What are the strengths and weaknesses of atheism in relation to theism?

In what cases does atheism begin to acquire a religious shade?

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  1. I would call its exceptional simplicity the strongest side of atheism. He really gives the most simple answers even to the deepest worldview and moral questions. There is no God, there are no higher powers, there are no miracles, there are no posthumous retribution, there is no objective good and evil either. There is nothing at all. A man died and everything ended for him. Forever. Islaboy by the side of atheism is that it is impossible to verify its truth. Even if this picture of the world is true, her adhering to her person will never know about it. Unfortunately. And atheism acquires a religious shade if its supporters argue that their position is the truth in the last instance, that it is obvious that they know this absolutely and that all the others must prove their case, and not they themselves . In my opinion, this is no different from the blind faith of some adherents of religion.

  2. Strong and weaknesses regarding what? If regarding truth, then you are either right or mistaken, there are no strengths and weaknesses. If you are mistaken, the goal of your life is erroneous. Here is the main weak side of one of two. And there are absolutely no grounds to equalize these two phenomena, such as two versions of a worldview, each of which somehow helps a person live and nothing more. Such a statement of the question is already atheistic.

  3. Strong and weaknesses regarding what? If regarding truth, then you are either right or mistaken, there are no strengths and weaknesses. If you are mistaken, the goal of your life is erroneous. Here is the main weak side of one of two. And there are absolutely no grounds to equalize these two phenomena, such as two versions of a worldview, each of which somehow helps a person live and nothing more. Such a statement of the question is already atheistic.

  4. I will try to answer at atheism not as a worldview opposed to theism, but as an internal conviction, emotional attitude. Belief and/or faith have power in emotional attachment to their gaze, all “inconsistencies” in understanding or dodge or ignore. I want to share my worldview, attempts come here to project their views on society, the search for like -minded people. What unites people -gives them stronger. But there is a weakness: after the formation of the group, people begin to understand the “shades” of their belief/faith that differ from others, for this it is necessary to introduce a set of rules, to appoint the main ones who follow these rules – priests. For faith, this is religion, for atheism – This is an ideology (example, a set of rules: dialectical materialism. Ideology – communism) The consequences, I think, are known to everyone.

  5. The question is not entirely correct. It all depends on what kind of worldview a person adheres to, this will depend on this. Therefore, my answer is completely based on my worldview. The stronger side: the responsibility to the omnipotent creature (speech is mainly about the Abrahamic religions). A sort of side: the atheist believes that something objective is based on his worldview. I foresee indignation, so I will immediately clarify. To rely on science and attract science to their point of view, these are different things (science does not engage in evidence or a refutation of the presence of God). Weak, because atheists are not even recognized, to admit that their worldview is also built on faith, but in other things. Contradictions in their own reasoning. For example, atheists love to talk about rationality, although they continue to enter into a dispute about the presence of God with believers, although this is generally irrational. The list can be continued.

  6. For an adequate answer – you need to decide on the concept of atheism. Modern atheism is not reduced to the primitive denial of God. Modern atheism is a form of scientific and materialistic worldview. That is, atheism is not any godlessness. Antitheists, cynics, skeptics, apatheists, nihilists can deny the existence of God – from all this “godless” fraternity – atheists are distinguished by a combination of two bases: the methodological foundation of atheism is scientific skepticism. That is, the rejection of faith, as an uncritical way to accept information – in favor of evidence. Any information. Religious – only including! The ethical foundation of atheism is humanism. Humanism is logically opposed to theism. And, in fact, which is the “embryo” of atheism. Based on the foregoing – to the strengths of atheism – its objective character, which allows you to build an objective picture of the universe, without involving fantasy entities in it. That is, it allows people to achieve truth. Without any illusions and fantasies that distort reality. Makes a person self -sufficient, strong and responsible. Since you have to make decisions yourself and bear responsibility for them. Develops humanism in man, as well as conscience and altruism. Since, without the hope of the intervention of “forces above” – the atheist constantly has to independently solve moral and ethical problems within the framework of humanism. Whereas in a person of a believer living according to the covenants of the highest being, conscience is atrophied for unused …
    Atheism makes your only life live – dignity! Bringing the benefit and joy of both oneself and other people. Sowing kind, wise, eternal. Leaving a real kind mark along. Fullly lived life – gives satisfaction, and deprives the fear of death.
    Atheism does not allow a person to be comforted in his illusions. So he proves him to fight against evil and injustice. Atheism is two sides: to become an atheist – you need to learn a lot, develop intellectually, and form spiritually. This is not given to everyone. It is much easier to believe in some god and blindly follow the dogma. Therefore, there can be many atheists in any society. Since atheists is the intellectual and humanistic elite of society. And the elites cannot be a lot. Atheism does not give escapism. And the weak people mentally and intellectually – it’s hard to bear responsibility even for themselves … It is much easier to rely on the will of the Almighty … strict, but fair. And to have joy and satisfaction – from being just a submissive sheep in a herd (flock). To do what they say and expect happiness from their humility, not on that, so at least in the next world! Since atheism is based on the rejection of faith – a religious shade, he cannot accept a priori. If one appears, then before us is no longer atheism – but antitheism. Antitheism – it may well include an element of faith, and, therefore, can be fanatical and anti -humanistic …

  7. Unfortunately, atheism can really acquire a religious shade in the minds of ignoramuses, and I had to meet such post -Soviet people: they refuse to read any atheism in doubt literature, are not interested in sciences, they do not believe anyone (according to their own assurances, although, of course, scientists are understood here here Historians, anthropologists of the ITP), do not seek anything and laugh at the aspirations of young people, do not recognize the Internet (saying: “What is there to look?!” And calling all the employees of that sphere, such as programmers, loafers). Atheism is useful for scientists, since in science it is necessary to discard the supernatural (including God) to the tenth plan, let’s say, otherwise science will come to a dead end. That’s just true scientific atheism should still be on the verge with agnosticism, without denying anything in the categorical form.

  8. The weak side of scientific atheism: the need to know. Do not believe, namely, to know, to understand how the world works. Understand that “creationism” is one of the theories of the emergence of the world, which is currently not evidence, but nevertheless remains the theory, which means that it is enough to provide verified evidence and it will consistently fit into the scientific picture of the world. Lazily (this is not bad, this is a fact) atheism easily becomes religious when people begin to believe that there is no God. Do not understand that the manifestations of God or gods were not found, but simply believe. In the same way into sprinkled salt, like a black cat, as in defense with a blanket from subsidiary horrors and much more. The blue is knowledge. Knowledge that can be tested with an experiment, regardless of who will conduct it, what beliefs or beliefs the experimenter adheres to. The result of this knowledge acts on all, regardless of their faith, knowledge and beliefs. The blue side of theism is simplicity (it is faith is simple, and not its absence), there is no problem – the main thing is believed and the ritual. Do not understand. And this is precisely what explains the independence of the spread of religion from the level of education, while atheism without a developed scientific perception of the world turns simply into another faith.

  9. The strength of the religious worldview is the st rationity of being. The man is so arranged that no action outside the goal, meaning, plan is unacceptable for him. We always do something for something, in the name of something, we strive for something. Our behavior is rational. To imagine that a huge world exists outside the goal. Out of meaning, it is extremely difficult for human consciousness, it is extremely difficult for human consciousness. Such a passionate world is looting … Therefore, giving being the highest meaning through the introduction of the concept of God, the definition of evolution of matter. As a certain purposeful the process is very facilitates the worldview, harmonizes the person and the surrounding world. Plus, as an almost constant “bonus”-the concept of the eternal soul, an excellent psychotherapeutic remedy for severe sorrows by the departed, and from the fear of death. Therefore, the origins of religious worldview are personally understandable and cause me personally Even sympathy and understanding. But I can’t help but go logically further, this is such an obvious step that it is impossible not to take it only under the fire of a fire Inquisition. The question is notable: the goal, meaning, the plan of God himself. There are the same questions, just at a new level. And for me it deprives the “divine” version of any explanatory value-the introduction of an additional, excessive essence. The idea of ​​an immortal soul is also the idea of ​​an immortal soul It is extremely attractive, but not a single one or less serious fact, observation, there is no reason in favor of it. As the idea of ​​the emergence of consciousness. How the amount of information in the brain and its disappearance is in full logical, it corresponds to all everyday and scientific experience. Thus: in the world of theist is more convenient. It is more and more and more likely, it makes sense and purpose. The man in it is the focus of attention. And eternal (partially). In the world of the atheist, the world is frighteningly indifferent. The meaning of meaning (outside of man), a person lives a short A moment between infinity before and after. And the stars do not care about him. But then the world of an atheist is much more accurately consistent with logic and observation. And this outweighs all other considerations.

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