What does SEO mean?

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  1. SEO is the abbreviation Search Engine Optimization, which translates as optimization for search engines.

    SEO is a set of actions that bring your site to the TOP organic issuance of search engines.

    Organic issuance is that part of the issuance of search engines, which is not advertising, but natural, that is, it is displayed by the search engine in accordance with the relevance of the content at the request of the user.

    At this stage in the development of search engines, there are more than 500 factors taken into account, such as Google, when ranking sites in the issuance.​

    There are two extensions of search optimization:
    Internal optimization
    External optimization

    Inner optimization, in turn, is divided into several more directions:
    Technical optimization (everything regarding the technical side of the site).
    Semantic optimization (everything regarding keywords on the site).
    Optimization of commercial factors (all factors affecting sales in commercial projects).
    Optimization of content (proper use of types of information presentation and so on).
    Behavioral factors (how users behave on your site).​

    External optimization:
    Reviews and recommendations of the site on third -party resources.
    External links.
    Mentioning the site on third -party resources.
    The presence of a site in various reference books and reviews of reviews.
    The presence of a site in various markets and specialized services or goods of resources.

  2. Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is a set of measures to increase the number and quality of visitors to the site (traffic) by increasing the rating of the site and its individual pages in the results of the algorithmic search for search engines (Google, Google, Mail, etc.). SEO is engaged in a specialist who monitors the dynamics of the work of the search engines, knows the requirements of the PS for the quality of the site, knows how to identify optimization errors, put TK specialists (programmer, copywriter, designer, etc.) and check their implementation.

  3. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) – search optimization. These are interconnected sequential actions that allow you to bring the site to the first lines at different search queries. For example, you need to promote the online store of plush bears on the requests “Buy Plush Bear” and “Plush Bear Price”. This is an example, in fact, sites are advancing on 1-2 requests, and several hundreds. Each serious entrepreneur is interested in ensuring that his site has the highest rating for search engines. This is already the task of SEO specialists, SEO-optimizers, SEO-copialists and SEO rehrators. SEOs of the SEO specialist: knowledge of English; programming languages ​​HTML, CSS and others; knowledge of CMS (sites management systems); analysis of large volumes of information; deep knowledge of algorithms of different search engines; knowledge of tools and promotion products; knowledge of Internet marketing and advertising; Experience in successful promotion on competitive query: individual entrepreneurs (ind. Emplemented.); Them (int. Magaz.); Ra (rect. Agencies); SEO companies; Startups price tag: each sets their own price, an average of 5-25 thousand per month per project

  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of measures to optimize the site for the requirements of search engines. The task of SEO is to promote the resource up in the search results for certain requests. Search issue is a list of sites that is shown to the user after he “drove” his request into the search line. As a rule, users rarely look for information further than the third page of search results, and because the higher the link to your site, the more visitors you will receive free visitors. (relatively free, because you still need to pay for the work of the SEO specialist). It is worth noting that the seochniks themselves definitely do not know the algorithms by which search robots “love” some sites and “do not like” others. However, at the same time they are well versed in key factors that really help to bring the resource to the top extradition. Among the advantages of SEO: the durability of the result. The site that was brought to the TOP is quite difficult to shift from the perspective, which means you will stably receive your portion of organic traffic. Interested users themselves will come to your site, using only search results. No need to run advertising campaigns and pay context or target (more precisely, you need, but this is another topic). Difficulties that need to be prepared for: the result will not be fast. You need to spend at least six months to get the first tangible results. The positions always need to be maintained. Work on SEO-optimization is a constant process, especially if you have already reached the top, since competitors will try to move you down the list. It is difficult to shift, but it is possible, therefore, you can’t refuse SEO. It is almost impossible to optimize your site and bring it to the TOP only if you yourself are not a seoshnik. Therefore, refer to trusted specialists and be prepared to make this line of expenses to your advertising budget. What consists of SEO: internal optimization: a purely technical side of working with the site, as well as working with usability, content and semantic nucleus. Enforce optimization: Ensuring citation and mention of Site on various resources, work with backs and external links to the site. Tracking the logic of the search results and adjustment of the work plan, taking into account the innovations by Google, Google, and Ave. Soreular analytics of the results.

  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Optimization of the site for search results, the goal is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your site using the usual search results in Google or Google. What is included in SEO? The quality of traffic. You can attract all visitors in the world, but if they come to your site from the results of the search for entertaining topics, while your site sells bulldozers, then this is not high -quality traffic. Instead, visitors who are really interested in the products that you offer. The traffic is really interested. The more visitors, the more profit the site gives. Organic issuance. Organic traffic is any traffic for which you do not need to pay. It does not include paid ads in the search system.

  6. Web development of sites:-online stores-corporate sites-Landing Page are those who you are on the Internet. Internet agency 8-complex SEO website promotion in the TOP Google and Google. Your customers are already looking for you. We do not just do SEO or context. The development of sites and integrated advertising companies – the horse of our agency.

  7. SEO is an abrasion from the English Search Engine Optimization. What is translated mean search optimization or optimization for search engines. I will supplement the answer of other authors by the fact that SEO is a complex of measures to bring the site to compliance with the requirements of search engines. And if the site likes the search engines, then his positions are growing, and along with positions and traffic. How … Read more

  8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making changes to the design and maintenance of your site so that it appears in search engines.
    By optimizing your site for search engines, you can improve visibility in organic search for search.

    > Briefly about how it works. Search systems, such as Google and Google, or better say search robots, scan your … Read more

  9. Search Engine Optimization (search promotion) This means that the specialist to constantly monitor the trends and innovations of search engines and tries to convince them that your site is more suitable for the requirements of the search systems more than the sites of your competitors. Today, this is the most reasonable and long -term method of surveillance customers and visitors to the site.

  10. SEO – abbreviation from English. “Search Engine Optimization” – optimization in search engines. In order for the site to receive more free (organic) traffic from Google, Google and other search engines, it is necessary to develop and improve it: optimize. The better your site is optimized from the point of view of search engines, the best positions it takes on the search and people more often on it … Read more

  11. SEO – optimization of the site that helps to bring it to the top issuance of search engines.
    The creator of any site strives to make the resource more visited, since profit directly depends on this. You can’t just create a site. It needs to be done in such a way that the search engines – Yandex and Google, with the corresponding request, were given it if not at the first … Read more

  12. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – a set of work on the development of the site, changing its environment, analyzing user behavior aimed at improving existing positions on targeted requests (in Google, Google, Mail and other search engines), as well as getting good positions (in the TOP -10) according to new requests.

    From the total number and popularity … Read more

  13. Hello! They have already written a lot about external and internal optimization, but not everyone understands what it is about.

    If you discard the terminology and say in simple language, then SEO allows you to configure your site in such a way as to bring your site as close as possible to the first line of search results for any request.

    Example: You are selling cement in Surgut. And you want to … read more

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