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  1. This is the Internet segment in which the degree of anonymity is increased. It is used for many illegal events: drug trafficking, weapons, hacking, etc. It is impossible to get there through a regular browser, sites are located in the domain zone .onion. The easiest way to do this is through the Tor browser, because It is he who calmly opens sites with such domains.

  2. Darknet is a hidden network that exists inside the big Internet. It has a bright and dark side in it. The first is a relatively safe and decentralized environment where you can hope that you are not following you, the information is transmitted directly from the user to the user (feast). The second, dark side is illegal trade in forbidden goods and so on, which in most countries is considered to be outlawed. The easiest way to get, install the Tor browser and go to the domain zone .onion

  3. Darking is a site where people are sold, corpse, weapons, drugs, atrama substances.
    And something else! I once went out into the store, I scooped up to the scrotum and licking the phone there, I decided to take it and there was no porch there! I looked in the applications there there was nothing but Skype and the Internet, I got into Skype, and saw what was there there The latest correspondence from 197 people! I looked at several messages, it was euggled by 197 dead people from the owner of the phone, I think this is my last message because this owner is sitting ahead of me.
    We will not see each other anymore.

  4. Darknet is one of the internet versions inside the Internet (one network over another network). Born in the Pentagon. For surfing, a special Tor browser based on Firefox is used. Some still consider Darknet anonymous. In a popular and affordable form about Darknet, its browser Thor and the so -called anonymity can be read or listen to here

  5. darknet.com is not a site, but an Internet that sells the salary, hacks of a passport (also ZP) to get downloaded and fixed Tor (this browser is prohibited in some countries, therefore, download the bauser itself and their search engine here 2 We choose which poetum. You have access to some sites, but not to everyone that is on Tor, you need to register. Everything is ready. Don’t be surprised if the cops come to you and arrest for the order of the SP of objects this ISA change of IP addresses takes place. If you did not order anything, then this is another person and IP replaces that the very person is not disclosed for the order of the SP of objects. The IP address will be replaced by a random person but who has Tor. That is, you may not be afraid if you don’t have Tor, then the IP address cannot change to your

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