How wide is the border between good and evil, can the acts be neither good, but also not evil at the same time?

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  1. Can not. They can only be kind and evil at the same time. So I painted the fence. The business will not be good. But the evil-style is annoying. But good is happy, the fence painted like in humans. But the evil another neighbor was leaning and now his wife with the mats of his coat cleans. Any act carries good and evil. Even the lack of act where it was supposed

  2. Most of our deeds are this very “norm”, which is not assessed either as good or evil. All types of rescue activity in relation to another are usually considered to be likely: “… was hungry and fed, was thirsty and drunk, was a wanderer and gave shelter…”. Getting rid of suffering, from pain. They usually call acts that make another person suffer. When, as a result of acts, the suffering of others does not decrease and does not increase, this is the norm. And this is not connected either with good or evil. When I work for the benefit of other people or my company (bake bread, I produce milk, I build at home …,) I get my fee for such work and you should not consider such a job good.

  3. Everything is known in comparison, so the distinguishing between good and evil is the cornerstone in the development of the mind. After all, it was no coincidence that our cosmic parents planted on Earth “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. What is the essence of good? In the good of creation. What is the essence of evil? In the destruction and destruction of the created. The challenge of the mind is that good cannot be approved by evil, destroying or destroying it, for in fact it will become them. The wisdom and insight of good – not allowing evil to commit, depriving him of strength and motivation for destruction and destruction. There may not be a person’s deeds “neutral”, since every good carries a bit of evil, and vice versa. The bottom line is that as there is no absolute good, there is no absolute evil.

  4. If we accept the interpretation of the Eastern sages about our universe and the understanding of the world’s energy of qi that carries yin and yang. That good and evil is a manifestation of yin and yang. And this is to say that evil and good are two sides of one medal and they always complement each other. Between them there is no border, they are in each other. Can there be any kind of deeds, but not bad at the same time. Yes, they can also be called harmony! This is my personal opinion and I do not impose it on anyone. Sincerely

  5. There is no border. You can imagine absolute evil with good, and to expose good as evil. It happens. Oh how it happens! Want examples? Then look at the 30-year past of the country and your past of the same prescription. Then it was of fashion to accuse the CPSU of all sins, to represent the party with a kind of monstrous monster. And one of the main functionaries of this party (for his drunken grimaces and jumps, other obscurity) suddenly turned out to be * persecuted and persecuted * in the eyes of the people of Nimona for freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity *. Employees of the media of the Russian Federation of that time (according to the call of the dollar, not to be confused with* calling the heart*), managed to get people unknown to people. And the evil that was visible by an armed eye turned into good. The Minister of Propaganda of the 3rd Reich was right a thousand times: “The thicker you will lie, the sooner to believe the layman!”. Those who have finances, media, power structures in their hands, they will be able to impose on everyone else *in poor *, all that they wish that they will consider it necessary. By the way, prove at least one example than EP is better than the former CPSU.

  6. Between good and evil, the boundaries in nature are absent. They are built by a construct, laid down from the initial stages of manner for a person by a person in order to insert him into a public line structure of duality format. The structure is useful, but applying it as a basis throughout life means to voluntarily remain a child 12-18 years old for life. The breadth of the border determines only your thinking and the ability to correctly relate to both aspects (as long as you need them in this form) at a certain stage of personal evolution, all deeds cease to have a sign (as in their original natural form, before the beginning of the allya format of the duality of these acts.)

  7. Any abuses are evil. And everything that is in moderation is good. Between good and evil a thin border. For example, an inconspicuous transition to evil under the guise of good, already means evil. Everything false is evil, although it is faked for good, but carries an evil target. Our stereotypes are the mechanical performance of the whole dribble, but inappropriate stereotypes become evil. There is no middle between good and evil, but there is a thin border.

  8. If no one evaluates the deeds, then these are just an act. Good and evil is an assessment from someone’s position of some kind of act within the framework of “good”-“bad”. Good and bad – this is absolutely everything that suits the appraiser or does not suit him.
    But how can anyone evaluate my act within this framework when “I raised my right hand”? No one will be able to justify their assessment, “It’s good … Read more

  9. The size of the boundaries is subjective, as well as concepts, for gaining experience about “good and evil” not correct for the other reason. And this problem will not disappear until this problem is planned from the standpoint of morality and development. This is the most difficult choice, but nature will take “its”. Otherwise, “Babylonian” will hang over us .. Read more

  10. Oh, yes, not that, easily. And not good and not evil deeds, as they say, nothing personal, everything is on the case. Gold was yours, it became ours. Volodarsky: “Give a report, lost, help!” “You are fighting, and the two red -wire are guarding you.” It seems to be guarded, so good and kind that they guard. But that the prisoners are rowing to the front, it seems like it is also good. N. Totodorovsky: … Read more

  11. The point is in intentions. In motives. Sometimes acts entail undesirable consequences, but if a person was thinking, he took reasonable efforts to be aware of the consequences, then such an act cannot be considered evil.
    So you had breakfast with your wife, got up, removed from the table and washed the dishes. What did you have in your head?
    – I will get away that I would not wait until she is being filled?
    – My survivor … Read more

  12. Good and evil are peculiar scales. Our whole life consists of thoughts and actions in a two -dimensional system of good and evil. But this does not mean that in nature there is only one such two -dimensional system. There are others. To expand your consciousness and break out of the usual things will require us very much effort.

  13. Evil and good are two extremes that are subject to very radical interpretations. Almost any deed has even a small one – but a shade – both good and its opposites. A well -known example is a phrase about “good with fists” – the answer to it for many sounds very unambiguous – good has the right to punish evil – and only some of the doubt or denial … Read more

  14. I think we must first determine what good and evil are before looking for a border between them.
    In religion, good and evil is determined by God. God decides and says in His holy book what is good and evil. And priests interpret what is written there for ordinary people.
    But the fact is that there are many different religions, and priests in each religion interpret in their own way. Religious … Read more

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