Is it true that everyone needs at least basic knowledge of marketing?

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  1. Yes, at least the basic knowledge of marketing can be useful for many people, regardless of what work they do. Marketing is the science of how to find out what people want to buy and how to sell it to them. He plays an important role in any organization that wants to sell his goods or services. Marketing includes market research, the creation of advertising campaigns, brand management and much more. Knowledge of marketing can help a person better understand how the market works, and how to organize their affairs in order to achieve success. This knowledge can also be useful for those who work in the market of goods and services, or who want to become an entrepreneur.

  2. I think that everyone really needs them: physics, miner, nurse, etc., as they wrote here in the comments and answers. Let’s explain the thought. Why it is generally accepted that marketing is related only to business, entrepreneurship, and information about what awesome product appeared to consumers, it is literally in line for its acquisition. And many generally confuse marketing and advertising, believing that this is the same. Let’s look at the most ordinary human relations. To find a soul mate, friends and friends, what are we doing? We determine the Central Asia and the boundary conditions, form the product and forward, begin the advertising campaign in one form or another. Someone goes to dating sites, someone in a bar, someone meets at work … I’m not talking about the fact that absolutely every person needs to undergo a university marketing course, this is superfluous. But it is quite possible to obtain basic knowledge, acquaintance with the subject and the possibility of use in life, and back in school. Along with the basics of economics, psychology of relations, sociology, etc.

  3. And the basic knowledge of the economy? Stories? Biology? After all, it’s not just that they teach us all this in undergraduate – but for the formation of a common horizons and understanding how the world works. Marketing is associated with many disciplines, concerns psychology, economics, mathematics and other sciences. An educated person does not know how the market works is the same as not to know how the state and the economy work. It seems to be possible without this, but with knowledge it will turn out to exist somehow more efficiently.

  4. I do not think that the understanding of marketing needs a programmer, but they will come in handy in the team to understand how to make a demanded product. It is unlikely that firefighters are needed, but the management of the Ministry of Emergencies of marketing knowledge will come in handy for the formation of awareness of the population by their work. The administrations and government often lack marketing knowledge. In general, those who can affect reputation and demand are needed. Those who cannot – no.

  5. It is useful to understand District District to be UVALOVABAZ! Now we are not talking about “selling” yourself on a date and interview, but about not to be conducted for manipulations. For example, it is useful to sometimes remember that children’s goods are specifically lying at the level of your child’s eyes and create a trigger – and you yourself are throwing chocolate completely unnecessary at the cash desk (because they are, you can have time to consider and want to stand in line while standing in the queue ). Well, more complex things like mechanics in the work of shares are also cool and useful to understand.

  6. They may be useful. Named – it is said loudly. It can decide what knowledge he needs and which is not not so as not to stuff himself with everyone in a row. Make Sherlock Holmes. He did not score his head to everyone that he might not be useful in his business. He was an ignoramus in the usual things, but this allowed him to be a genius in his business.

  7. Responded to the red -legged one, yes. Since marketing is an epicenter of any organization. Marketing is more than sellers, more than advertising, prices, packaging, promotion, shopping fairs. Marketing is responsible for the justification of the product (why do you need to sell it at all?), For quality, for collecting and receiving payments and for warehouses. Therefore, all departments and activities of the company are guided by people with strong marketing (consumer – primarily) orientation.

  8. Responding to Litvinovavov is certainly not needed, well, for example, why the cleaner of the knowledge of marketing? Or why a lawyer, in a large company, marketing knowledge, if their company promotes the advertising department. But I can definitely answer who will need these knowledge, but everything is simple, those who are doing business are engaged in the sale and production of something.

  9. And I believe that everyone needs marketing.
    It’s like in a joke: no one loves rats, but protein is a fluffy rat, and a hedgehog is a barbed rat. It’s all about marketing.
    Marketing in everything: in order to get acquainted with the girl, you need to analyze the market, form an USP, pack and then sell … or search for work …
    These technologies in our lives are everywhere and, if they … Read more

  10. Not everyone. And there are even harmful. Why an electrician or botanist needs marketing knowledge. Especially basic is that at least the boiler must be mastered. Knowledge of marketing is needed for those who intersect, contacts, works with it. Any knowledge then works when you use it all the time and develop in this area. But without need, just for the sake of being some … Read more

  11. Respondertinoninobesis – yes! For example, you are a businessman and hire contractors for advertising services. Next, you interact with the governing and send you reports on the first week of the first week, where indicators such as CTR, Romi, click price, conversion. You need to understand what all this means.
    Plus, so that you are not misleading with budgets/dismantling, you also need … Read more

  12. The statement is answered equivalent to the following: is it true that every person needs knowledge of English? No, not everyone needs marketing in life. There are people who work and are interested in far from the adjacent areas of activity in which knowledge of attracting/holding customers and packaging a proposal simply does not need a proposal.

  13. Imagine that next to you is a person from whom you want to achieve something, say, money or fulfilling any order. Regardless of whether you know him or not. What will you do?

    To attach, adapt, recognize him better, try to captivate, put pressure on weaknesses. Right? This is marketing.

    Or went to your office … Read more

  14. You need to understand what exactly is meant by marketing in this particular case. On the one hand, knowledge of marketing terminology, analytics, situational analysis methods does not need at all the layman or representative of another profession. Well, why, for example, an artist or a doctor, or a lawyer to know what CPA is, in what formula the demand is calculated or how to do it … Read more

  15. No, it’s not true. Do not need marketing knowledge to those who do not buy and do not sell anything. There are few such people, but they are still.
    Do not need marketing to those who are a unique specialist and whose skills are in demand by society and the market – there will always be those who want to get such a professional or find those who wish to. Alas, there are few such people, too.
    For the rest, that is … Read more

  16. The MARIA GUSAKOVAD is responsible, everyone needs basic knowledge. Buyers of any professions need this in order to understand at least a little in the economy, spend less money, make profitable purchases and not come to the tricks of scammers. From the point of view of sellers, this is necessary to increase customer loyalty, strengthen sales and maintain a successful business.

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