even then I used it for some time. And about a year ago, a post with the name “Open Source Mug” (first photo was already mentioned. In Yandex.Cartinks for this request), where there was a photo “mugs” made from a can with a coil of the tape. In a commentary on this post, I threw my mug. The next day, she was posted there with the signature of “Cup of a real ITSHAN” (again, the first photo in Yandex.cartes for this request). And then the mug became a meme, scored a bunch of likes and even a couple of times were written by strangers, they say, “now this is a meme).” In general, creating a meme is fun) P.S. For those who are too lazy to use the search, here is a photo:

  4. Not quite a meme, but once leaving the Magnit, I saw on a brick wall opposite the inscription “these bricks are so monotonous.” He took a picture and threw it to his VK wall. After some time, he began to stumble upon this photo everywhere (in the publics of VK, on ​​entertainment sites, etc.) If you have seen, then know that this photo is my photo: D PS The very first photo in Google according to the same request.

  5. My meme does not even need to google. In honor of him, on April 1, the Easter Eastern Eastern House was washed down, a little later stickers appeared with him, then I found out that in his honor, Male.ru organized a rink, and at the VK festival there was a huge statue last year. He managed to get tired of everyone terribly and made many be disappointed in a sense of humor of modern society. I directly hated this word with all my heart, although it is now used in everyday speech in general everywhere. This meme is nothing. The basis was laid down on July 6, 2013. I have a close friend with whom we periodically draw each other on the wall (even so far). I drew this on her wall for half a minute that day from the Kate Mobile application, which Sobzno becomes quite obviously in the drawing, if you look closely. Sometimes we retain each other’s drawings in the folder with preservations in VK, so it happened this time. She was not known for some kind of personality in any sense, except that we have many virtual friends from other cities, which our preservations periodically might and, accordingly, reconfigure them. We are used to finding this drawing with “friends of friends” for a year, we forgot about him at all. At the end of 2014, I remembered him, seeing again where I was least expected to see: in my boyfriend’s correspondence with friends. In between, I said that this is my drawing, but to my surprise they did not believe me. They asked for proof. It turned out that Pikcha has been walking around the entire rune for six months. This girlfriend and all the few enlightened ones threw me articles and videos, postponed by the possible origin of this phenomenon, and the generally accepted version is considered that he first appeared on a Pikabu in 2014 somewhere in the comments. In general, it was funny to observe all this, it became a kind of cultural wave, but I just pampered with boredom with a tefon. Moreover, this was not an accident, it spread for a very long time, the Internet began to seem to be truly cramped. Once for the sake of the lulz, I wrote a question on this topic in technical support, they inflated with a friend that I could get a share, otherwise I live on the deshiki, but the creator of this large -scale phenomenon. Everything was reduced to the fact that to purchase some rights I need to write a letter with a statement and send it to the VK branch in accordance with, so that this issue began to be considered, but this has already ceased to be so funny, and we scored. In addition, over time, I began to somehow be ashamed of this somehow, and the original was already forgotten by everyone and no interest for a long time, since I was replaced by something that looked like a garbage tank/minion/contraceptive, well, you understand. It also hangs on the wall of a friend, but she is closed. Direct link to the original drawing: http://cs309119.vk.me/v309119403/5e16/kspqyjtmzyc.jpg. Some kind of material matter: http://cs626819.vk.me/v626819403/19F38/2WPAZFVKWIM.JPG

  6. My friend Lech, once, became a meme. The fact is that in our STS school they decided to conduct a report on the topic “Youth slang”. And they selected several particularly sociable individuals. I myself had to attend there, but sat in the dining room and missed everything. As they told me later, the journalist asked and talk using the Internet slang. Well, you understand that no one says in life, so they improvised and gave out the famous OMG, finally fakepalm. ” The very zashkvar began when they were asked to declare the meanings of words. They spoke all kinds of nonsense (here already from stupidity, and not from stupid requests). After all this, they didn’t even look at the report and forgot about this story, but almost a year later, we were in his country house, and messages began to come, in general, Lech was caught by a man of 50 trolls (rather dull). It turned out that the video was leaked to the network and it scored ten thousand views. When they already forgot about it, I sat on a comfortable one and saw in an article about slang video called “stupid schoolchildren”. And after some time, the video appeared on Gramar Nazi and a pair of cancer. There were thousands of comments, but personally for Lech, this all turned out only by the fact that we sometimes fasten it. Like “In May Hanest Opinion” is the same OMG, finally Feispalm. “

  7. Once in the school years (grade 7-8), my friends and I were tightly hooked on heavy music, really heavy, according to the Slayer type. Then we were gaining their popularity of various kinds of subcultures, well, we decided to become metallists. We went to the nearest thematic store, bought berets (they are called “styles” in a like), all sorts of sweatshirts with images of musicians, leather gloves, etc. So! Now closer to the topic: in our school there were strict rules regarding the form, and every day we could not dress like that. And on some of the holidays, when the form could not be worn, we came, like true, in our opinion, metallists. Someone took a picture on the background of the schoolboard and posted in the group of our class. There were many years and there was no bounds to my surprise when this picture was posted in the MDK group, with a ridiculous signature that they say they are “shit”, then this picture went further on Lurkmorye, and even in Google if this shit flies out this shit. photo. There were also jokes with this photo in several publics. In fact, nothing has changed in my life, because I look not like that for a long time, and no one found me on the Internet, but jokes from friends on this subject became a kind of cliche in our company. In general, it is better not to become a meme or funny picch!

  8. I am familiar with Adele Morse, who created a stubborn fox – I then took off my beloved documentary of my Vgikovsky classmates about her arrival in St. Petersburg. Only with us became a meme, so Adele, living in London as an ordinary life, working as a simple taloxydermist artist, at first she simply could not understand why so many letters from Russia were falling into the mail. But she received her own profit from this: she flown to our lands due to the side inviting her, she felt all the privileges and hardships of popularity on herself, then with relief to return back to London to her normal life. In my opinion, I earned a little in glory, but quite a bit. At least something. And then, as a rule, the creators of memes remain unrecognized geniuses. Unless he flatters that something produced by you has gone into the people.

  9. Once I watched the series Mr. Robot, even before everyone was hooked. Well, in general, I watched him after the release of a quite cool Kung Fury movie, there was a character of Hackerman. When I looked at Mr. Robot, I immediately thought it was a damn hackerman. Then, I found on the Internet a suitable frame from Kung Fury, and then a suitable photo of Rami Maleka (Mr. Robot) and made a picchu. I threw a meme in, then still tolerate, clique and they immediately published it. The meme immediately spread through other publics, even the Clique admin wrote to me, said what a cool meme, etc.
    After some time, leafing through the tape of Tambler, I saw my “Creation”. It was cool.
    By the way, this was my first and last successful meme. So it goes.

  10. I somehow walked with my friend in our city of Kaluga, there was winter, and now, we go through the court of European and pass the children’s world, here we recho stop and see the inscription “The store of sex moved to the children’s world behind the weapon” We laughed, I took a picture. Then the goal was still 2011. So, I posted a photo on my page, and then threw Maddison into the public (he used to have a funny group) what was my surprise that the photo went on the Internet, even in the gum Klab was shown (xs can be proud of it) but it was proud of it) but The photo was taken precisely by me, a little horizon is littered there and I determine my or not. For the meme, of course, it will not pull, but it was still nice

  11. It was still in carefree school years. On one of the warm spring days, my friend and I got out to take a walk. After a couple of hours of walking through the streets, the idea was offered to climb the roof, take a picture. They climbed, took a picture, walked, then walked a little more and parted home.
    At home, for some reason, I was impatient to amuse my self-esteem by the fact that I just go out … Read more

  12. About a year ago, my friend and I decided to make a picture with Mutko and the inscription “10 know forensics from 10” for comments on tape (yes, yes). Now many are still using it in the comments, and recently I saw in the post of one group, which has been signed with the audience of several tens of thousands. Nice, in a word 🙂

  13. He sat once in classmates in search of a tasty. My prey was everything in a row: from stupid posts to funny comments. And, oddly enough, I found the treasured comment in a group with the name “atheism”. He stumbled upon the dispute of an elderly man and some troll. In a fit of anger, the first sent the opponent straight to the Thai Province of K-Hu-Yam. It seemed funny to me … Read more

  14. I have a public of my author’s humor my own truth and for several years now I have been publishing my humor there and I haven’t been stealing jokes. Once I wrote a joke “Fear 358, if you are a strangle of cats”
    (358-ecocide, mass extermination of the animal and plant world “later I saw that someone had opened an online store and sells mugs, t-shirts and caps with this joke there. And pleasantly and insulting.

  15. One day, once my friend and I became interested in such a musical genre as the “Graindor”. It was in 2013-2014, just at a time when the etching of shit-rockers and other personalities was in fashion. And then one day, during an extraordinary conversation on Skype, we decided to delve into laughter for all kinds of rock Pliks. I myself held a small public (which is no longer), where … Read more

  16. There was such an experience, we went to the forest with friends in the summer and after the rain we decided to swim in the river. On the way, I saw a puddle and invited my friends to take a photo lying in it. As a result, it scattered very quickly, after my publication on Picabu.
    P.S. If anyone is interested, I’m on the left
    P.S.S and I am free 🙂 Read more

  17. In 2013, Monastation was carried out in Yekaterinburg. For this event, I washed out the poster “Putin, accelerate the development of Half-Life 3.”
    The next day, city portals were trumpeted about the holiday and inserted photos from various demonstrations, where I accidentally hit. And then the colleague wrote to me that several posts appeared with me and my poster.
    S … Read more

  18. About 5-6 years ago, I decided for myself that I would pour some creative stream leaking from me with a photoshop: draw collages, some simple pictures, smear acne on the growing faces of my young, then also classmates. So, having arrived from the next rest from the Crimea, I analyzed the photos that my parents shot and stumbled upon … Read more

  19. My writer’s path began with the creation of the “Diary of a freezing Muscovite”, which I led in a living magazine during severe frosts. Quotes were found everywhere, including And on T -shirts. Prior to this, there was work about Yukos (http://samlib.ru/img/k/kozyrew_o/rek_alogur_ukos/) which became a visual meme at one time. And after that there were many videos on YouTube, mainly … Read more

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