What is “/b/”, and why can’t you talk about it?

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  1. Guys, do not open this topic. You are young, playful, everything is easy for you. This is not that. This is not chicato and not even the archives of the special services. It’s better not to climb here. Seriously, any of you will regret. Better close the topic and forget what was written here. I quite understand that this message will call additional interest, but I want to immediately warn the torture – stop. The rest simply will not find.

  2. Because this is the first rule of the Internet: “Do not Talk ABOUT /B /”. And the second, by the way: “Do not Talk ABOUT /B /”. And there is also a well -known rule 34. Well, the whole list can also be found there. But we will return to “/b/>. the determination of this concept on the Internet cannot be counted: every site where there is at least some place for reasoning about what this same“/b/”will undoubtedly introduce you its version, excellent From all you met earlier. Some will say: “/ b/ is the same guy who is the first to run to the window to look at the car accident,” and others will object: “/ b/ is a voice in your head, advising to act and score for what She is thumping in the trash. ” And for some, it’s at all / b /-this is when you lie in the hospital after you dared to try what you saw in some Hentai. / b/ is our life. / b/ – this is wonderful. Well, if seriously, then this is the name of the section on 4Chan, where 90% of what you see there is naked fat men, pisyshki (it is likely that the first and second are connected) and other trash. I received the glory of the “Sewerase of the Internet” / b / b / b / I received for the entire second -rate content that is published there. You can, of course, see for yourself, if you want. But it’s better not to. Hear? NO NEED.

  3. To answer this question you need to know what image-assembly are anonymous forums in which registration does not. That is, you go to the forum and immediately begin to communicate. Like ordinary non -anonymous forums, imageboards are divided into thematic sections sections to simplify communication between users. For example, there is a section of politicians, there is a section of those interested in cars, and other others, thousands of them. Each section is strictly modified so that users do not clog it with messages out of topic. But sometimes it happens that I want to move away from some specific topic, and read/discuss something abstracted, you can say to go to the smoking room. So, /b /is a sort of anonymous smoking room, where people are unlimited by nothing but local legislation and their own moral principles, and most importantly, almost anything can be discussed here.

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