What are the memorable cases in your medical practice related to the New Year period?

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  1. There are a lot of unforgettable cases when it has been and still have to apologize to the guests, interrupt the festive feast and urgently rush into the night due to the emergency need for the provision of ophthalmic surgical assistance to people who received brutal contusion of the eyes of champagne traps. And not only a direct blow is terrible. Ricochet traffic jams from the ceiling, chandeliers or from the wall often preserves quite kinetic energy to break the sclera, retina, choroids, capsules and ligaments of the lens. Not to mention the brutal and constant eye injuries during the holidays with New Year’s firecrackers. The most memorable case when a small plastic fragment sticking out in a child’s punched corn, when extracting, was actually a huge, bent, sophisticated shape with melted, jagged edges. And the boy’s vision in that New Year miraculously managed to preserve. Moreover, as a result of several subsequent operations and prolonged treatment, good is quite good. That with explosive shell -and -end – fragmentation and termic injuries of such a degree there is never there. Almost never…

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