How to remove the limit of Internet speed?

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  1. Good afternoon, dear experts. Let me first denote one fact of which many here doubt. The provider does not cut you speed, he does not need to do it. This will not bring any practical, financial, systemic and any other benefit to the provider, he does not need your 30mbit/second. This is in the literal sense of “drop in the sea”, and now let’s move on to the situation. To start the diagnosis, you need to find out the settings that it provides us Provider, this is: IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server Provider. You can find out in the router’s settings, if the PC is connected without a router, then IPConfig needs to write on the command line, there will be settings there. Now, if we have a connection through a router, we connect a computer without using it (I hope you don’t have an optics from the provider 🙂 ), score manual settings in the network parameters in the IPV4 section. After we connected the PC directly without a router, we need to run the PC in safe mode with the loading of network drivers to reduce the load of any programs to a minimum, after loading, we go to the SpeedTest site from Ookla. either on NPERF and select the servers closest to us and measured, under normal conditions, the ping should be 1-5 to the nearest servers, with a 100Mbit/second tariff, the speed of your Internet should start from 90Mbit/second directly, this actually means when he writes when he writes “Speed ​​up to 100ms.” If we are talking about Vita-Para, do not forget about the length of the cable, the equipment of the provider does not stand on your floor, usually it is an attic or a basement (technical story) and a cable despite the fact that it is insulated and filmed, the same Due to the length of the cable, there can be a signal extinction. We check the speed if the speed is more than 90mbit in a safe mode, then everything is OK with the provider, if the speed is less, then it will turn to the provider so that it would send a technique with a test laptop for a detailed check. If in safe mode Everything OK return to normal mode and connect from the router (do not forget to remove static settings on the PC so that it receives them from the router automatically). The rock can be cut: this is associated with the LAN port of the router (change to another connector), with the cable that is coming to the PC from the router (change), there may be a problem due to programs on the PC (turn off everything as much as possible), the speed can also be distributed between devices, if something it will also take part of the speed by Wi-Fi, it will also take part of the speed (turn off them), the qos function (prioritization of traffic) can set the settings that all the speed is given to the LAN port of your PC can be included in the routers. Since the Internet can influence the Internet. A very large number of factors, the fastest and optimal option is to order a equipment departure in order to diagnose speeds, you will be made at 90% for free and, together with the technician, engage in measurements and diagnostics.

  2. Indeed, the speed of the Internet depends on your tariff at the Povider. As a rule, the more you pay, the higher the speed. However, Windows can cut the channel itself, taking part to updates and other functions. But all this can be turned off through the control panel. I am also hit by such an instruction, to edit group policies that remove speed restrictions inside the OS,

  3. Answer the mobile phone than advising something you need to find out on which side of the restriction. “Narrow neck” can be both an operator (tariff, equipment settings, a damaged cable, etc.) and a client (a weak router, “weak” PC, strange traffic due to eternal updates and many others. To find the reason you need to go From the operator to the final user, cutting off all the reasons. Example: operator tariff 100ms – WAN Port – WiFi Laptop, set in another room and speed on WiFi (in statistics) of not more than 36 Mbps. Combine or buy a WiFi repiter in accordance with the cable.

  4. Hi, I hope the way will help. But if you are afraid to take a chance, it’s better not necessary. This restriction in the case of a PC on Windows 10 can be quite simple, you will need to change the basic value of TTL. On the PC, open the “execute” utility by clamping the “Win ​​+ R” keys. Enter the word regedit and click on “OK.” Transfers along the way hKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlset TCPIP PARAMEMETERS to get into the necessary directory. Create the desired parameter in the folder. If you work on a PC with Windows 10 32-bit, then you will need to manually create a line. Click the PKM from scratch, select “Create”, and then “Dword (32 bits) parameter.” Select “Dword (64 bit) parameter” if the Windows 10 64-bit is installed. The name “Defaultttl” and click twice, To open the properties. Get out the point “Paul” point to choose this calculation system. Supporting 65 and click on “OK”. All is ready. Now restart the PC. In the whole, you can do this immediately on the phone, but then you need a routine Android. If you do not have Win10, or Mac, then Google to help. Everything is done by analogy. I hope that it will help you.

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