How to upload photos on Instagram without loss of quality?

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  1. There will be fewer losses in quality, especially by color rendering, if you keep photos through Save For Web in Photoshop. And it is even better to save in PNG format. The size of the photo is not less than 1080 PX on the long side. I usually do 1200 px. If from the phone, I process in Snapseed and save in PNG too. I also noticed an interesting feature: when I upload a photo from the phone, brightness, contrast and saturation decreases. You have to correct them on a standard Instagram editor. And when I load through Creator Studio on Facebook, everything turns out excellent.

  2. So that Instagram does not cut the quality either in Stories or in the posts we go to our Instagram account, the three points on the right of the top-setup-accounting data in the cellular network. There will be an option “Mediaontent in high resolution” select a mobile inrterenet+wifi. Well, or the option you need) and Insta will cease to cut quality)

  3. All social networks compress photos if it is too large. It can be a compression of both by pixels and by by-by-by. This is done so that the images open quickly. When loading large images, compressed but slightly crooked, and sharpness falls. In order to not be, I advise you to reduce the image in Photoshop or other editor up to 1080 pixies. in height and max. up to 1200-1500 pix. By width. In this case, the sharpness will fall a little. Further, in order to fix this using the “smart sharpness” tool (the maximum possible image for this tool is 1,500 pexes. For the biggest side), you need to increase the sharpness of a reduced image. And only then load on social networks.

  4. Response Savichv with any case Instagram will squeeze your photo up to 1080 pixels, if it is more. If you publish photos from 320 to 1080 pixels, Instagram retains its original resolution, if the ratio of the sides of the photo is from 1.91: 1 to 4: 5, the ratio The sides of the photo do not go beyond, it will be cut to the permitted size.

  5. The easiest way to send ready -made photos or videos in Telegram with a file, I always do this, this will give a maximum quality. It is important to understand that Instagram will still cut your quality. But if you load 100 percent image – it will cut it off you will download the image processed and weighing 50 percent of the original – it will cut it off. I recommend everything to be preserved first in the chosen ones in telegrams, and then make a post. There is also a life hack, get yourself another account for the test, so you can see how your posts will look and whether everything suits you in quality.

  6. Little introductory: to lay out in the tape or in Storis? For example, if you load storis from android devices, then Instagram will squeeze them very hard. And you need to use either a third-party service (for example, SMMPlanner, if you work with social networks), or some third-party applications (for example, Instander)

  7. I’ll add to the comment above that it is best to load the image and not higher than the hazernation of 1080×1080, but exactly the same (although it is difficult to realize from the phone). The photo will in any case be converted by their system for such a resolution, which will lead to a loss of quality than than If it is unloaded in such a resolution initially.

  8. Easy peasy. If the photo is shot on a mirror or a mirror, or some other device, then naturally we edit it in Photoshop and other programs.
    After editing, the ratio of the sides of the photo by 4: 5 (vertical photo) should be changed. This action will lead to the fact that you will need to cut off something from the photo.
    Then you need to change the size of the photo itself by … Read more

  9. Instagram does not support the download of the photo from the computer, so you can only do this from the phone/tablet. The maximum resolution of the photo is 1080×1080, take a photo with a resolution of at least this. It is worth remembering one feature of JPEG images, driving them many times through various processing programs, the photo is stored each time in a new way, and, accordingly … Read more

  10. Make a photo of the maximum quality and process it yourself on the phone, given the rules of publication. In order not to disappear, the quality of the photo in Institute does not disappear, the proportion must be observed so that the instrument does not adjust and cut the photos, but retains the initial dimensions and quality.

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