How to promote an online store?

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  1. In order to promote the online store, it is necessary to bring traffic to it and take care of the conversion and offline component (call center, delivery, convenience of payment, and so on)

    The main sources of traffic
    Paid advertisement: contextbannerennoe advertising advertising re -rendingregeting advertising in social networks in markets, aggregators, ratings and catalog -partner programs

    Conditionally free: seo groups on social networks and their active maintenance of separately highlight the Instagram account (let it be a social network, but you need to separately highlight as a very effective sales channel in many topics) live communication in super-profile forums by the specialists of your store (that crowd but already more adequate) e-mail newsletters and push traffic
    Based on the effect of synergy, as well as from the fact that the presence of as many canals as possible to attract traffic to a greater extent guarantees stability (one channel fell off, but five more for example), it is extremely recommended to develop several sources of traffic at once.

    Take care of commercial factors. Work on the UX interface. Study the sales funnel and optimize it like all the processes of the store.

    Of course, special attention should be paid to processes that occur in offline, delivery, receiving calls and other things that are very difficult and strongly affecting the promotion of the store.

    In general, systematic and tireless work will lead your store to payback, and this is already an achievement in a competitive niche.

  2. To promote the online store, you can use several channels. Much depends on the niche in which your business is located. You can choose several channels, for example, optimize your sash site for search queries and order advertising. Add your products to services such as Google Market and Google purchases. Create pages for a store in popular social networks. One of the effective channels for attracting visitors to the site is email marketing. Put contact with your users. It can simply be registered people, buyers or visitors signed for your updates). Collect and systematize your base, divide it into groups to send personalized letters. With helping services for mailings, you can configure trigger letters for different events. These can be abandoned baskets, the user viewed by the user, please write a review. Letters with a reminder work very well, for example, a product that was not available was received, a discount on the goods in the chosen one appeared. The mailing list is also well suited for notifying subscribers about promotions, new products and other important information, which concerns your online store. Another advantage of email marketing is automation. You can once configure the chain of letters and then it will work without your participation. Messengers are very popular, with their help you can report on different events of the company in a concise form, attracting additional traffic to the site. You can also use offline promotion. A performance as a partner at specialized events, a draw of gifts or instant discounts among participants. In any case, you should not dwell on one method of promotion. Use several channels in the complex, this makes it possible to understand which one works more efficiently.

  3. There are dozens of ways to promote the site, including an online store. First of all, it is worth promoting a store in search engines. To get into the top issuance, you need to publish high-quality content on the site. Crowd-marketing is also useful to make good crowd marketing for the site to get return links. You can increase the citation of your site. Moreover, everything will be done quite high quality than after typical runs in catalogs. Read the Pro reviews there to understand which areas are suitable for you. Well the SEO specialist, as I said above, you need to promote your site in the search. There you can get excellent traffic. To do this, hire SEO specialists. They will carry out comprehensive work. Subscribe your texts by changing the photos. Improve the design. They will also carry out technical work on your site. It is very important that the site quickly loads and has a good mobile version. Mobile First, to advance without a mobile version is impossible. The main search today goes from mobile devices. Experts will speed up the work of your site and make it more attractive to users. This will improve behavioral skills and will certainly increase conversions. Most, one good way to promote the store – the promotion of the group in popular social networks. Ideally, it is nice to have groups on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram. There you can find non-overeating audiences. It is also important to start your channel on YouTube and publish viral videos that are somehow related to your products. I assure you if your social networks will be conducted by professionals – the effect will be significant. Truth, here the issue of limiting budgets arises. If you do not have enough money, it is better not to grab everything at once. Choose one thing. Or work on promotion in search engines and pay the SEO specialist. Or pay for the promotion of the SMM-driver in one of the social networks. I really do not advise you to do hack and spray. This will only damage your online store. I hope that the answer was able to fully answer your question.

  4. First of all, you need to work out the store’s site itself – it should be clear and convenient for buyers, have a modern and adaptive design, quickly load, etc. Otherwise, any methods of promotion will lead to the fact that a potential client will visit your site, but will never make a purchase. You can also use various marketing life hacks on the site itself, focusing on the target audience. For example: competent design of advertising offers – an exact size of the discount, the benefit for the buyer, crossed out the old price, the duration of the action, etc. Tracking behavior and a proposal of catchy decisions. First of all, this is the recommendation of additional goods, accessories, etc. Providing the maximum information about the product-reviews, 3D images and models, etc. For sales on the Internet (especially through social networks, for example, Instagram), mini-sites made Through the designers of multi -lines. Now we will talk directly about the methods of promotion. They can be reduced to several main groups: 1) contextual advertising promote your Google store. This gives a quick result, you can get the first customers a few hours after starting the campaign. You can configure advertising in the search, media advertising, remarketing/retargeting, etc. 2) SEO processes also work on the store’s website itself, but from the position of search optimization. You will have to analyze competitors, assemble a semantic core, build a site structure, use microstatic, delete duplicate, remove errors, etc. 3) SMM process is the promotion of your site on social networks. Today, any business is presented in Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook and on other sites. Create accounts where your TU is present, draw up a page, publish content and promote it-this will interest users and bring it to your website. 4) Sender-Mail, SMS, Push, messengers and other channels. You should have a customer base (you can also find it on the network on special resources, configure the newsletter on the database of mobile operators, etc.), through which the newsletter is launched. Depending on the format, the design may vary. In some cases, a chain of letters starts. You can indicate reports of promotions, unique offers, discounts, etc. You can also place your goods on marketplaces, catalogs and other sites.

  5. Today, there are already so many different channels and ways to promote that most online stores, especially young ones, are simply not realistic to cover all these methods. In most cases, the online store grabbing everything and immediately wasting the budget to promote and does not receive return, because it is enough just a little, but does not dig deep. It is better to choose 2-3 channels and pump them deep. Which channels to choose? It depends on the subject, budget, structure of the store’s site itself, business processes and other factors. For example, one store will easily pump SEO. T.K. A site with a good structure, a large assortment and generally objectively better than competitors. Therefore, such a site will easily advance in the TOP and collect traffic. If there are any DIY products online store, then you can work well on YouTube. If we take contextual advertising, then in some niches the market can be overheated and the context will be unscrewed at a loss. Therefore, the first thing to do is to understand where your target audience is, what and how it is looking for, where it spends time on the Internet (forums for mothers/needlewomen, groups in social networks with entertainment content, watch video of master reds on YouTube for repair car, etc.). To analyze competitors – which channels they use. Then select 2-3 channels and start work. The main thing that I wanted to say is no need to grab at once for everything. Otherwise, it is 100% budget drainage.

  6. Try to configure communication with visitors and customers.
    But mass mailings are too similar to spam. In order for communication to increase conversions, it needs to be automated and b) personalize it.
    At first glance, the first contradicts the second, but this is not so. Advanced marketing automation services (Emarcis) make it possible to track the activity of visitors to the site and automatically send trigger messages by any event – from an abandoned basket to a viewed page with certain goods. Based on the same information, commodity recommendations can be substituted in any messages.
    A good newsletter “ties” the subscribers to the brand – if you are looking for examples, subscribe to Huckberry or J.Crew 🙂

  7. To promote an online store, it is necessary to engage in its promotion. Promotion is marketing actions to attract new customers, increase sales and brand recognition. They can be divided into three main directions: SEO-process is a set of works so that your site is well indexed and the pages of your online store fall into high positions in the issuance of search engines. As a result, a larger number of users see your site and switch to it, unlike other sites that are at lower positions in the issuance. Work on social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. Ideal sites to find your target audience and build communication: communicate, talk about your store, motivate to buy and attract new customers. Advertising. Types of advertising are many, as well as places for its placement. For example, advertising videos and animation can be used in social networks and on television, banners and text messages- as offline and online advertising. For online advertising, you can configure targeting or publish it statically so that all the audience of the resource see it. And for offline advertising-to print ads in newspapers and magazines, distribute leaflets at exhibitions and give postcards with your branded design. We have collected a complete list of directions and tools for promoting an online store in the form of a convenient intelligence card. It is easy to navigate and choose the methods that are relevant for the features of your work: to see and save the intelligent card “Methods of promoting the online store”. Choose directions and tools and act. Be sure to analyze the results. Based on the experience, you can move more effectively and spin faster. The advanced advance is worth advance only when your online store has been prepared for this: a convenient and understandable catalog of goods has been created for visitors. How to do this, you can read in the article “How to create the structure of the online store: a catalog in which everything is clear.” Product cards are replaced: photos and videos, detailed descriptions and characteristics are added, the necessary concomitant information, for example, guarantee obligations or dimensional mesh are applied Different ways of payment and delivery of goods have been gathered. The site is adapted for popular browsers and different types of devices: computers, smartphones or tablets. Faster feedback with you on the site is made, for example, online chatting systems Analysts Google Analytics and Google Metric “The better prepared your site and the more promotion channels you use, the higher the chances of successful promotion of your online store. Good luck!

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