What is “healthy” and “not healthy” competition?

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  1. Unfortunately, in the modern world of transnational corporations and economic revisionism, the line between the “healthy” and “unhealthy” competition is practically erased. Therefore, the answer to your question is more convenient to give on the example of classical capitalism of the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries. It was believed that “healthy competition” is when the accumulation of competitive advantages was carried out by purely economic methods. For example, the best organization of labor, improving the quality of the goods produced, reduced the production of the manufactured goods, etc. “Unhealthy” if non -economic methods of competition were used. For example, one of the parties agreed with the local authorities to establish prohibitive duties on competitors.

  2. There is an opinion that a healthy competition is an approximation of purely economic methods of struggle, and unhealthy-in-economic ones. It is in fact that it is a line between them, and it is good, and this is bad, very difficult, PMSM. There are obvious cases. I take the heels of the fighters, the “bulls”, and I thundered the cafes of the competitor, and I burn his car (well, if not with him), so as not to dilate, to evaluate such competition differently as “very bad”, it is impossible. But with representatives of power structures, instead of “bulls”, it’s still worse, there is simply no one to complain … Everything is clear here. But here is a popular example, and if the authorities protect their manufacturers from external competition with the help of tariffs, duties are like? Liberal will also say badly. But it is not a person who serves the economy, but the economy is a man. And to have a problem with the ruined industry, unemployment, impoverishment, and the degradation of the Society -Minor power does not really want to (thereby it is clear that the power of the Russian Federation of the 90s and partially modern I do not consider it smart). And here is an example of a “purely economic” advantage in Winter. Suppose workers work at the enterprise. Economic people, like everyone else. And they gained “youngsters” for the enterprise for work, those deeds for small money do the same work better and cheaper. The equality is higher. Is it what is the same competition? No, “We do not need such hockey” … Okay, these horrors in the past (Africa do not count …). And is it possible to consider such a competitive method in which local labor is ignored by imported, agreeing (nowhere) to low to low Payment, zero almost a socialist and any conditions of life and labor? And such examples. Service. When purely theoretically we have “healthy competition”. The case is harmful to society as a whole, suggest that: 1) there is no “pure economy” anywhere except Books 2) The purpose of any economy is the Blago Society in all aspects, and not just the effectiveness of one, moreover, the units of this particular, specific, and not abstract humanity. And, only based on such a production, you can correctly evaluate the degree of “health” of one or another Forms of competition.

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