If your real authority allowed you to control the planet Earth and most people would listen to you, what would you do?

My answer to this question. On the basis of new quantum technologies, I would have stubborn the decision -making system, make it more intuitive at all levels; I would create a common network of balance sheets to keep systems from freezes in extreme positions; (on the basis of money) would contribute to reducing and diversity of systems; (for example, a network of independent cities and territories instead of the state system) would try to create a network for life after death on the basis of the information fields remaining after the death.

What do you think?

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  1. I would suggest doing only what I know how to realize and I know how it will work. Because in any other way, good intentions lead to a fun company, but with a very unfavorable climate. I would like to avoid this. Therefore, first of all, I would invite experts to explore my sentences selected on the above principle for unwanted consequences. What kind of proposals are. The main thing is to make the most priority in the economy to establish information and technological ties between all manufacturers and consumers of their products. This is done and sooner or later will lead to the formation of infrastructure, in real time taking into account all the flows of resources, all demand and supply, which establishes direct connections between consumers and manufacturers. I believe that this will lead, if not to complete crowding out, then to a significant weakening of the role of money in the economy, since all their functions will be performed directly, without temporary lags and side effects in the form of an accumulation of “non -smelling” power in the hands of people who are No one authorized to dispose of our lives. Resources should go to where they need them, and not where they will pay more for them. Say – they will pay more where they sell more, which means who is bought from who is more bought, which means who makes the right one more. No, they will pay more where there is more money, but to produce more people needed by people – not the only way to get it or use. In order to determine where it is necessary, such difficulties are not needed. It is more necessary – where they want to eat, where they want to dress, where housing, diapers and inserting teeth are needed. And also where they want to work to produce these food, clothes, housing, etc.. You just need to give an opportunity for those who need all this – ask. Когда для этого есть более совершенные технические средства, чем деньги, деньги становятся не нужны.Ну и “по мелочи”.Я бы предложил ввести в число основных проблем философии проблему передачи культуры мышления от тех, кто ее имеет, тем, кому ее не хватает . I know its importance and that thinking is effective, therefore it will be useful in any case. It will be in the middle schools the subject of “methodology” (now it is not) and convince the best researchers and the best fantasy writers write introductory motivational lectures to it (on Each lesson, just let the teachers choose what to take). Ask the same researchers in the Commonwealth with the best teachers to bring this course to the younger grades and connect the best children’s writers to them in order to collect and additionally compose methodological fairy tales for all preschool ages. (Tales are very methodological; and the more in the fairy tale of wisdom, the more interesting it is; if at the same time it remains a fairy tale). Now educational institutions simply supply students with information. It is necessary to teach them to study (exploring them means to study). Thinking is productive. If the researchers set such a task, then at least positive shifts in this regard will be. Numbles – people are intelligent. If you give them freedom to do what they themselves consider important, and teach them to think correctly, then they will do everything else for themselves.

  2. They say in the Pacific Ocean there are still islands where there is always +25, there are no storms … In short, paradise. There, in my residence, I would have settled for a month or two. Not a damn thing for himself, to be a god – this, my friends, is not a joke. God is love. So I would have thought – like damn it, to love all these assholes?

  3. They say in the Pacific Ocean there are still islands where there is always +25, there are no storms … In short, paradise. There, in my residence, I would have settled for a month or two. Not a damn thing for himself, to be a god – this, my friends, is not a joke. God is love. So I would have thought – like damn it, to love all these assholes?

  4. To manage the planet? :-))))))) I would give the right to “manage” to all the people of the planet. Combining all 8 billion inhabitants into a single council. Where everyone finds a common language with everyone. And he himself would also enter this advice. On equal terms with the rest. In a loner (and not alone too) to manage anyone – so unusual stupidity that it is stupid than an attempt to manage someone – in the universe and there is nothing. The most stupid in the universe is an attempt to manage someone. And more – I would not have become anything. After 2 weeks – all the problems of the planet – I would have subsided to zero. And more – they would not return. This is how quiet and calm equality works. Not at the level of “rights”, no. And at the level of equality.

  5. Why invent – a bicycle ???? When in 1950, in China there was a cultural revolution – Mao Dzedun, the provinces – to a great state – in the country, there was a great hunger. Many crops did not bear fruit, because the sparrows pecked and fucked grains. The Chinese destroyed all the sparrows – caterpillars, ate all the crops. There was little food, people were starving. They destroyed the elderly so that they would not overtake! Even greater hunger began !!!! The Chinese (as a nation was planned). Because in the new country, from young communists – no one knew, when you need to plow, sow, plant, process and collect fruits !!!! !!!!!!!!!!! In the USSR – purchased wagons -Vorobyov. Our Seliation scientists went to China. Etc. The result, all these events are all in the world, balanced !!! -(Ekklesiast 6/10-,, what exists is already given the name and it is known that it is a person. And that he can not bicker with the one who is stronger than him, and 3/11–, , All, time! Time, every thing, under the sun! Time is to be born and time to die. Time is to cry. Time-laugh. And so on). If I had the opportunity to control the planet -land, I would have turned to God, in a prayer and prayer. So that it was God who himself who himself would be the leadership and control of our land-as it was in Eden, and how it should, it should happen soon ,,, .,. After the war of the Armagedon god !!! If, God, he said that it was not the time … I would ask, so that he would help him a worthy man who could, with dignity and fairly, to enjoy everyone! Based on the Bible !!! In which God, through the Prophets, left us -wagons, commandments, demands, charters – fulfilling which, a person will live on earth well and safely .. No one, nothing better than God will not come up with !!! In all countries, in the UK, the points, do not kill! Not stolen! Do not false! Do not wish – the wives of your neighbor. Houses of his red ,, and so on. Based on these laws of God, we created the norms of morality and morality. Bitcoins ,, Gad-you-you ,, cryptocurrency-and so on, all this, not so important for a person’s life .. Important life! Safe, stable life, based on the laws of God !!!!! Sincerely…

  6. I would have made less traders and more – scientists, researchers, inventors to earn less. In a very simple way – the nationalization of all enterprises working according to long -known, debugged technologies. That is, enterprises where innovations are not being introduced. We would say that the place of private business is only in innovation. Accordingly, those who want to earn a lot – either learn themselves or hire people capable of innovative activities. It is necessary that the trade in consumer goods will be controlled by state corporations and arrogant traders will not be able to cash in simply lifting prices.

  7. The performers (man) decided to play the creators. By definition, this is simply not possible and your Wishlist only in your Wishlist in the section of the mind of the mind of the Self (mine, mine) will remain and will say more, very permissive and even encouraging. But, you should not rejoice (joy) to get the RA -puppeteers – the rulers of the artificial world just do nothing (deceive and play in full), especially in the interests of man and humanity, there is completely different from yours/our wisdom.

How wide is the border between good and evil, can the acts be neither good, but also not evil at the same time?