What is a marketing conversion? How is it counting on?

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  1. The conversion of the site is an indicator in Internet marketing, which reflects the ratio of the number of visitors to the web resource who have committed any target action (for example, registration, ordering, buying, etc.), for the total number of visitors. Report that you The owner of the site on shoes. The target action of visitors to your site is an order. The attendance of your resource per month is 1200 people. Of which 65 people place an order. We calculate the conversion indicator by the formula: Visitors who have placed the order ÷ the total number of visitors x 100%set our values: 65 ÷ 1200 x 100 = 5.4%, it turns out, the conversion of your resource per month was 5.4%.

  2. Conversion is always the ratio of numbers, it can be different. Let’s look at an example: for example: we sell bagels through the site and set up an advertisement for a show. Next, we see the following picture: 1. The advertising saw 10,000 people. 2. We knocked out for advertising (switched to the site) 1000 people. 3. They installed an application for the purchase of a bagel (have not yet paid money) 80 people. 4. 5 people were bought a bagel. Let’s look at the conversion of the transition at each stage: the conversion of those who saw the advertisement -> in those who switched to the site = 10 00 /10 000 = 0.1 = 10%and the conversion of those who switched to the site -> to those who left the application = 80 /1000 = 0.08 = 8%conversion of those who left the application -> and then made a purchase = 5/80 = 0.0625 = 6.25%and now let’s calculate the conversion from the very first step to the purchase. That is, one of those who saw the advertisement -> in those who made the purchase = 5 / 10,000 = 0.0005 = 0.05%Why is it necessary? Thus, we can calculate how much money we will cost one sale. For example: the bagel costs 70 USD. From each bagel we earn 35 USD. For example, that our ad sees 10,000 people we spend 700 USD. And they earned 35*5 = 175 USD – it is obvious that this is not the best investment. To earn 35 USD, we must spend 700/5 = 140 USD. Of course, the client can return again and become permanent, or you can sell him not only a bagel but also a cake, but this is another story, for example, we will not delve into Details. What to do? Improve conversions. If few clicks (transitions to the site) should make your advertising title or banner more attractive. To increase the conversion of visitors to the application – to improve the site, make it more convenient, more beautiful, show the value of the product. To increase the conversion from the purchase – work with the sales department , teaching employees, register scripts. I hope it was clear. Wish you luck.

  3. If in simple words, this is the share of “bought” from the total number of “entered.” Using this indicator in marketing, two things are evaluated: the quality of the incoming flow. That is, whether people brought marketing and advertising who need this product or service. This is important because as they say: “You can easily bring the horse to the water, but you can not make it drink if it does not want.” That is, you can drive a large flow of visitors for a lot of money to the store/on the site, but if it is not a target audience, the number of purchases will not grow, visitors will not become customers and the “conversion” will show this. Service quality or assortment quality. If a high-quality flow of visitors comes, and the goods are absent or the salesmen do not work well the conversion will also be low. There are different options for conversions, it is not necessary to count it in people, someone counts in rubles, i.e. How many USD revenue accounts for one visitor, for example (not to be confused with the average check).

  4. Good afternoon! In general, the conversion is understood as the percentage of those people who have committed some target action from the total mass of users. It is calculated by the formula (targeted actions/total mass of users) × 100 and is expressed as a percentage. The conversion in marketing is different, for example: CTR, or clickness of ads. Shows how many of all who saw the announcement were clicked on him. For example, 1,000 people were seen, and 120 people crossed the link. Then the conversion will be 12%. Conversion to leads. Shows how many of the site visitors filled the order form or requested feedback. In other words, they expressed a desire to buy a product. If 2,000 people went to the site and you received 56 applications, the conversion will be 2.8%. Conversion into transactions. People can refuse to purchase after they left the contacts. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the conversion into transactions. For example, if the applications were left 250 people, and in the end 230 bought, the conversion to transactions will be 92%. In marketing, you can use other conversion indicators, for example, an absolute conversion, conversion into a subscription or a permanent reader, and so on. It all depends on what the transaction cycle you have. Calculation of conversion helps to plan a budget, analyze the effectiveness of marketing and work with financial indicators. But only if you take into account not one indicator, but the situation in general. For example, CTR can be high, but there will be no sales, because the page of the site is irrelevant or there is simply no form for feedback on the site. The conversion to the lead can be high, but the sales department will incorrect requests and there will be no sales. And if in these situations you only focus on CTR or conversion to leads, you simply merge the budget and do not pay off costs. Test analytics helps to see the situation entirely. We already told the blog what through analytics is and why it is needed. They also explained what indicators we take into account in order to ultimately increase the company’s net profit.

  5. Most often, in marketing under the conversion, some users who switched to the site on advertising and made a purchase have in mind. This is the ratio of those users who visited the site to those who ordered something. They are usually measured as a percentage. And here is the calculation formula: the number of purchases/number of visitors * 100%. The purchase is conditional here, because the action for conversion may not be a purchase, but for example, filling out a contact form, if this was the purpose of the advertising campaign.

  6. On Wikipedia, you can find several options for determining the conversion. It is considered in the context of psychology, linguistics, microbiology, etc. However, we are interested in what a conversion in Internet marketing is. In Internet marketing under conversion, as a rule, it is understood to be a share of visits to your site, during which visitors have performed the target action . Under the target action, it may be implied by sending the goods to the basket, visiting a certain page of the site, receiving an application through the feedback form, receiving a lead (transition to the site from advertising), buying goods, etc. At each stage of the sales funnel, the conversion can be different. For example, 1000 people saw your advertisement. After that, 600 people made the transition along it. The conversion can act as the attitude of your advertising shows on the Internet to the number of clicks (transitions) on it. In this case, if you set the goal of the transition to the site, the conversion will be 60%. In order to increase the conversion at this stage of the sales funnels, it is necessary to create a high -quality, relevant announcement. At 600 people who fell on the site page, 200 people left the application. In this case, the conversion will be considered the reference of the application. After 200 people left a request, only 20 of them made a purchase. Submitting an application and buying a product is a conversion of a landing entity, that is, the ratio of targeted actions made by the user on your site to the total number of visits. The result must be multiplied by 100%. We calculate the conversion: 20/200 *100%= 10%. We wrote more about the conversion of the landing in this article. We read the conversion of those who saw the advertisement in those who bought goods: the conversion shows how much your advertising and your site correspond to the initially set business goals. Expecting the conversion, you can clearly see, justified whether your costs for sales of goods/services. If we talk about Internet advertising, you need to track which channels bring you more conversions and cut off those that bring little or do not bring at all. I can say to myself that information is worth the information to increase the conversion of the site To study.

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