Were you a witness or a victim of bullying?

Or maybe they participated in bullying as an aggressor? Bulling – mockery, bullying.

What do you think?

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  1. Were you a witness or a victim of bullying? “At school. Was a witness and a participant in bullying. We had a girl in the classroom, who whispered to the class teacher in her ear about what was happening inside the class and what we talked about. She was announced by a baikot And I agreed with this decision. I, like everyone else, put her in Ignor. But when I saw that she was scored (beat) with all the abyss. I got to her side. And she said “I agree with the baikot, she deserved it But beat all in a blade, this is wrong. “They did not enter into conflict with me, because I was a right girl and plus everyone knew that I was” very “on my head, if I was fighting to death. In general, they did not contact. Baikot lasted another month until she asked for from The whole class is forgiven, but they did not try to beat it anymore. That was my participation)

  2. I think that every person living in society was somehow connected with bullying. Agression is characteristic of people, and each participant passes through it in his own way. Bulling is not just a fight or quarrel, this is a manipulation operating according to the Carpman pyramid system. We, as adults, can teach children to settle conflicts through negotiations and without manipulations. Solve issues, not delayed a long game.

  3. I think that every person living in society was somehow connected with bullying. Agression is characteristic of people, and each participant passes through it in his own way. Bulling is not just a fight or quarrel, this is a manipulation operating according to the Carpman pyramid system. We, as adults, can teach children to settle conflicts through negotiations and without manipulations. Solve issues, not delayed a long game.

  4. About 10 years ago, I walked along the square and saw a company of teenagers, they stood around, two stood inside and showdowns were heard. I took the phone and began to say loudly -I am in such a place, in such that park, from the left angle -string. Did your car not far go far? Are you there? Come up. How many of you? A-6 people. Come up, they are here …. The teenagers heard the whole conversation. They scattered.) – – the second time, I went to the subway and saw as schoolchildren, about 13-14 years old, discussed school, named its number. And next to them, there was a guy whom they pushed, kicked, slapped, mocked. I came up and introduced myself as a new teacher, from their school (after all, I heard the school number) – said that I remembered them .. They ran away. On my phone, there is a melody – this is a siren of a police car !!! She helped more than once. From the window, I saw a fight. I went to the window, opened it and turned on the recording of the police sirens. This is sobering up ……. I was born in a great country – the USSR. In my childhood – such as now – it was not !! I had a happy childhood. We were-ohpets, pioneers, Komsomol members. We grew up on ideals. We had heroes. We wanted to imitate them. There was patriotism. We loved our country .. Yes, there were fights. But, they ended quickly .. Adults, always stopped fights. Now, many are passing by. Forgetting that somewhere else or city – such misfortune can happen – with your children, relatives and friends. Do not become indifferent and heartless. Know, today you will be past someone else’s trouble, and tomorrow you will pass by you and your children … Be merciful, how merciful our God-father is. Do not pass by the calls to help. Do not pretend that this does not concern you, what you don’t see … Alien pain, maybe become your pain. Especially if you can help. Especially if in your power – help. Help. Shin loudly. Call to the rescue. Call the police. Ambulance. You need to scream loudly. Call for help. Do not pass by … Remember, today you will pass by. Tomorrow, pass by your children …. Remember this. And, at the school-breeding school of the school (bears both administrative and criminal liability, as soon as the child entered the school !! The COAP Code of Administrative offenses-articles, paragraphs, for all offenses. Absolutely, for everything !! not !! Sound up !! A person must remain a man, not only for himself and his relatives, but also for others … with respect.

  5. Was a witness of bullying and had to feel it on himself. In childhood and in youth, of course it is scary and causes a lot of experiences. It is kind of chickens … all the same color and everyone has its beaks … it is worth pecking one to blood and other neighboring people definitely see The spots that appear and want to check “edibility” and begin to peck in the same place until they break their heads to death … There are adults next to the children to stop such actions! But they often themselves are the very initiators to “peck” the child, and the surrounding children simply repeat! You will be lucky if the teacher or teacher performs professionally his duties and spins very active “chickens” in time (he plants in another place, occupies something useful with something useful The attention of all participants in the situation, but most importantly, if the same teacher is friendly to the “victim” and will specifically learn to resist the attacks of the surrounding children, build personal boundaries and protect these boundaries in all available ways. And here you won’t envy the teacher in the class or teacher in the garden … His duties include bringing a bright, good eternal to the children, and here it is necessary to teach one of the children to fight for himself, to overcome his fear, to remind him/ her that he/ A has the right and here it seems to be a lining between kindness to others and protection yourself. And here for conversations with children there are not enough words and their life experience … Perhaps it is easier for believers who are with The priests of the priests are spinning and repeatedly hear the phrase: “For God, everyone is equal, he loves everyone the same” … In ordinary social life without faith in God and a strong stratification of society on material prosperity and the sircast of success, which smoothly flows into family members (although they themselves are still themselves They did not achieve any success at all!) Try to talk about the equality of children-educator and teacher will immediately indicate who exactly respected and inviolable! …. Yes, you yourself know all this very well! If your child began to poison, transfer to another school! Find out the reasons for the persecution, try to adjust what you can and please conduct child to a psychologist! A teacher against the background of 25 other children cannot completely learn to give your rebuff/surrender! And a psychologist alone with a child can! Something like this.

  6. This is well familiar to me, she was a victim herself, long before the school I had already mocked me, to be honest … The school was just a nightmare for me, I dreamed of finishing it as soon as possible and never returned there again, because they did not treat me badly, after school it was not I am especially better, I go through, and all sorts of nasty things are shouting to me and the bad things about me (. My son did not want to go to kindergarten, because he was also offended there, and I could not even protect my child from the hooligans in his group. I would have taken him from there with pleasure, but the family was against it, the husband and parents on both sides believed that the child must walk at all costs, even if he had done him with a disabled person, apparently so. Slava to God, that I left me where , so to speak, they knew too well, finally exhaled and I can live without bullying and discussions, at least finally relax.

  7. All the time. And not necessarily a crowd of people, a couple of people or one “instigator” does this- the same persecution. Cleading is a type of bullying only hidden, motives are just others (revenge or getting to account for some benefits and relaxations). In bullying, there is simply a different motive – due to the weak to get authority either in front of the crowd (as a leader) or in front of the leader himself. He also experienced, for example, when “analyzing a personal file” at the meeting: when they cannot clearly punish – there are no facts, they connect the public for universal condemnation and censure to force the leader, this is the method of weak and stupid leaders, shorter than weaklings. Well, they poison those who cannot stand up for themselves (who is afraid): neither physically nor morally. Give the change, so they will not just lag but even call! Naturally, in the event of a fight, you will get it in the face, but the main thing is that you have not been scared. More than once I saw such changes in my own skin. Well, so people are arranged, who are based on satisfaction over the bullying, bringing a sense of superiority, a sense of “leader”, authority over others “I won’t give a snot.” They are already afraid to touch such and even in some cases respect.

  8. There was bullying due to poverty and poor health, they mocked in the class not only at me, but other outcasts for some reason wanted to be friends with aggressors, and not with me or with each other. As a result, they received much more from them than I, because I did not seek to be friends with them, but stayed away.

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