How useful is it in marketing to study someone else’s experience?

There is an opinion that it is extremely rare to look at other people’s ideas in the field of marketing, because they were used by a specific company in specific conditions and to solve specific problems. With the use of it seems clear, but is the difficulty of direct use makes a meaningless study?

What do you think?

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  1. You can and should be acquainted with the cases of competitors, but when meeting you cannot definitely perceive their experience as the only possible scenario. For example, among the very first models with sensory screens (analogues of modern smartphones) were the Philips 550 /755 and Nokia 7700 models. Does someone remember something loud about these smartphone models? I doubt. They were clearly not a market bomb, but the first iPhone was a breakthrough. If you ask for an accidental passerby which of the brands made the first touch smartphone, then most will immediately remember Apple. Nokia’s product was cool and functional, but the technologies themselves for sensory control at that time were not ready for the mass market, and Apple began its advancement in this market precisely at the moment when the new touch panels were really suitable for controlling the finger of one hand . If Apple then looked at the experience of competitors in this area, not taking into account the pace of market development and technology, then the market would never see the iPhone. From this we can conclude that the analysis of competitors’ experience is useful, but at the same time it is very important to carefully study why the competitor’s experience was successful (or vice versa) in order to complement his development strategy. To act under a carbon copy, using only the experience of competitors, as a rule, it is pointless in 100% of cases.

  2. I believe that the analysis of cases (as well as competitors) is a mandatory activity for any business, what can we say about marketers. It is clear that this is a specific situation, tasks and conditions that cannot be repeated 100%, but it is not only possible, but also necessary to get interesting ideas from someone else’s experience. I always “drown” for it!

  3. I believe that the analysis of cases (as well as competitors) is a mandatory activity for any business, what can we say about marketers. It is clear that this is a specific situation, tasks and conditions that cannot be repeated 100%, but it is not only possible, but also necessary to get interesting ideas from someone else’s experience. I always “drown” for it!

  4. Not so much useful as necessary. At least see where colleagues look. Some in marketing begin with the study of competitors, and this is the study of someone else’s experience of marketers, so this is not like someone else’s experience, but a working scheme. And yet, each hypothesis of a marketer can be like a useful experience in practice.

  5. Analysis of competitors is one of the most important stages in strategic planning. They learn from their mistakes, make a career on strangers, there is such a phrase. The analysis of competitors firstly will facilitate, for example, the formation of an audience, the search for sales and promotion channels, because if a competitor has it and it works successfully, you can take the same models into service, and secondly, competitive analysis will indicate the weaknesses of rivals to The market that you can make better/cheaper/more convenient for your product/service, so your product will be either more profitable in production or more attractive for the final consumer.

  6. Understanding the theory without practical examples is extremely difficult, and sometimes completely impossible. Therefore, the study of other people’s ideas and cases should be approached precisely from this side – as a mandatory study of the practical application of theoretical knowledge. So it will be possible to avoid errors! After all, you can study not only the positive cases of specific companies in specific situations, but unsuccessful attempts and failures – it will not work to introduce a new one, but it will be quite possible to avoid “pitfalls”. A lot of examples will be in any marketing books. Studying history is an opportunity to positively affect this very story. The USS: read not only specialized books, but also periodic media on the topic. So the information will do modern, the one that is used “right right now”.

  7. Borrowing experience as an effective method of improving business. Experienced experience should be studied. It is useful, needed. But someone else’s experience should not be the basis of your work. Why do not focus on others. We will tell you that you have read a successful example of the online store about sales with YouTube. They described how they came to the decision to focus on the video, how they organized the process, due to which they made a breakthrough, which worked best. You try to “copy” their decision, applying it at home. But for some reason, he does not achieve the same effect. This could have several reasons. 1. You are not a competing company. It does not mean that you are worse or better. You are just different. You have other people, a different organization of labor, other relations. In short, everything else. 2. The solution is not original. You read about the decision of the competitor, and now you think: “Yeah, I’m cunning, I’ll do like them and no one will know.” But you forget that from a dozen other competitors we got acquainted with the decision. Perhaps only five of them will introduce him. Perhaps only three will introduce it competently. Express someone else’s experience by copying you may have a good result or not very importantly not to stop – improve.

  8. Hello! 🙂 To study does not mean copying. It’s strictly dangerous to copy, and not so much for ethical reasons as from logic – indeed, there is no universal pill, here as in medicine: we look at the patient and study it especially read. Another thing is that studying other people’s cases is the most valuable resource to predict the effectiveness Your own marketing. This allows you to step on someone else’s rake, and the best solutions are to implement. The most important point: each area has its own characteristics. For example, I am engaged in luxury marketing in the Swiss watches. Over the past 5 years, I have been promoting the brand in E-Com: So the transaction cycle we have as in real estate. Almost none of the marketers understand how to lead us, we first have to eat a whole dog to figure it out 🙂 But if you pay attention to metrics and analytics in adjacent industries, then gaps and risks of losing budgets, it becomes much less.

  9. I will tell you a secret that marketing theorists just summarized someone else’s experience. And then they wrapped them in beautiful models like 4P or 4C. And in principle, all management, as well as marketing included in it, is an analysis of the processes that have already occurred, their aggregation and the allocation of general. And since this is the experience of the past, that is, the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of these marketing events. I used the experience of the past, when I transferred marketing techniques from one industry to another. It worked with a bang until competitors began to copy. Very often, marketing chips are transferred from B2C to B2B and vice versa. Everywhere people make a decision and nothing is alien to them.

  10. Studying someone else’s experience in marketing is extremely useful and even necessary. Especially if the niche is new, in which you have not yet worked. Marketing itself implies analysis, research, testing.
    What is it for? – In order not to repeat other people’s mistakes.
    Before starting to work, we study cases of other specialists on this subject. We look:
    – with what … Read more

  11. Very useful.
    Firstly, it develops your goodness-you begin to roughly understand what advertising in what niches what results can bring. It is clear that this gives a very rude performance, but still.
    Secondly, it helps to find growth zones and new ideas. If you see how something works well for competitors-this is an occasion to think and possibly implement … Read more

  12. It always makes sense to know what is happening on the market and how competitors or companies from other niches act, because it is the combination of your knowledge and the experience gained (just this very analysis) – can give phenomenal results. Increase a goodwill and think how you can apply a particular approach in your business.
    You do not need to try in any case … Read more

  13. I will take advantage of the authority of Philip Kotler, Kartajaia Herman, Iven Netiard and quote from their new book “Marketing 5.0. Next generation technologies”:
    > The predictive model is aimed at detecting patterns in already implemented marketing activities to understand what works, and already on the basis of these conclusions to recommend the optimal design … Read more

  14. Marketing is a complex research activity that includes and is not limited to studying someone else’s experience.
    In order to qualitatively study someone else’s experience, it is necessary to conduct research and understand how one or another result was achieved, what activity brought maximum benefits, etc.
    Recently, Internet users who are far from marketing are all … Read more

  15. I did not think that they would begin to quote me. Well, I will support.
    However, the answer to this question has already given and it sounded something like this:
    > Sometimes, in the event of a crisis of ideas, it can be useful to look at someone else’s experience. Identify and study errors. As a result, develop something of your own.
    For someone, perhaps this is a lot.
    As for me, this is not enough to talk about the benefits of studying someone else’s … Read more

  16. Well, you can look at someone else’s experience through errors and solutions. Most often, everything looks smooth in cases: they just started doing things → got a cool result.
    But in fact – many companies try different tools and then throw them. For example, if a business tried to go on social networks and try to sell through them. Therefore, you can look at the groups of competitors: … Read more

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