Is it possible to find the SMM profession from scratch, having only iPad (M1-M2)?

Is it possible to master the profession of an SMM-driver from scratch with only the iPad (on the latter/their processor/ah) and it is convenient to interact with it at all stages and please give me some advice that, for example, helped you master it

What do you think?

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  1. A short answer: Yes, there is a browser in the iPad and you can watch training videos and read letters from the posts to master the theoretical part and then also plan posts, write texts and draw design for future work. The answer is deeper: the tool affects only the convenience of mastering and the habit. For example, I know several acquaintances of the SS, who are convenient to do everything from a smartphone at work: post a post, edit the text or fix the design. I don’t know how: I need to sit at the table at the hospital and work on a normal keyboard and mouse. An interesting fact: there is a Japanese grandfather who draws paintings in the Excel, although the tool was not intended for this initially. Therefore, it does not matter which tool to use – the main desire will learn.

  2. I am not a smoke, but in some places a marketer, so I think I can advise something. This group of professions is precisely related to those that can be perfectly mastered independently via the Internet. There are many specialized sites, forums, groups in a telegram, video on YouTube, courses, guides. Your task is at the first stage – from all this heap, choose really worthwhile information and weed out infocial. It may not really be so easy, take it as serious as possible to this stage so as not to waste time and money on a dummy. Following your personal qualities come into business. Persistence, learning and strong motivation are necessary. It is unlikely that everything will work out right away, so you need to be prepared for the fact that at first you will stomp in the spot, this is normal. Ideally, if you manage to find a mentor – an experienced person in this area who will take you by the handle and train everything, traces, control, help to avoid typical mistakes. But this is a great success, to find this. And most importantly, again, do not run into an infocial, but to find a real specialist. Most likely, this will not be very free. For work on the iPad. I can say from my bell tower that a stationary computer with a large monitor is better, but these are my preferences. Technically, nothing prevents you from working on an iPad, if only it is convenient for you. And there you yourself will understand whether something else is needed or not. The main thing is not to spend money too much at first, not a computer does not sprout in your success, but by the qualities and circumstances that I wrote above. Humanities 🙂

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