How to unlock the Facebook account and our business page on Instagram?

We created an Instagram account and business account Facebook, tied them. They loaded the posts, launched advertising. After a certain time, Facebook was requested to attach a photo with the page owner. After the photo was attached, everything went to check. Instagram left after – they requested a confirmation code from the phone and after the account went to check. The rules were not violated. They did not use prohibited words. They did not work subscribers. Need help with unlocking.

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  1. Everything is very complicated with Facebook, so difficult that we tried to rename the account (URL) of our page on the simple basis that the company’s name was so remembered. They did not go to meet us. In your case, if you do not deal with the reasons for the blocking (they are not known to us), I can advise you to constantly pull the support service and prove documented blocking erroneousness. I’ll tell you that, they just don’t block it.

  2. It is completely clear to him that with the Instagram account. You can unlock the Facebook account in the following way. If the account has just requested a subouring, send him what he requested. Usually this is a photo or photo of a personality certificate. Next, there is a check. It usually takes a day. But in connection with Pandemia, now everything is more complicated. If the account is already disabled, then the option is only to write tearful letters in support of Facebook. The same goes for a blocked business manager. There are no guarantees for unlocking, but sometimes it turns out to be returned.

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