I want to study on an Internet marketer, have reviews about the Skillbox online university?

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  1. I took a course on Internet marketing from Skillbox for training agency employees – I didn’t like it. Information is not systematically given, the basic concepts are not explained. Many special terms such as “lid”, “retention”, “affinity”, etc., which teachers are not explained. They do not explain. Reiniments that the course was recorded “if only to be”, and the methodologist did not work on its content.

  2. There is an outlet of popular courses – Tutortop. If in general, they all do not differ critically (I mean Geekbrains, SoftSkill, Skillbox, etc.) You can find all the information on free resources. However, if you are a complete beginner in this area, it is better and the truth will graduate from one of the well -known system courses and receive a certificate.

  3. There are many reviews on it too, but how much will they help you make a choice? Indeed, for the most part, this is the private experience of a particular person and it may not have anything to do with you. It is important to be able to find rational grain in any reviews – what remains if you remove emotions. Reviews like “Cool course, friendly teachers” or “boring lessons, complex homesh” can be confused. We would recommend concentrating on reviews not so much about the school itself as about the course you have chosen, and there are several on the skillbox. But still, do not start from reviews, but from: the completeness of the program of the teacher of teachers of learning bonuses (career consultations, assistance with employment, internships, bonus courses, installments, etc.) Choose a couple of courses and compare these indicators – you can do it yourself, or use our aggregator Courses – there is a convenient option “Add in comparison”, this will save you a great time.

  4. The question is very interesting. I personally now pass the course “Marketing Director” I like everything. We analyze the topic thoroughly and will always give answers to questions, even if they are “stupid”, the main thing is not afraid to do this. We collect in groups once a week and do DZ (but this is precisely at this rate).

  5. Skillbox Big University, which has over 300 courses and certainly there are weak and niche courses that can affect the rating and reviews of the whole school. For design and marketing, as basic knowledge, they have excellent training for students with really professional authors of courses. In your case, it will be the best options to read the real reviews of students on Headkurs.com and make a decision. The site contains reviews from hundreds of online schools, so if not Skillbox, I am sure that you will find a suitable online school and a course for you

  6. It’s probably too early for me to write a review, I’m learning there now. But I will share what has already passed through) the 1C-developer profession. I like everything. The format is convenient, does not distract from work at all. If something is not clear, we analyze it again, I have already redoed homework several times. Check not like it. While I am satisfied with everything.

  7. Reviews from students diverge, someone received worthy knowledge and they helped them find a new, interesting profession. But someone believes that the courses are held with the minuses of the information business. Many tasks are not explained to the end, it remains to work out on your own. In general, it all depends on what the level of knowledge you have at the moment and what result you are striving for. Skillbox has the opportunity to try a trial task, for free. I advise you to start with him, and there is already deciding there.

  8. I liked my course – “Sketching for designers”. Saturated and very useful turned out to be for me, although I did not come there from scratch, of course)) The presentation of the material was thought out – everything is in the record. You look at any time and do the task. Plus you can’t start the next until the previous one did)

  9. Before making a decision on training, I advise you to carefully read the contract and this review!
    It is not possible to study. Managers lie
    Dilute to the fullest! At first they said that they were ready to return the money if the training did not go, and then they said that this was not possible.
    I decided to refuse, because it is not possible to study by their video!
    I left an application with a claim, with … Read more

  10. Regarding the indignation, they say “provide access to the platform, and it is written that they provide a course” – you were provided with access to the platform on which this very course is located. I read with the hand of the face, however, the accusation is sucked out of the finger.
    I acquired a course by profession Data Scientist lasting a year and a half, so far everything is satisfied. Great feedback and through the back form … Read more

  11. I bought a course: an Internet marketer.
    Rare slag. They don’t teach anything, they show a personal account on the example of a test account, where there is no access to a good half of functionality. Only audible: well, look independent

    It was very disappointing that I somehow signed up for a free webinar to one person, which owns a large public VK and sells its courses … Read more

  12. Also almost stuck in Skillbox. I was already ready to pay for more than 100 mowers for the course, as I thought … Let me read the reviews. And she was horrified, they write one negative. They opened the course for me for 3 days, I did not open anything new for myself from the first module. Refused. Then the manager without hesitation, right away, immediately made a 50% discount on the course)) shorter than Sharaga …. don’t even think!

  13. Now I also plan to courses for them, two months ago I opened trial lessons in terms of “layout” and “JavaScript”, I liked the presentation of the material, everything is clear, without water. I don’t understand why many do not like to watch in the record, in my opinion it is very convenient, there is no binding by time. About constant calls … My number has been in their database for three months, but during this time to me … Read more

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