I forgot the password from WiFi how to find out?

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  1. If you need WiFi for your phone, then those methods that offer for a computer (Windows) will not work for you. How to find out the forgotten password from Wi-Fi? In android, find the WPA_SUPPLICANT.CONF file, according to the next path/misc/wifi/wpa_supPlicant.conf. The file can be found in the ES program. You need to open a file in a notebook type program. Near the line PSK is the WiFi password. But this is for those who have Root on the phone. Those. Complete administrator rights. In my opinion, the real way to recall the WiFi password is to climb into the router settings and enter your password there.

  2. A password from home Wi-Fi will help you remember a few simple ways. So: the first way. If your gadget has already been connected to this network earlier, then the password can be viewed in the settings. On Windows 7 and 8, you need to go to the “Total Access Control Center”, then – “Management of Wireless Networks”. Press on the desired network with the right mouse button, and select “properties” in the opened window. On the Safety tab, you need to put the daw on the contrary “display the entered signs”, and the “Network Security Key” field must indicate the password from the selected Windows 10: “Networks and total access control center” – “Wireless Network) ” -” Properties of the wireless network ” -” safety “, a daw on the contrary” display the entered signs “, and the password from the selected network should be indicated in the” key key “field. Using WirelesskyViews Windows XP: Everything is the same/using the WirelesskyView program. The second is the second. In the settings of the router. The third is the third. In the settings of the router. In TP-Link: through the cable we connect to the router, then in the browser we tear off the address 192.168.1/, after which we indicate the user name and password (for example, Admin and Admin). On the “Wireless” tab/wireless mode, open “Wireless Security”/Protection of the Wireless Development, and the “Wireless Password” field is a password. ASUS: everything is exactly the same, the password is indicated in the “System state” point (in the field “WPA-PSK key”). On D-Link routers: Settings-Wi-Fi Safety Settings, your password is written in the PSK encryption key. Zyxel and Tenda in the same way are looking for the third. Reset settings and a new setting of the router.

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