What does the semantic core of the site look like?

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  1. Compilation of a semantic nucleus is a collection of keywords, their cleaning and clustering. Based on the semantic nucleus, the site structure is built correctly from the point of view of the SEO – the number and investment of sections and pages is established, the menu is developed. SI and the structure of the site are the foundation of promotion. Clustering requests based on their compatibility on one page and their further implementation allows the search engine to easily and correctly determine the relevant pages for each request. When building architecture of the site based on a semantic nucleus for each intent from search queries, there is its own optimized page.

  2. As you arrange, it will look. This is just a list of requests united in groups. There are several main options: a table with requests where each group is assigned the target URL. Such tables are also called “cards of relevance”; a list of keywords with their characteristics (frequency, intent, geo -dependence). Such lists are convenient for prioritization of requests in promotion; in the Mind-MAP format. This is convenient for the visualization of the structure and clusters of the nucleus. It is very convenient for working with semantics. Choose the form with which it is more convenient to work.

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