People who make good money on the Internet, how do you do it? Who do you work and how did you find this work?

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  1. Responded to Grath Gratidl to earn on the Internet there are only two options – your own business on the Internet (with its risks) or freelance (there will be no freebie, this is the same work). Everything else is either penny income or fraud. Choose what is closer to you and try. And do not be afraid of remote work. There is nothing supernatural in her. And you can learn everything. In addition, I can throw off a good selection of freelance specialties that can be mastered in just 2-3 weeks.

  2. To get an answer, it is important to ask the right question.
    “Work on the Internet” is an abstraction. There is no such thing for a long time.
    Now any business is connected with the Internet. Therefore, the question is rather – how did you learn to earn in principle? Many have an illusion that “Internet work” is something easy that does not require effort.
    This is absolutely not true. In no way connected. Therefore, there is no Internet work – there is just work. Interesting or not. Cash or not very. In 2002, I opened the online store of a rare movie
    Then they opened a dozen more stores in different sectors
    In 2008, I opened an online school for owners of online stores
    In 2010, the agency of email marketing and an advertising agency.
    In 2012, the Club of Entrepreneurs.
    In 2018, the management company for online schools and HR company is approximately so.
    Now there is almost nothing left of this. I am a drag management company + I am engaged in consulting for business owners about the launch and scaling of project.

  3. Responde the Czech Republic I have been working for myself all my life. My motto – figure it out yourself. This was especially true for the sites of my businesses and their promotion. As a result, we can say that I earned via the Internet by promoting my sites with goods. Today I am a hotel (yes, a dream has come true, a hotel by the sea) and again you need a promotion, but not a site, but Instagram. I studied and opened new horizons. I promote other hotels and lead my own 2 directions of online courses, which, as you understood, I also promote myself.

  4. Without boasting, I can attribute myself to such people 🙂 Stable and high earnings on the Internet in essence are not much different from any other work. There is responsibility, there is fatigue, difficulties happen, you have to solve constantly problems. In order not to retreat to all this, I personally accustomed myself to a certain discipline, which, by the way, was not in my years of hiring. I try to work when I have the highest level of productivity and in those conditions where it can be achieved. When it rolls fatigue and laziness, I give the body the opportunity to relax, I can just sit down and go to relax on the river bank, read a book, listen to calm music. This, by the way, is one of the huge advantages of work on the Internet. I am observing the terms of projects, even those that are my personal rather than client. Timely implementation of each stage gives the motivation to do the next part of the work, does not allow thoughts to disperse. I advise you to adhere to this approach to everyone who asks “how to force themselves to work when there is no boss?”. They come to everything gradually and I am no exception. Now I am promoting social networks and messengers, but I did not specifically look for this direction. It happened. There was a stage of offline and online symbiosis, an online store, then “went” into clean online and began to fulfill small orders on freelance turrets, traded in parallel on the stock market, copywriters for his sites. Well, gradually joined the social networks, overgrown with connections and acquaintances, found reliable partners, left the unreliable. Something like that.————-
    Learn more about our cyber community on, where there are already more than 1,000 materials, or in our telegram-boot @cybemastersbot and also read us in Yandex.Zen!

  5. Kind! I do and lead sites – a full cycle. This brings good money … if you do something professionally, customers find you themselves. The main secret is to look with the customer one way, work for his profit. If the profit rises, the value of the employee and his salary are increasing. Where to learn? For example, in Yandex there are good courses, you can choose any specialization – they are all in demand. There are no freebies in the Internet!

  6. Most importantly, this is exactly what you personally like. And the Internet and modern technologies allows you to translate this to a virtual level … For example, if you are fond of aquarium fish, you will be interested to follow the innovations of aquarium, new trends, etc. … You can respectively through the Internet: to draw up aquariums, teach Redding fish, selling rare aquatic plants, food, etc. An example to you – I love traveling in wild, guitar and literature. Respectively, I drive tourist groups from all over Russia. And for this I use His Majesty the Internet to collect groups of tourists. Even if I were one -legged and could not walk, I could still organize assistants directly for hiking (naturally with previously gained experience). Here is my specific example to you, look if interesting: https: //

  7. I have been earned online since 2017. It was that year that the combination of life circumstances was forced to retrain from the teacher to the SMM specialist. Since it was a remote work that needed. And if in 2017, the SMM specialists hired large brands, or a chain of stores (this is my case), today everyone, even a small business, is looking for a smokeshman’s team. Since people began to realize that if your business is not presented on the Internet, then you are 100 steps behind your competitors. Finding a job and getting a SMM specialist today is not a problem at all. The position is very popular. You can check the vacancies on any exchange. But in order to become precisely in demand by specialists, you need to learn (courses, marathons, online promotion schools, a huge number of free teaching content on YouTube and Instagram)

  8. Project-manager, developer. Everything is by chance, these are the times of 2013-2014, like all ordinary people .. I rushed to a simple job: be it an operator in a call center, a manager in an office. But I met another circle of people, they are usually called strange and specific – these are developers and techies. Bottom line: 6 years of hard work, lack of sleep, constant breakdowns. ZP from 45000r/m + project 20,000 I do not consider myself successful, I still have everything ahead. If at the moment in 2021, look at the Russian labor market in 2021, to remove it in the direction of MSC and St. Petersburg, then 450,000 rubles are a sky -high salary for any Russian.

  9. I am the director of the marketing agency. The work was originally offline, and in 2020 it reached the network. Now the office is completely virtual. The slaves are earning both badly and not bad – depending on who is ready to take responsibilities for themselves. In this sense, the work does not differ from work in the office. Work and work out. There are always a lot of work, projects with different budgets. So one earns on the pins, working on 1 hour a week, and the other lives six months at sea, injecting 4-6 hours a day. How to get to such a good job? Express a hot desire and go through several stages of selection. Useful skills and hands imprisoned under the computer are suspended, of course)

  10. I have been working as a designer for 8 years. I earn 30-60 tr per month. Started with the design of her family small business. Then she became interested. She began to study. I laid out the work at the freelance sites. My husband recommended me to my friends and through my acquaintances I found several regular and very good customers. They already recommended me further.

  11. At first I came to copywriting, I write well and the Faculty of Journalism I ended with confirmation of this. On Instagram, she made a manual newsletter with a service offer, wrote to bloggers to millions of people and eventually came to the SMM promotion of accounts. For 3 years now, I have been doing this professionally and doing my job masterly.

  12. Now I work as the leading and most likely work much more than from 9 to 6. But it doesn’t soar, because I can build a schedule as it is convenient for me, which is very important to me.

    I found the first work on the remote through my friends – more precisely, they found me. She worked as a support in the yacht aggregator.

    Then she went purposefully to look for work as an assistant director – I was looking for hh, in a cart … Read more

  13. I work as an illustrator-designer and curator, I am engaged in telegram development.
    When I decided to go to freelance, I tried to respond to exchanges. But due to lack of experience, this made not a lot of profit.
    Everything changed when I found a vacancies in telegram. A very loyal audience, developed a sundress. If you show yourself an interested and good performer, then … Read more

  14. You can make money on network marketing, without investments, but with a great desire to earn a lot. I am a mother on maternity leave, I was invited to work through Instagram. I got into a very ambitious company with good speeds. And also glad to new people who are ready to earn money, training for free, there is no investment. Start your business with 0

  15. Responding to Grishinka Unfortunately, nothing happens like that once and earn once. I personally started with writing articles. Even at school, I was looking for how to earn at least some penny. And I decided to engage in copywriting, firstly, because I wrote and set out thoughts quite competently, and secondly, at that time I began to study the ten-pall method of printing and for shaking the skill … Read more

  16. Responsible from the main rules of good earnings – this is expert knowledge that most people do not possess. For example, in the Russian Federation – only 5% are fluent in English. What can I say about languages ​​such as Chinese, German, French and Spanish. Learn the language and gain access to a large knowledge base – not available to the majority of the population of your country – and this will be … read more

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