What is hidden arrogance, and how to recognize such a person?

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  1. “Highness is proud and arrogant behavior, attitude towards someone” (Ozhegov’s Explanatory Dictionary). The keyword is “behavior”, i.e. by a number of signs (facial expression, intonation, pauses, gestures, text, etc.), we understand that this person belongs to us / someone else arrogantly. Smooth arrogance – when, figuratively expressed, to complain about in behavior . And the sensation of communication with a person – in accordance with the existing life experience – is exactly what happens from interaction with arrogant people. Those. A person still sends some signals, as if “piercing”, wanting to hide his arrogance from others. Only these signals are so weak that conscious control can only be caught with difficulty, and even then de facto / using the analysis of video or audio recordings / subject to the involvement of professionals. But unconsciously, we still “catch them”, hence the unpleasant feeling. How to recognize such a person? Either train profiling skills, or learn to detect a characteristic feeling that occurs in contact with arrogant people in time.

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