If the husband and wife are psychologists, is it a plus or minus? What profession is most suitable for marriage with a psychologist?

philosopher+psychologist? Physicist+psychologist? Engineer+psychologist? Seller+psychologist? Businessman+psychologist? Judge+psychologist? Prosecutor+psychologist? General+psychologist? Director+psychologist Psychologist? Teacher+psychologist? … and … T.D ……..

What do you think?

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  1. The psychological compatibility of two people in marriage does not depend much on the profession. The main thing is that there is love, mutual understanding and consent. And the ratio of education and self -education is also important. For example, a kindergarten teacher + a psychologist is a completely viable marriage couple, if there are no barriers between information (information, opinions and knowledge) from one head to another. Kochegar (husband.) + Psychologist (female) is also nothing to worry about. Very creative people, poets, writers, artists, musicians, etc. worked as stokers, etc. Interesting couple: psychiatrist + psychologist. There is both identity and differences. There is something to get and learn from each other. Psychology is applicable to many spheres of life in which a person and his psyche are working. Engineer+psychologist is generally one. There is such a position: an engineer-psychologist. And the Department of Engineering Psychology at the Psychhaf. Director -psychologist – Immediately recalls the book of P.M.ershov “Directing as a practical psychology.” You can also stick a pair of “actor + psychologist” here. Teacher + psychologist – must, logical. Pedagogical psychology. Pilot + psychologist – almost the same as an engineer + psychologist. And the prosecutor would be more suitable for a psychiatrist. In order to gradually cool the prosecutor’s ardor, imperceptibly dissolving the necessary talbets, oh, tablets in glasses with vodka. Businessman + psychologist = seller + psychologist. What business without sales and without psychological manipulations? Physicist + psychologist – if the psychologist focuses on psychophysiology and psychophysics, and the physicist reflects on the incident of observation in physical experiments. General + Psychologist – Generals also need psychological unloading and a separate room (apartment) for her. God forbid, it will overstrain and make an unreasonable decision – will give out an idiotic team to subordinates. After all, the fighters will ruin. Ideally, when a psychologist who naturally has higher education will meet any other professional, also with higher education. But, as I said, the education does not play a decisive role. The main thing is self -education and self -development. So that we are interesting to each other, and are not fond of going to the left.

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