What are the main differences between SEO, SMM and SEM?

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  1. Good afternoon! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – “Optimization of the Site for Search machines” or “Search optimization”) – this is a certain series of actions that is aimed at improving the indexing of the site and its visibility in search engines.sea (Search Engine Adverting – “ Search advertising ”) – contextual advertising, this is what users can be seen on the pages of search results. On the Internet, contextual advertising is presented by Google Direct and Google Adsense.sem (Search Engine Marketing or “Search Marketing”) – a certain series of marketing actions that are aimed at promoting the site. This is primarily a set of actions that consists of Sea+Seo.smo (Social Media Optimization) – optimization on social networks. This type of promotion is aimed at promoting the site on social networks, in which traffic from social media to the site.smm (Social Media Marketing) is carried out – a comprehensive promotion of the site (and community itself) in social networks, which is carried out by publishing new and interesting materials , with constant communication with users, as well as with hidden advertising of goods and customer services.

  2. In short: SEO and SEM are about sites, and SMM about social networks. If deployed: SEO – optimization of sites for search engines. There are many criteria according to which the search engines “evaluate” the site, for example: the speed of loading, the availability of a mobile version, the relevance of headlines for content, the time for users on the site, and so on. All this is generalized by the behavioral characteristics, and the better they are, the more relevant the site is the search for the user, the higher the site is in the search results and the higher the chance that the end user will find what is interesting and will be satisfied. The task of the SEO specialist, to make the site like the site and the search engines give organic traffic to the site. The criteria are constantly changing, so you must always hold your hand on the pulse. The terms for obtaining the first measurable results begin at 6 months or more regular work.smm – this is the promotion of something (goods, services, humans) on social networks. In modern realities, social networks try to close all the needs of their users on themselves and as little as possible send them to third -party sites. Now, through drugs with some community, you can order sushi, and play with a friend with a friend, and get a lawyer advice. Therefore, often many, especially young companies, can only advance on social networks. The SMM specialist will make us know about the social users of social networks, signed up to your community and, for example, over time, acquired something. You can work as soon as in the framework of social networks and do not have a site, and vice versa, a group in social networks can be another source of traffic for the site. There are a lot of applications. Rings for obtaining the first measurable results most often begin with 2-3 months of promotion.Sem – this is a generalized concept of “website promotion”. A set of events. This may include SEO, contextual advertising (SEA) and SMM (if used in the complex, and not as the only source of customers for business), and for example, reputation management. In general, all this is about the same thing: attracting customers for business.

  3. In modern Internet marketing there are many terms that can cause misunderstanding and confusion: SEO, SMM, SEM (as well as SMO and SEA). What do all these abbreviations mean? These reductions indicate actions that are aimed at developing and promoting the company, but they differ among themselves by methods of achieving this. In all cases, search optimization services are used. SEO is a reduction from Search Engine Optimization, which translates as optimization for search engines. This is a set of actions that are aimed at improving the site’s positions on targeted requests in the organic issuance of search engines, such as Google or Google. The higher the position of the site in the issuance, the more likely there is that the user will switch to it and subsequently perform the action necessary from him (ordering, buying goods, etc.). SEM – the abbreviation from Search Engine Marketing and translates as it is translated as “Marketing in search engines”. This is a comprehensive set of actions aimed at increasing the site’s attendance from the issuance of search engines. The goal can be achieved in different ways, including the optimization of the site (SEO) and contextual advertising (SEA). SMM is a reduction from the Social Media Marketing, which means marketing on social networks. Unlike marketing in search engines (SEM), SMM implies the promotion of not sites, but business pages or communities of the company on social networks. SMO (abbreviation from Social Media Optimization) is the optimization of the site for social networks. In other words, this is a set of actions within the site to attract and keep users from social networks. SEA – the abbreviation has gone from Search Engine Advertising, which means advertising in search engines. This is a way to promote the company by setting up contextual ads using Google AdWords or Google.

  4. It is easy to get confused in all these concepts, but this is all only the theory of the global task called the “website promotion.” Speak is quite simple – SEM is search marketing, it includes all the actions that are aimed at the specific site that customers (perfectly “warm”) appear that will purchase the service/buy goods/make money to the webmaster.seo – one of the SEM.SMM strategies – one of the SEM tools. It is not worth it to take all three concepts from each other. SEM is sitting in social networks, contextual advertising, and targeting, search optimization. SEO has work just in search optimization – starting with Analysis, ending with the collection of keys and the implementation of requests organically into texts (I will not chew – everyone already knows about all the keys, nausea, water, work in Wordstat, Keyco, Keuclester, etc.). The result is not fast – you have to wait 3-6 for a month. In SMM, both advertising in other people’s publics and the creation of your group go. To speed up the process, you can attract motivated traffic, for example, take the IPWeb service. Here is a living audience that will be shown your group/account – they will cross, subscribe, analyze, comment on and recommend to their friends. The only attention should be paid to SMM. Let me explain why – in social networks, people sit an indecent amount of hours a day. Many purchases occur only thanks to public, posts and advertising in those social networks in which the audience hangs most often. Seeing the post, a person goes to the site, gets acquainted with info and makes a conscious purchase.

  5. Briefly: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – this is work to promote the site in organic search, that is, the display of the site to the top positions for obtaining traffic for which you do not need to pay. SMM, or Social Media Marketing, this is a fundamentally different type of promotion – through social networks, any. The SMM-driver leads the group, writes the content plan, places the content that attracts the audience, involves it in communication with companies/brand, warms up, reduces the distance between the seller and the buyer. SEM, or Search Engine Marketing is a common concept that can be deciphered as “search marketing”. This is a SEO process + contextual advertising, which is also shown in the search, only in paid positions. In general, all this is about promotion, but using different channels.

  6. SEO is an improvement in the presence of a website in organic search results. SEM is when online advertising is used on the pages of search results to help visitors find your site. That is, SEM includes paid advertisements. SEO is a component of SEM. And SMM is the promotion of the site in social networks, that is, social networks can be another source of traffic. All three areas are used together to increase the popularity of sites.

  7. Here you just need to deal with the abbreviations and everything will immediately become clear! SEO – Search Engine Optimization – this is the optimization of the site for search engines, that is, everything that is done in SEO is aimed at raising the site as a result of the search results of Google, Google and other systems. Sem – Search Engine Marketing – this They are performed to promote the site in search engines, contextual advertising + SEO. SMM-Social Media Marketing-We think you have already heard about it somewhere. Translated as marketing on social networks. Its main difference from SEM tools is that here you promote not so much sites as the pages in social networks. We conclude: SEM and SMM are different types of company promotion in Djital (in social networks or in search engines), and SEO – part of the SEM, its tool. It’s simple!

  8. These are three different tools that make it possible to obtain traffic from a potential target audience of three different sources. The fundamental difference is the quality of an involved audience in terms of interest in a specific sentence – some are looking for something specific through the search, others simply plowing the Internet. Imagine the action of an ordinary user. The man woke up in the morning, turned on the phone or computer. What points of entry into the Internet space does it have? The search engine with its infrastructure is the weather, the schedule of trains, with an interesting article or video content. All this is a field for SEM. Electronic mail – business people in the country check e -mail. Here, by the way, e-mail marketing may work. Social. network. – Behind a cup of morning coffee, a person enters Instagram and without suspecting anything, becomes an object for SMMETI three sources give great opportunities for native advertising in the form of content and access to a large number of users. However, the production of such content is a laborious lesson. SEO website promotion – aimed at the most targeted audience that wants to get something right now and pay money for this – furniture, equipment, food, ticket, etc. Another fundamental difference lies in varying degrees of effectiveness of these tools for various directions. For example, SMM and SEM are more suitable for the sphere of services or entertainment than for widespread goods. The degree of effectiveness must be counted on the stage of developing a marketing plan.

  9. SEO – website promotion on search queries in the top issuing search engines. Ceel: to be in the top at the request and attract traffic.smm – promotion of the company on social networks. Ceel: communication with the audience, its increase and as a channel for sales.Sem – marketing in search engines. Here we are talking about projects that have reached high positions using SEO. And now the task of the SEM specialist is to improve the selling type of SNIPT SITE on the search to increase sales. For example: a product card in an online store with a well-tuned microdistrict will look more emitted than a competitor card without it. Work on Snipet is carried out similarly as with an announcement in contextual advertising. Purpose: Increase CTR and sales from search engines.

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