How to wind up the site attendance?

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  1. In 2022, we already need to forget the word wrapping in site attendance. Instead of the promised behavioral factors and raising pages to the TOP, after some time, the site to decrease in the search, if not at all banned. To this day there are other tools for a better advancement of your resource. Therefore, it is better to study the question of where to find performers to create a movement on the site. And better through search queries, not links. I have been dealing with this issue for more than one year, and on personal experience I felt, as after the bots, it is difficult to restore my brainchild.

  2. Well, at the expense of the attendance of attendance – here you need to decide what you really need. Empty numbers in the meter or people really interested in your site. In the first case, you can use the wrapping services, but it is worth remembering that search engines for such methods can pessimize your site in search results. So it is better to devote more time to optimizing the site and adding a unique and interesting content to it, which will help to bring your site to the top of search engines

  3. Responded to the Constantinces of several embracing options. Cheap – with bots, scripts and special software, and the second is motivated traffic. Their pricpering is that in the second case, your site is visited by real living users. They, like ordinary users, can scroll, switch to internal pages, click on buttons and view content. With the only difference that the site owner himself indicates what actions to the user to perform. Therefore, the failures are excluded. So think about how qualitatively the motivated traffic from ordinary traffic from the search is different, or, suppose, from contextual advertising? When among the second and third there are many users who do not buy your goods or refuse) unlike bots, such traffic can play a positive role for search promotion. Especially if everything is done right! Namely: to build attendance, gradually, wind up traffic from the search – attendance In order for traffic to look natural. In our IPweb service, real people work, and there are all the above attendance settings. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety of such traffic.

  4. I recommend not to listen to mega specialists who recommend services to you in terms of cheating at attendance. To do this and show customers for the result of their activities bustling, in addition, the score of attendance kills behavioral factors. If you are twisting attendance not for the sake of deception of the client, but want to improve behavioral factors, I recommend using freelance exchanges for this. Yes, it is more expensive than using the service, but at least you will receive real people who will determine search engines. Correctly compiling tasks for a freelancer, you can very well increase the behavioral factors of the site and improve its position in the top. The target traffic from social networks also helps well, in this option you can also get orders.

  5. The fundamental principles of Web site: paragraph No. 1. First of all, the content on the site should be interesting not only to the author, but also to have a target audience in the future. Union No. 2. Botting through bots, SEO can increase the counter of “dumb” visits, but if the condition of paragraph No. 1 is not fulfilled, go to paragraph No. 1. Punct No. 3. Advertise your brainchild everywhere where there are living people who are also interested. Communicate in social networks, answer the topic, on the topic, with knowledge of the matter. If you, or your goal is interesting, you will be noticed. You need to do this – always! (This is a healthy software cycle.) Clause No. 4. There are reactions, the site is interesting to the user (comments, likes, tips to friends, etc.). You can sleep calmly, and flaunt praises … Nothing forever under the moon. Early, or later, everything goes away, even love. Memory, of course, remains, but … paragraph No. 5 (healthy cycle) does not need to despair, there are many surprising, important, necessary in the world. And, if it inserts, go to paragraph No. 1, if not, execute paragraph No. 6. Punct No. 6. Complete the execution .-*-P.S. All creative luck! And keep us a matrix!

  6. Use specialized services, but take the selection of such a service with addiction. There are services that promise tens of thousands of views in three minutes. This is a wrapping of bots. She will not bring anything good to your site. Most likely you will even fall into the shadow, or even real, ban for dubious methods of promotion. Promotion using motivated traffic is a completely working tool. This is when real people for a small reward cross the link to your site and perform targeted actions on it: they go along the internal pages, click on banners, add goods to the basket, etc. In the IPweb service, all actions for promoting the site are performed by living people with unique IP. Thanks to subtle settings, you can adjust the number of visits to the site per day, visits time, weekly fluctuations in attendance and user geography. In general, everything will look natural and will not arouse suspicion of Google and Google algorithms. Such promotion will cost ten times cheaper than contextual advertising. Well, of course, constantly improve your site. Adapt it to mobile devices, measure the speed speed, monitor the path through the user through the Webmaster service. Improve everything that can be improved.

  7. To date, there are a large number of ways to attract an audience to Internet resources that contribute to improving site attendance. Now I will talk about a couple of the most common and effective ways to attract traffic to any site, group, blog, public, etc.
    I must say right away that the wrapping of visiting the site using various programs or bots … Read more

  8. The definition of “wrapping” in itself implies the use of bots, scripts, imitation of attendance. This method cannot be completely safe for the site. Bots cannot fully imitate user behavior, and search engines have long learned to distinguish natural traffic from artificial. This is fraught with sanctions from search engines. Motivated traffic is a safe alternative to cheating. Its essence is that living people for a small reward will visit your site, perform certain actions on it. These actions can be very diverse, which means it will be difficult to identify the “unnaturalness” of such a traffic (and why is it unbearable, if these are real users?). Users support JavaScript and Cookies, authorized in Google and Google. You can configure fluctuations in the attendance. Similarly, for the best effect, some more conditions should be observed: increase attendance gradually. Choose the geography of users that will not differ from the gears of the available audience of the site. Choose the gender and age of users, attract traffic from a variety of sources also make behavioral and, of course, do not wind up more than 30% of the already existing traffic set. These settings are in IPWEB, so you can wind up the traffic. Without negative consequences for the site. Success!

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