Marketers, what is written in your diploma?

Many people come to the profession from another sphere / specialty. And what did you do before marketing? What education do you have?

What do you think?

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  1. Good afternoon! I initially studied on a marketer, so I have a “specialist in information and communication. Lecturer in socio-political disciplines” (double specialization, which includes marketing, PR, management, as well as teaching) in my diploma. Since the release time I have been working in the field of Internet marketing and web design. I love the profession very much and glad that at one time I chose it 🙂

  2. A teacher of mathematics of computer science and computing technician practical psychologist in the field of business (yes, once made such funny notes in diplomas for a long time) marketing and advertising manner was engaged in little and mainly in higher educational institutions, he did not do psychology at all, somehow very quickly rolled up In marketing.

  3. At the moment, I do not work as a marketer, but at one time an engineer was indicated in the diploma, and in the process I received a lawyer’s diploma. Casamo are those whom I know that there are still diplomas in the industry: there are historical engineers, etc., etc. The diploma of the marketer also came across!

  4. Hello. Education: Radiophysicist. Marketologist. In the first education, unfortunately, she did not work for a day. To the second, it went long from the seller-consultant of engineering systems, through wholesale sales of complex technical equipment and training for a sales coach. Then I got into a team where I received SEO skills and sites, which prompted me to get additional education in marketing and continue to develop in this direction.

  5. By education, I am a translator, philologist. According to add. Education is a teacher of primary languages. But life so happened that when I finished the magistracy, I already worked half -way as an editor in the company to create and promote sites + led its creative blog and sold a little. So I came to marketing 🙂

  6. Good day! There are several professions / specialties for which I worked in general in principle. I am a cap of Kip, and the driver, and my business led more than 19 years (designer salon and provision of services, a lot more interesting). The desire to live a full -fledged life brought me to professional sport. I just lived in the gym, plowed as I never dreamed … Read more

  7. The first higher is IT in the economy, and the magistracy is management. But she began her career with the position of the layout in the publishing house. Then it grew to the designer and only then the art director. And from the position of the art director went into marketing. Now I look at experience and understand that I have always been connected with marketing.

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