Is it worth it to put Windows 10 on an old computer?

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  1. It depends on what is considered an old computer … There are computers that are assembled 10 years ago and work perfectly with Windows 11. The hardware parts are aged, of course, but not as fast as it would like manufacturers of iron. In any case, it is worth trying, it may well be that everything will work fine. Modern systems, as a rule, require above 2 GHz processor, from two cores, and from four gigabytes of RAM. Well, if you still buy a penny of Chinese SSD (instead of HDD) – your system will differ little from modern, unless you are a gamer …

  2. In order to answer your question, you need to know the characteristics of your computer. Otherwise, all answers and reasoning on this topic will only be an attempt to guess what exactly is hidden under the category of “old computer” and is unlikely to help you with something. In my experience – Windows 7, which, on computers 10+ years. The moment of writing this answer is supported by all modern browsers and devices.

  3. Responing Berezutskiyuden Dobrey Vyacheslav and everyone reading 🙂 My more than 30 year experience says, it is better not to be especially if your “old” computer is more than 3 years from the store. An exception is possible only if you are an ardent supporter of the games. There it is at least somehow justified. Why? The seven works more stable and faster than the “dozen”. It has much fewer problems. All applications are working in it. My health opinion to you, goodness and happiness for every hour, day and year 🙂

  4. Answering Eremindlya began to decide on the characteristics of the “old” computer. If the computer is older than 2013, then I would not advise doing this. The processor, if not Pentium-4, but something older, then you can pay attention to the same RAM. Less than 2 GB will not be comfortable either on Windows 7 or even more so on 10-kes. A burning disk is better from 7200 spindle revolutions, ideally a simple SSD for the system and a capacity of at least 100 GB, because The installation will take all the place and you will need a minimum set of applications. You should not take good performance from such a computer, but it will work. From experience: stands on the 2010 Acer tablet with 2 GB and SSD 20 GB RAM as a control system for a smart home.

  5. To put without a doubt! Even if something does not go perfectly, in any case you will gain the useful experience of a program upgrade with the ability to optimize the OS for your needs …. And the speed of the computer will increase significantly. It is not the secret that Microsoft suffers from a craving for universalism with redundancy of functions …. Cutting has a beneficial effect on the health of PCDICATIONAL, which will make it impossible to install – a processor without SSE2 support …..

  6. It depends on what iron (motherboard, processor, memory, video card, year of release). On the manufacturer’s website you can find out about the support of W10. You can put on a new SSD and see how the drivers will become. Windows 10 is easily placed on new iron. I think 8GB of memory is enough for work. And for games now you need 16GB RAM. It is more difficult with laptops. For example, Sony Vayo 2012 does not work in a touchscreen and camera, and other glitches can be. On SSD, the operating room is really faster, the Windows are loading for 15 nets. And so on the old Windows7 computer will work normally, but there is no support. New applications can work clumsily, or not at all supported. The choice is yours. On different computers I have different operating rooms (W7D. Expanded, W8.1, W10PRO) and approx.

  7. As a rule, PC owners rarely think about updating the hardware components of the device, but at the same time want to use the current OS. In practice, the installation of the Windows 10 operating system on an old computer causes a lot of difficulties up to the fact that the operating room simply is not put. So, maybe it is worth abandoning the use of a relatively new OS and switch to, for example, to the “seven”? Firstly, it is important to note that it is quite possible to install Windows 10 on an old PC. Even if it was originally based on the conditional Windows XP, published at the beginning of the century. All restrictions rest against the computer components. If they meet the stated system requirements of the “dozens”, then there should not be problems directly with the installation. Another thing is that no one can guarantee stable operation of the OS on an everyday basis. + Monetized by Optad360 regarding performance by the next version of Windows always becomes “heavier” and more demanding on the computer. New animations are added, for the processing of which the PC hardware components are involved. Therefore, on the old computer, XP can work stably, despite the year of release, and the “dozen” with a large number of lags and even sorties. The problem of low performance in several ways is being solved: replacing HDD with SSD or installing a more speed SSD. It affects only the speed of starting a computer, but not on the quality of its work as a whole. Adding a strip of RAM. Increases the stability of functioning in multitasking mode. Installation of a discrete video card or updating the old. Most affects the speed of Windows both in systemic and third -party applications. It is unlikely that anyone will deliberately change each component, trying to prepare a PC in advance for the installation of “dozens”. It is much easier to buy a new laptop or system unit. However, it all depends on the preferences of the user. The requirements for the hardware components to understand whether it will be possible to install Windows 10, it is necessary to take into account the system requirements specified on the developer’s website. It is important to understand that the proposed characteristics guarantee only the launch of the PC on the “top ten”, but do not talk about the stability of its functioning in the future. The minimum Windows 10 requirements: processor – at a frequency of 1 GHz and above; RAM-1 GB (for a 32-bit OS) or 2 GB (for 64-bit); ROM-1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit); video card – with support for DirectX 9 or higher; Screen – with a resolution of at least 800×600. The more the indicated characteristics from the hardware components of your PC are more strongly different, the more stable the device will work. And if at least one requirement is not observed, then the “dozen” risks not to be established.

  8. The “old computer” is a very stretching concept. How old, what processor, RAM, hard drive and so on? You need to proceed from this. Look, each OS has certain requirements for devices on which the OS can be installed, minimal requirements, so to speak. Although, sometimes you can get around it a little, but for this you need to understand the topic more or less.

  9. Windows 10 should not be set at all. Especially if there are no skills of independent blocking of unwanted program activity. The updating to Win_10 is not just free, it is imposed by Micro $ OFT. This free pays off by advertising (it already works) and a variety of “espionage” technologies – from collecting information for contextual advertising ”to potentially dangerous shaking your computer for all your correspondents in accounts M $ .win_10“ understands ”, mainly“ cloud “Soft, whose confidentiality is under the BOOOLST issue. The installation of workers locally, in the old fashioned way, offline software packages may require special skills to ensure compatibility in the new OS. Despite all of the above, Windows 10 has serious gaps in compatibility with iron. For example, she “does not understand” that have not yet been used processors Core 2 Duo, although this function is initially assigned not to the OS, but on BIOS. A similar situation with many ATI (AMD) video cards – the axis is “sharpened” for new NVIDIA families, which can be considered conspiracy.

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